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Looking for action

Mon Dec 02, 2019 5:33 pm by skip-stop

Hi hi

The past few months have been rather sad, and the future has been very foggy. But now I can say that I'm alive again. In this regard, I would like to find a few new threads. My roster is here and here. Current preferences of matches:
for Karen - hardcore and everything related to it or special conditions with elements of hardcore
for Charlotte - standard or maybe standard in tension
for Margarita - standard or hentai
for Astrid - standard and hardcore or maybe special conditions
Although …

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Match Search

Sun Dec 01, 2019 1:41 am by GrandAkumaShogun

With two of my three boys open for something I was wondering if anyone wanted to do a match with either Takeshi or Takeichi. If you're interested hit me up on here or send me a message. Or if you want to plan not a match per say but some other kind of interaction that'd be fine as well. Thank you in advance.

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My current situation and an update about Eliza

Sat Nov 30, 2019 10:23 pm by Deus001

Hello everyone

Its Deus here, some of you might not even remember or know me if you joined this year. And to be honest I won't blame you, I've been juggled about IRL this year. I went from two part time jobs to a full time and then back to part time and in between, I had totally forgotten about this site in the process and didn't work with people like I should have.

Recently has been the final nail for me due to parental mental health issues, the hard part of the storm is over now thankfully …

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The Bullet Club Starring in - "Three Gun Salute"

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The Bullet Club Starring in - "Three Gun Salute" Empty The Bullet Club Starring in - "Three Gun Salute"

Post by killcarrion on Wed Nov 27, 2019 5:36 am

Panning shots of a frenzied stadium of frothing wrestling connoisseurs along with booming fireworks being fired off from every conceivable direction into the sky were all the typical theatrics perpetrated during the opening segment of a television taping. Color commentators yelling into their headsets as they welcomed the viewers and started listing off the scheduled list of matches for the night and hot-button topics lighting the wrestling world aflame amongst message boards and wrestling dirt sheets. From the gossiping whispers pertaining to incoming major shake-ups to the executive leadership of the federation, to the recent challengers being determined for Rising Star and Hardcore championships at Avalanche 2019. Except the absolute keynote attraction for the night was the appearance of the newest heavyweight champion, and the innumerable questions that the entire wrestling world were dying to have answered. People getting antsy in their seats until their patient anticipation was rewarded...

"We interrupt your regularly scheduled program for the following announcement by the Bullet Club....For-For-For....LIFE...."


The Bullet Club Starring in - "Three Gun Salute" QSEW7ba

Grungy guitar riffs accompanied a cascading deluge of black and white lighting precluded The Mackenzie sisters sauntering out with a confident swagger. Rocking their trademark attire (now on sale for $29.99) and splatter painted pants, Nikita brandished a "Bullet Club" designed flag and Mackenzie throwing up the "Too Sweet" gestures with her hands throughout the entirety of their strutting saunter down the ramp. Neither one missing a chance to jaw-jack in front of a cameraman's lens for an obnoxious close-up of their arrogant bantering before they simultaneously rolled under the bottom rope to take center stage in the middle of the ring after some brief posturing and flag waving done by the smaller Bullet sister. Each one snagging a microphone from ringside to the deadened silence of their theme cutting off.

" exciting...The greatest tag-team in the world...The team that is redefining the very concept of pro-wrestling today...The Queens Of California...and the whole world, everyone in AFW is hanging on our every word. certainly took you rubes long enough to start realizing that we MEANT what we said by expanding our brand in AFW and spreading the word...of The Bullet Club~..."

"Here to interrupt your daily, bland, mundane serving of the same talent getting spoon-fed to you...Here to give you repressed, socially awkward Japanese people a look at what REAL wrestling talent looks like from outside your little island bubble here...The Bullet Club is more than just a wrestling faction. It's a sisterhood...It's way of life whose ascension has only just begun...but...this group is always subject to...aggressive expansion."

"A paragon...of abundant wrestling talent. A grappling virtuoso. Someone who has competed with the undeniable legends of this industry and has put out five-star matches every time but has NEVER...been properly given their just due and showered with the respect and acclaim and merch deals that she so rightfully deserves. Ladies and Gentleman, what we do is ALWAYS for the good of professional wrestling...and this was no different. Bullet Club...needed...a leader. Bullet Club needed...a dauntless figure for us all to rally behind. Bullet Club needed...the voice of our generation."


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The Bullet Club Starring in - "Three Gun Salute" 0uZ9YxE

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The Bullet Club Starring in - "Three Gun Salute" Empty Re: The Bullet Club Starring in - "Three Gun Salute"

Post by kerflubble on Thu Nov 28, 2019 8:28 am

For For For LIFE:
The Bullet Club Starring in - "Three Gun Salute" Xsl74yE

The pounding electro of Adrian Kytes' new theme pulsed throughout the arena as the lights flickered on and off, a lone spotlight settling on a black-clad figure, her new singlet augmented with a Bullet Club jacket, dark sunglasses and, more importantly as she spun around, the AFW World Championship finally around her waist after over eight years.

