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Afw or discord matches

Mon Oct 14, 2019 12:10 am by wrestleryu

Hi there guys. I'm mostly seeking female opponents for mixed wrestling matches to be played here or discord. I'd play my boys as either uppity jobbers or switches, depending on scenario settings and personal likings ;p

Since I'm being quite active on discord recently, here's my discord for those who may like to add me:

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Powering down for a few Cycles...

Thu Oct 03, 2019 4:40 am by Tarantulust

Margaux Lefeuvre vs. Sabrina Anderson - Hellhounds - Page 2 VHiQxC2

Hello one and all.

First, I would like to apologize for the delays on my threads. I have been pretty silent over the past few weeks on this site, and I haven't been posting as much as I regularly do. I have been trying to keep up, and post something everyday, but at this point, I'm calling it.

My job is winding down, which oddly enough means my workload is at an all time high. Megatron is making me work overtime, and with the past three weeks being some odd …

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Unexpected shit has come

Wed Oct 02, 2019 9:07 am by skip-stop

In the words of Zoltan Chivay, "Long to tell, life is shit"

Therefore, I will be brief. A few days ago, something happened and therefore, from today and for an indefinite period, I greatly slow down in the publication of posts. I will continue to write posts as quickly as possible for my ppv thread because it is ppv. But I have to slow down in all other topics. I will try to keep up the pace, but I will definitely be slower than before this day. I could start writing posts of 4-5 lines, but …

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Margaux Lefeuvre vs. Sabrina Anderson - Hellhounds

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Margaux Lefeuvre vs. Sabrina Anderson - Hellhounds - Page 2 Empty Re: Margaux Lefeuvre vs. Sabrina Anderson - Hellhounds

Post by Berial on Tue Oct 08, 2019 6:49 pm

Sabrina smelled nice.

Not in the way others would think - that softer, more feeble minds would believe. Absent was a tinge of perfume and the rosy air of delicate femininity in which more precious contenders preferred to cloak their delicate bodies. This was not an innocent woman. She smelled of blood and battle, triumph and defeat; the stains of the most sinful aspects of the world had left their mark on her.

Margaux knew the scent well. It was a pleasant surprise when she drew near and rested her chin on the woman’s shoulder, wafting past her nose and invigorating her senes like an uncorked Pierre Gimonnet et Fils. Her blood curled and warmed beneath the skin. And it would be a bold lie to say she wasn’t growing rather warm between the legs. A roving tongue wetted her pink lips from corner to corner.

Then she heard a clap. Her body felt the shockwave before the pain, a rippling torrent of force shooting through her body in the blink of an eye. The Frenchwoman’s lurched forward with eyes wide, spittle expelling from her mouth in a thick mist beneath the heavy stage lights. She leaned weakly against Sabrina, breathing deeply in and out in a seemingly disheveled state. Her vision blurred behind her distant gaze, peering off to the audience as she rested her chin on her opponent’s shoulder. For a moment, Margaux did little but submit herself to the damage the blonde had inflicted, little more than a fish dead in the water...or so it seemed. In the next instant, her eyes trailed over to Sabrina in a sidelong fashion, slowly lifting her head and bringing her lips close to the woman’s ear, canting her head as she let out a deathly whisper.


The Frenchwoman’s jaws spread wide before she lunged forward like a viper. Her fangs dug into the woman’s neck and clamped deep into the strong, exposed flesh. As her feral mandiables sunk deep, her right fist would clutch tightly inside of her glove, flaring the muscles along her arm. Her other arm tucked the woman closer before she fired off a barrage of strikes into Sabrina’s side.

Margaux Lefeuvre vs. Sabrina Anderson - Hellhounds - Page 2 6NRJND5

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Margaux Lefeuvre vs. Sabrina Anderson - Hellhounds - Page 2 Empty Re: Margaux Lefeuvre vs. Sabrina Anderson - Hellhounds

Post by Grievous77 on Tue Oct 08, 2019 8:26 pm

Was she... was she sniffing her? Okay, this was pretty new... Like, weird new. Usually when you were this close, you’d be either struggling to get loose, abuse the position, or maybe get a little frisky. This chick was just looking like she was getting her rocks kicked off by just being near her. Sure, she fought some freaks in the ring before, but this chick? She was... just different. Seriously, she was supposed to be the dog here, but this chick was just off the hook.

Muscles tense, her body practically roaring with adrenaline, fire burning within her muscles, she was ready to continue slugging her opponent who seemed winded by a simple blow to the gut. ”You’re one weird chick, you know that, right? Are you even taking this seriously cause you were looking at me with some smug look in your eye the second this started, so why don’t you just throw up your dukes already and stop playing...” Sabrina has to keep herself from staring too long, because the second she had really assumed Margaux had finally gone to something of punchdrunk, she managed to catch a good glimpse of her eyes... Just casually trailing right onto her and staring, almost lazily really, before finally revealing a little tidbit of information, and something she certainly hadn’t expected.

This chick could really play dirty...

Before Sabrina could even make some attempt or figure out what her opponent had planned, bare canniness sank into her neck and clamped down. Hard.

”GAH! You motherfucking, cunt sucking piece of shit, whore!”

Sabrina stood her ground well though. Boots squeaking across the ring canvas as she held Margaux still in someway, the woman’s teeth digging into her flesh and clearly past the skin as she snarled, something akin to a wild dog even as her opponent pulled her in close. Her muscles flared in annoyance as a barrage of strikes dug straight into her side, her muscles tensing at every blow.


Without even the slightest bits of hesitation, Sabrina did whatever she could do to repay her opponent and, hopefully, remove her as well. As her opponent continued to strike away, Sabrina lunged forth and made to sink her teeth straight for Margaux’s exposed neck as well, repeating the same motion without so much as a pause, shaking her head all the while like something akin to a rabid dog trying to shake apart a snake. With one arm still free and in motion, the Rabid Dog attempted to dig as many blows into her opponent’s sides, or whatever she could get her gloves on. She was gonna get this bitch off and it was gonna be hell for Margaux when she broke free...

“What? Ya think you’re better than me? Why don’t you come here and show me then, bitchface!” - Sabrina Anderson

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