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New segment for the AFW magazine, need lovely ladies of friction!

Thu Jan 09, 2020 6:29 am by daemongirl

So Natasha is going to begin hosting a monthly segment for the magazine, title isn't set in the stone yet but the idea is "Babe of the Month" where its a photoshoot plus a small interview with the chosen lady for that month. Need someone for January onward so if interested post here or shoot me a message, this can be just for fun with Natasha who will be her usual flirty self or to push a character or talk about what you're doing story wise with them, ending with a spot in the magazine with a …

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Where is that stupid Spider?

Sat Jan 04, 2020 7:00 am by Tarantulust

Yasha Love Vs. Princess Nocturnal Sojqtwc
Greeting's Flesh Bags!

My name is Tarantulust! I have been gone for a while...and to be honest I won't return for some time either. Megatron has been busting my rear, and Energon is scarce here. A close pal of mine left the site recently, and it put some things in perspective for me. I play a bunch of cartoonish villains because thats all I am ever any good at. Each character based of a colleague of mine ranging from the famous Starscream to the rampant …

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Tension Showdown 2019 Start Date

Tue Oct 29, 2019 6:40 am by Old_Man_Tai

Hullo all of AFW!

Due to personal issues in my life, I have been a bit slow in setting up the latest Showdown PPV. But, matches are planned, and I know everyone is working hard to build their matches for the show.

To that end, I will be pushing back the original start date of the show.

Showdown 2019 will start November 20th.

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Yasha Love Vs. Princess Nocturnal

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Yasha Love Vs. Princess Nocturnal Empty Yasha Love Vs. Princess Nocturnal

Post by Tatyina on Mon Dec 28, 2009 12:41 am

Standard Match
Victory Conditions: Pinfall, Submission or Knockout

Princess Nocturnal hadn't yet found an entrance tune to replace her previous, she was looking for something that would raise the chins of the innocent and instill villains with the fear they deserved to feel... But as of yet nothing was suitable. She came out to a standard sounding of trumpets, standing at the top of the ramp way in her typical superheroine post... Fists tightly pressed against her hips as her cape fluttered in the wind of the fans installed on the ground of the entranceway floor. After a few moments she strode down towards the ring confidently with her head raised high, climbing the steps to one side and stepping in through the middle ropes before she removed her white cape. Undeneath she was wearing her blue and purple "knights" outfit she usually wore for matches

afwosn: Yasha Love was preceeded by the agressive and pounding beat of her Atari Teenage Riot song. The unrelenting techno beat was just what she needed to stir up the fans as she charged forwward from the back of the arena. She walked out with a microphone and did her best Super Sentai pose before yelling. "Are you ready to feel the beat of the heart!?" She chimed loudly, strolling with purpose down the ramp. When she was near the apron, she did a jump and landed onthe apron and then flipped into the ring gracefully. She raised her fist. "Love Shines Forever Heart!" She exclaimed as she tossed the mic and looked at Princess Noctournal.

Kal Kel: Nocturnal was quite sure what to make of the entrance, it certainly looked rather exotic... She had something of an immediate respect for her at least because she was of the superheroine genre, even though she felt her personality was a lot different to her own... What she didn't think of was the fact that they both liked to do things like dropping exaggerated poses. "Yasha..." She said looking to her "I'm sure we shall have a match worthy of heroines of justice!" With that she swung her arm and discard her cape by throwing it into the air to that flapped to its full width and floated over the top ropes and out of the ring.

afwosn: Yasha smiled. "Hai!" She said in her best attempt to sound Japanese as she shot her hand in the sky and pointed upwards. "By the end of the match, all of our hearts shall be beating in synch and each gasp of breath will be taken as on unified breath of excitement and anticipation for our every move.!" She declared. She was amazed that Nocturnal could keep up and having someone who was so like her in the ring really got her pumped

Kal Kel: Princess Nocturnal in comparison had a very posh british accent and made no attempt to hide it.. In fact sometimes it seemed like she was putting it on to sound more posh. She took in a deep breath and moved her arms in front of her in a gesture "If you are ready... Then let us test our powers we use for justice!" Nocturnal started to move forwards towards Yasha, a determined look on her face as she reach her hands out for the other's shoulders.. Looking to start things off with a lock up

afwosn: The bell sounded and Yasha locked nodded. "Let's give them a show!" She said and locked up with Nocturnal, pressing herself forward to try and muscle the british superheroine into a submissive psoition. She wanted to be able to get her to back pedal instead of the usual tactic of forcing her into an armbar.