The brunette's grin was vicious and crazed as she undid the gold plated belt, holding it up to her face like she was hugging a security blanket as she made her way down to the ring only for her to mid way down the ramp to signal for the music to halt and the lights to return to normal. Raising a microphone to her lips a small piano tune replaced the villanous theme as she burst into song. "NO BODY DOES IT BETTER~" She crooned, shuffling the championship onto her shoulder as she swayed her way to the tune "~Makes me feel sad for the rest~" she continued, pointing out to the crowd.

"~No body does it, half as good as meee~ Baby, I'm the best~! AHAHAHAHA!" She cackled on her way up the stairs, reaching out to Too Sweet her cohorts, comrades and colleagues, her partners in crime: The Jackson Sisters.

Adrian Kytes (Heel) Outspoken All-Rounder
Rebecca Tomko (Tweener/Heel) Amazon Enforcer
Sabine Shanoa (Face/Tweener) Dancing Succubi
Tina Armstrong (Face) Blue-Eyed Superstar
Yelena Turova (Face) Crushing Powerhouse
Pantha (Face) Pride of the Jungle
Anna Silver (Face) Ardent Angel
The Green Empire The Empress & Imperial Guard.
Mara Jingfei (Face) Amethyst Dancer

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The Bullet Club Starring in - "Three Gun Salute" Empty Re: The Bullet Club Starring in - "Three Gun Salute"

Post by killcarrion on Sun Dec 01, 2019 6:11 am

As ecstatic as sugar-addled preschoolers , The Jackson Sisters jubilantly applauded the appearance of their newfound leader in all her glory. Bestowing upon their acclaimed, exemplary leader the fawning admiration she so rightfully deserved as she came out rocking all manner of Bullet Club paraphernalia. The pair of them even going far as to sway together with an arm over eachother's shoulder in tandem with Adrian's self-glorifying one-woman solo, only stopping to reciprocate her Too Sweet to a booming explosion of streamers that officially commemorated Adrian's induction.


The Bullet Club Starring in - "Three Gun Salute" MlWPLTL

Prompting The Jackson Sisters to hug it out with the brunette like the bestest of friends. A symbol that all but confirmed where Adrian's allegiances laid, all to the booing ire of the anti-Bullet Club haters as Nikita would than go about kicking around the copious amount of streamers flooding the ring like the rambunctious little scamp she is. Her older sister taking the reigns of this promo. "Adrian Kytes, our illustrious else in this backwater federation saw the bottomless potential you had, except US. That's why we knew there was no one better to helm the Bullet-Club movement. And don't you worry, boss...we're gonna be right behind ya. Bringing home some tag-team gold as we officially announce our intentions to beat those Blazing Buttheads at Avalanche!!!"

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The Bullet Club Starring in - "Three Gun Salute" 0uZ9YxE

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The Bullet Club Starring in - "Three Gun Salute" Empty Re: The Bullet Club Starring in - "Three Gun Salute"

Post by HighFly on Sun Dec 01, 2019 12:22 pm

As the Bullet Club celebrated in the ring an unexpected sound began to play on the speakers. It was the theme song of Alaina Sanders! Alaina came out decked out in her old two piece leopard print wrestling attire as she had a mic in her hand, clapping and looking out at the ring as she stood at the top of the ramp. The crowd was cheering as she appeared, and she appeared to have quite a bit to say as she brought the mic up towards her lips.

"That is quite the assembly in the ring ya have Adrian. I remember when there was a time that the "backwater" amazon standing here would call you a friend of sorts. We talked a bit, sparred a bit and helped each other through some stuff." Alaina said, referring to Sonic Boom squaring off against Julia and Rebecca Tomko as well as her and Adrian chatting after each one lost a title belt at the same PPV years ago by this point. "Here you are as the Friction champion. It is a shame you stoop down to levels I never thought you would. I remember when you won with skill, ability, grit and I used to love watching you and cheering for you. Now..... not so much." Alaina said pausing as she thought about what to say next, grinning as she waited.

"You know very few women in Friction, AFW or wrestling have put together a career and resume like me. I want a shot at that title Adrian, you know I have worked my way up and deserve that shot. I will even let you pick a match type and still kick your ass for that belt, and I will show you that wrestling without relying on cheap tricks actually makes you better. I know a powerhouse who is versatile and has mobility may be scary but don't you dare back down from this challenge!" Alaina said, earning a loud roar from the crowd before she looked over at Adrians minions. "You two, don't think I don't notice you either. Your tag team is cute. You guys really crack me up and regardless of who wins the tag battle at Avalanche don't you think for a second that the tag division will be pushovers for you since Julia is back in town that means Sonic Boom will be in the ring again dominating the tag scene as well!"


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The Bullet Club Starring in - "Three Gun Salute" Empty Re: The Bullet Club Starring in - "Three Gun Salute"

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