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Looking for matches

Mon Nov 11, 2019 7:54 pm by dragonswill

Hello again it is I dragonswill again im currently looking for more matches if anyone would like to fight my girls i would gladly talk matches with you.

here's my roster please don't be worry i am okay with loses for some of my characters but some you need to convince me on why you want them to lose. the ones that are okay for loses are Del Lizzy AI Hoshi and Misaka please Message me on pm or Dm me on discord Kevin#5221.

thank you …

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Looking for Discord/Forum matches involving Karina Northman

Thu Nov 07, 2019 7:57 pm by Cirno

Just PM me here or on Discord if you're interested or have a plan involving Karina.

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Match request

Sun Nov 10, 2019 12:42 pm by anime_hentaifighter

Hi I am looking for matches , and hope someone will react to this post. Plan on posting some new wrestlers before the year is over ^^

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Tension Elimination Chamber Match

AFW :: Tension :: PPV

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Tension Elimination Chamber Match - Page 18 Empty Re: Tension Elimination Chamber Match

Post by Old_Man_Tai on Wed Oct 30, 2019 3:32 am

Ryo had little choice but to go along with what Leah wanted, feeling dazed and hazy as he was pulled up to his feet. The heavy impact of her hips smacking into him had him off balance, seeing spots in his vision, and that made him the perfect limp sandbag for Leah to set in the position she wanted.

The next thing he knew, he was up in the air, getting a brief vision of the cage and the crowd beyond it...before everything started to spin, the boy just getting his senses back in time for the spinning to get faster, everything becoming a blur, making him dizzy, feeling his stomach groan, a bit of nausea in his throat...before it all stopped, and he was dropped, power bombed onto his back, the last thing he felt was the back of his head smacking onto the mat...and then darkness.

The crowd was watching with baited breath, as the Speedo Prince, the last male standing in the match, was pinned, legs hooked tight over his shoulders, the ref counting out.


She yelled, raising her hand up a third time, Ryo's fans hoping to see the teen kick out...


only to let out a disappointed sigh as it was not to be. Ryo's reserves were spent, he was done, and Leah's last attack proved too much for him to handle. Leah's own fans applauded and cheered for her, proud of her achievement, as the announcement was made.

"Ryo Kamiya has been Eliminated!"

The side of the chamber was opened, and after using some smelling salts to awaken the boy, the ref helped him roll his way out of the cage, the defeated, and possibly concussed boy weakly and dizzly attempting to get back in the ring before it was explained that he had gotten pinned, and, with the assistance of a couple trainers, he hobbled his way to the back, leaving the final two women in the ring to see who would conquer the steel structure!

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Tension Elimination Chamber Match - Page 18 Empty Re: Tension Elimination Chamber Match

Post by M.J.Caboose14 on Sun Nov 10, 2019 7:52 pm

Meanwhile, from the sidelines, Mako was getting herself ready to rumble again. It took a little longer than she'd like, but thanks to coming out last, the shark had a much easier time bouncing back than the others would have. Eventually, Mako would prop herself on the top rope, and have a good view of Leah eliminating Ryo. On one hand, it was sad that Ryo got eliminated by someone other than the shark. On the other, Mako had never fought Leah before so it'd be fun to try out something new! She wouldn't blindside the kid, though. Mako wanted to do this right. As soon as Ryo slowly rolled out of the ring with assistance, the predator would give her prey a shout out to be a fair sport.

"Hah! Nice job, kid. I'll be honest...I did not think you'd make it to the it's just me and you now...let's see who's the toughest chick in this cage!" Mako would say to the shorter blonde. The shark didn't give her opponent too much time to respond, though. Shortly after she finished speaking Mako would launch herself over the top rope like a vault and charge at the cutie. As a thank for that suplex, dropkick combo...she planned to swing around Leah last second and hit her with a nice and fast Release German Suplex!

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Tension Elimination Chamber Match - Page 18 MiMAWbv

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Tension Elimination Chamber Match - Page 18 Empty Re: Tension Elimination Chamber Match

Post by Yori on Mon Nov 11, 2019 8:52 pm

Leah balled up as much as she could, keeping her sitout pin as tight as she could possibly make it. Ryo had been a tough opponent to keep down, even if he hadn't mounted too much of a comeback against her. She could feel it though, this was it! When the third count hit, she waited for the confirmation of the elimination before breaking up the pin, flopping back to lay across the mat with a joyful laugh. She had got him, finally!

The blond took a moment to breath, glancing over the Tho who seemed out of it… she must have got him really good with that powerbomb. Sitting herself up, she scooted back to allow the staffer past, roaming eyes falling onto Mako. This was it. The last opponent. All she had to do was beat one more person and she had her title shot.

With a small groan she lurched forward, pushing her fingers to the mat to slowly rise. She wasn't in the best of shape. The beating she took earlier, the killer elbow drop on Dasher, and all the effort it took to put Ryo away had left her visibly exhausted. She gave the other woman a small nod as they hadn't done anything yet to warrant disrespect in her eyes.

"Thanks." Leah gave a small smile, arching her back to give it a soft pop. She expected a slow start into the match again but when Mako jumped the ropes in came charging she let out a panicked gasp. She backpedaled on the mat, raising her hands up to meet the woman, unprepared. Has Mako rushed her head on, there was no doubt she could have gotten the upper hand, but as the shark tried to slip past the blond rookie, she sured up her footing as she stopped.

Arms wrapped around her waist, familiar moves to her, she knew what was coming. Kicking a leg back, she entangled one of Mako's with her own, grounding her to the other woman to block the suplex. Leah clamped a hand down on one of Mako's wrists, trying to pry herself free while throwing a blind elbow strike back behind her to attempt to clip the Shark to make her give up her grip. "Let go!"

Tension Elimination Chamber Match - Page 18 9snJ8fq
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Tension Elimination Chamber Match - Page 18 Empty Re: Tension Elimination Chamber Match

Post by Sponsored content

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