Kal Kel: Nocturnal had a pretty large level of pride, and that pride alone was enough to force her to stand her ground. She took one step back but immediately gritted her teeth and pushed back against Yasha even harder then she had been before... Her head lowering down close to Yasha's shoulder as she let out a warm huff of air down Yasha's chest
afwosn: Yasha smiled slightly, not out of conceit but at managing to get Nocturnal to move a step back. She was proud of her strength but felt the brit push back. Her eyes widened at the huff, the hot breath feeling oddly stimulating as it rolled into the exposed V of her chest. It cause a lapse and she was forced to take two steps back, recovering and grunting as she tried to recover heself. "Great!" She cheered on Nocturnal as if wanting her to overpower her. "The power of your heart is mighty!"

Kal Kel: Nocturnal did also smile as she got Yasha to move back two steps, but figured she should bring an end to it now while she was apparently ahead... She quickly twisted her body and tried to slip her arm around the back of Yasha's head and neck, trying to pull Yasha's head down quickly into a side headlock, pressing her cheek close to the side of her fake breast plate armour

afwosn: Yasha was taken off guard by the move but not taken completely outl. She gasped in surprise as her face was pressed against the fake armor and she squirmed into the head lock as it jarred her around. In her struggle, she reached her arms around Nocturnal's waist and attempted to use her position to pull on the superheroine. If she could, she would try and pull her into a run and throw her into the ropes.

Kal Kel: Nocturnal gripped her own wrist as she tried to make her headlock tight and secure... She was just about to crank the hold around Yasha's neck when suddenly she forced forwards and couple of steps and then half thrown, half shove into the ropes right in front of her. She turned and rebounded off of them, running back towards Yasha...
afwosn: The Demon of Love prepared for Nocturnal as she bounced off the ropes. Always preferring flash over substance, she did a half cartwheel into a partial missle dropkick, aimed at Nocturnal's chest. She had started the move practiucally as Nocturnal was thrown, but the crowd cheered at the fanfare of it. She woudl be pleased whether or not the move connected.

Kal Kel: Nocturnal bounced off and came back right into Yasha as she finshed off the cartwheel and landed her feet firmly against her bust "Ugh!" Nocturnal grunted out, falling to her back and grasping her arms across her chest.. At least because of Yasha's extravogence, the dropkick itself hadn't been all that power... Nocturnal started to roll over onto one side

afwosn: Yasha rased a fist in the air and as the crowd cheered she reached over to grab Nocturnal by the hair(not hard just using it to guide her) and pull her into a standing head lock of her own. if she could, she would run forward as if to bulldog Noctunral, but instead would step up onto the nearby ropes and use them to try and flipherself so that Nocturnal and her both landed on their backs in an improvised slam.

Kal Kel: Nocturnal is pulled up, her hand gently moving up Yasha's waist as she is guided up by her hair and right into the firm head lock, the side of her face pressed against Yasha's warm body and pink jacket. She started running forwards and at first Nocturnal was disorientated, perhaps she should have gone for the simpler bulldog then... As she got to the rope, Nocturnal had her arm around Yasha's back to hold onto her waist, she would catch ahold of Yasha with both arms as she was half way up and on the middle ropes... Princess Nocturnal will take a step backwards and then let herself drop to the mat, trying to bring Yasha down on the back of her shoulders in something like a modified counter attack back drop...

afwosn: Yasha hit the ground with a hard thud as she was reversed and moaned out in pain as her back arched and she put her hand behind her to try and soothe away the pain. If she could, she would try and get to her hands and knees but she was in too much pain to do anything else for the moment.

Kal Kel: Princess Nocturnal was able to climb to her feet before Yasha, shaking her head a little after the head lock and narrowly escaping what ever move Tasha had planned to do by running up the ropes. Once up she looked down at Yasha on her hands and knees, she was gonna be a tough match she knew and a wave of excitement went through her with the thought that two heroines would be showing how much they were made of in front of adoring public. Princess Nocturnal set off towards the ropes behind her, bouncing off she'd come back to Yasha and try to drop down for an elbow drop right into the small of her back

afwosn: Yasha panted as she tried to relive herself of the pain that shot through her. Trying to keep her wits about her, she tried to look spot Nocturnal, only to see her bounding off the ropes at her. She flashed a smile at the superheroine's determination and did her best to dive out of the way. She was unable to counter and could only hope to avoid. She rolled a little with the momentum until she was near another set of ropes. She would attempt to use them to slowly climb to her feet though the most she could do at the moment was keep flight from Nocturna until she could find a way to take the advantage back.

Kal Kel: Nocturnal jumped up just as Yasha rolled out of the way, coming down and driving her elbow firmly into the mat "ugh!" I groaned out, moving up into a sitting position gripping her arm in pain for a couple of seconds before flopping down onto one side, still holding her arm. She rolled slowly away from Yasha, at least the other girl was slow to her feet which gave Nocturnal time to recover. After a while she'll move up onto one knee, looking over to where Yasha was

afwosn: Yasha had moved her way over to the corner and climbed up tot he top of the turbuckle. She threw her hand in the air and then pointed to Nocturnal. "Forever love beats! She proclaimed. "For us, there is nothing greater than making them smile!" She said nudging a thumb to the audience. "And for them it is better to go big or go home and for me home is a long way from here so I only have one option!" She was hoping her little monologue woul give Nocturnal just enough time to stand up. The brit was further away than she wanted her to be but she watched from her perch, hoping to strike if Nocturnal got within range.

Kal Kel: Nocturnal finished climbing to her feet as Yasha was up on the top ropes, saying her monologue. Surely she couldn't seriously be trying out a high risk manuever this early in the match? Princess Nocturnal blinked and then tried to run towards her but also for one of the sets of ropes that Yasha was standing on... The perpetual Knight was taking a risk, but she hoped to bounce right into the ropes and jolt Yasha off of her perch so that she would be hung up to dry on the turnbuckle.. If it worked she'd slowly approach Yasha, intending to go for a little high risk move of her own while Yasha was still sat on the top ropes...

afwosn: Yasha had no intention of ending the match whether or not the attack had hit, but she wanted to make an absolute show of it for the fans as well as Nocturnal. She Saw Nocturnal make a run for the ropes as she was speaking her geen eyes flashed. She saw her grab the ropes and take her off balance as she wiggled, she knew it wouldn't end well as she crashed down, slamming her tailbone into the turnbuckle and letting out a yelp. She was impressed with the speed with which Nocturnal used to get to her, despite the pain she was in. The audience gasped at the botched high risk maneuver. Yasha winced as she was seemingly at the mercy of Nocturnal for the moment.

Kal Kel: The Perpetual Knight walked over in front of Yasha as she sat on the turnbuckles, griping ahold of the ropes on either side she started to climb... On her way up, her breasts nudged and gently rubbed up against Yasha's belly and bust as Princess Nocturnal used her own body to keep the other superheroine upright. She got up onto the second ropes and then reach her finger up skywards as if to signal to the crowd something big was coming.. She then reach for Yasha's head, to pull her up into a dangerous standing position. The perpetual Knight slotted Yasha Love's head under her armpit in something like a front head lock, then carefully stepping up onto the final top ropes and guiding Yasha up also. Her free hand went to grip the side of Yasha's costume as the waist She took in a deep breath and as long as Yasha doesn't do anything to stop her, she will leap backwards, flipping Yasha right over into a Superplex!!!

afwosn: Yasha groaned as she was grabbed and put into the position she was in. She was in a terrible position and didn't quite have the strneght to putright muscle Nocturnal out of her position. At this point she cursed her desires to be showy and take things up a notch, but she wasn't going to quit now. She knew she was going to be hurt but she figured if she HAD to be then it would be better if they both wer. She grabbed Nocturnal by the waist as she was trying to position her and would try and catch her off balance so the both of them would go tumbling over the ropes and spilling onto the mat.

Kal Kel: The perpetual knight current was leant back against the gaurd railing, although she was about to move along it that would give Yasha the target she desired... However before she did she saw Yasha coming towards her and knew she had to try and do something to keep her at bay. As Yasha got close, Nocturnal would rock slightly back against the gaurd railings with a grimance of pain as she struck both her feet out for Yasha's body, trying to stop her in her tracks

Tatyina: Yasha fell forward but was surprised when the pair of feet slammed into her chest and sent her reeling. With momentum, she crashed tot he ground next to Nocturnal and held one of her breasts discreetly, more in pain in other places from the jostling than her actual breast. She rolled onto her back and looked up at Nocturnal, expecting another move to be coming soon but only having limited capacity to counter.

Kal Kel: Princess Nocturnal thought about dropping down into another elbow drop, but she remembered how that went last time and on the concrete the results could be far more devastating...perhaps a submission hold, but that wasn't her best area and they weren't actually in the ring... She finally decided to push off the gaurd railing and reach down for Yasha's head, trying to pull her up and then take ahold of her wrist. Giving her a hefty yank, Princess Nocturnal would try to Irish whip her back first into the ring apron.
afwosn: Yasha was unable to do much aside from be pulled up by Nocturnal. Groaning but not resisting, her eyes widened when she was whipped but had the presence of mind to at least dive into the ring when she got close to the apron. She rolled into the ring until she was near the center and continued to groan a bit more, just starting to come to her senses.

Kal Kel: The move didn't work quite how she wanted, but at least Yasha was back in the ring... wrestling outside the ring seemed so common and unlady like for one such as a princess and knight. Princess Nocturnal climbed up onto the apron of the ring, holding onto the top ropes as she watched Yasha and allowed herself to recover a bit. She still had a bit of time and didn't want to be undone in aerobatics, even though Yasha hadn't successfully pulled off her previous high risk manuever. The Perpetual Knight scaled the turnbuckles from the outside, standing in a crouch on the top ropes. She waited until Yasha started getting to her feet, hoping that she had not been seen yet as she stood up to full height, her fist on her hips in her standard heroine pose Unfortunately it didn't look as good without the cape... she then leaped off and toward Yasha, looking to drill a missle drop kick right into her chest and bust.

afwosn: Yasha was about half way to her feet when her head was cleared. She blinked when she heard the audience cheering loudly. 'there's no way they are cheering like that just for us getting back into the ring' She thought. She clenched her fists and turned around just in time to see Nocturnal fly through the air. Her eyes widened but she had been just a little too late and took the kick hard in the chest. She landed several feet away near a corner and clutched her chest, breathing heavily.

Kal Kel: Princess Nocturnal landed with a grunt, holding her side a bit as she grit her teeth from the landing.. At least she knew she scored that hit quite well. She wasn't able to follow up right away, but after a few moments she moved onto her hands and knees and crawled her way over the Yasha as she lay on her back panting heavily. The Perpetual Knight flopped down across Yasha's smooth body, her gloved hand slipping down snuggly between Yasha's thighs and gently pulling up one leg as she went for a pin..
afwosn: Yasha lay there breathing heavily, in pain from the already hard fought match between the two superheroines. Despite having only been going on for a short while, the match had already been taking quite a toll. She could do nothing to stop Nocturnal from rolling her up but curse d herself for already getting put in a position to be pinned. The fist count from the ref thundered in her ear and she tried to break out but was still weak. The second count came just as loudly and she reached out her hand to lift her shoulders, finding herself unable to. However, her hand had touched soemthing. She wasn't sure what, but she instinctively grabbed hold of it and found the ref was breaking up the count. She looked to see her hand gripping the rope tightly and heaved a sigh of relief

Kal Kel: The Perpetual Knight's breast plate gently pushed in and out against Yasha's bust barely contained in the pink pvc type jacket. Princess Nocturnal's pants gently blew down against Yasha's arm and armpit as she pressed in close... The ref count and she could feel victory close but then suddenly the ref called for a break. Nocturnal looked up to see to her surprise that Yasha had the ropes. Getting up off of her, Nocturnal reached down for Yasha's head holding it close to her hips "Rise..!" Nocturnal ordered as she pulled up on Yasha head, making her face rub up against her belly and press a little into the underside of her breasts plates incidently as she got the blond girl up to her feet

afwosn: Yasha gasped when the count was broken, the adrenaline of the near fall helping to bring her back to her senses. She was still weary enough to be pulled up by Nocturnal as she was forced into the fake breast plate. She grabbed onto Nocturnal's waist and panted against her stomach and chest. She couldn't just let the superheroine have her way but she was still tired. She did her best to try and hook one leg around Nocturnal's just to stifle any attempts at a move for the moment,

Kal Kel: Nocturnal felt Yasha leg around the back of her own, trying to make pulling her up difficult. She aimed to slam her forearm quickly into the back of Yasha's shoulder blades to stop her protests and then would pull on Yasha's head to slot it under her armpit, hooking it into a front headlock. She moved her index finger up into the air, again signalling to the crowd as she called out "Now you'll feel the wrath of my specialities of which many a villain has fallen prey to... The suplexs!" With that she reached her free hand back down to grip the side waist of Yasha's clothing and would hoist her up into the air upside down, holding her up for a couple of seconds before she attempt to fall backwards into a vertical suplex.

afwosn: Yasha's leg almost buckled when she received the forearm smash. She grunted but kept her grip on Nocturnal's waist. She was being manhandled but couldn't simply use her power to kick out. She tucked her knees in as she was hoisted up and when in mid air, would throw them up and kick them backwards to try and make it impossible to perform the suplex correctly. If she could get Nocturnal to loose her balance from her kicking, she would try and get her to fall on her back, but instead, Yasha would try and bend her legs so she hit feet first instead of on her bback and butt. If she could disperse the fall enough, she would attempt to maintain her position and turn the awkward slam into a bridge pin, pushing up on her legs and trying to maneuver her arms to hold Nocturnal in place.

Kal Kel: Yasha kicked outwards just at the peak of the suplex where Nocturnal had intended to stall, with a grunt she struggled to keep her foot.. The counter move didn't work out quite how Yasha wanted it though. Nocturnal released Yasha's head from the suplex attempt, possibly giving the other superheroine the chance to flip over and land on her feet but only if she was quick with her body and mind.. Meanwhile Nocturnal managed to keep from falling backwards by letting go of Yasha, stumbling backwards a couple of steps perhaps into Yasha if she had managed to land ok.

afwosn: Yasha was focusing on the move and when she felt Nocturnal let go, her eyes widened and the adrenaline raced through her. Instead of falling or pinning Nocturnal, she felt herself stumbling forward, attempting to maintain her balance. She then felt something against her and with a quick turn of her head, felt Nocturnal against her. Panting from the move, she tried to think quickly. She would reach her hands backwards and try and grab Nocturnal's chin and fall on her butt to give the superheroine a neckbreaker.

Kal Kel: Nocturnal felt Yasha's gloved hand slip back around the bottom of her chin to pull her head backwards over Yasha's shoulder. The Perpetual Knight moved her hands up to grip at Yasha's wrist, but it was too late as the sparkly pink dressed girl fell to her butt and pull Princess Nocturnal along with her "Ough!" Princess Nocturnal coughed out as the back of her head and neck slammed into Yasha's shoulder.. Sat with her butt pressed back against Yasha's smooth warm butt, the British girl slumped forwards a bit and grasped her neck in pain.

afwosn: yasha let go and took a moment to catch her breath. The match had been really heated so far and she leaned against Nocturna's back. She knew she couldn't do this for long and after a few seconds she twirled around and attempted to get Nocturnal in a full nelson. She wanted to pull up the woman by the hold, hopefully wrenching her already sore neck a little bit more.

Kal Kel: Nocturnal groaned as she felt Yasha turn to face her and her warm bust press into her back, the neck thing she knew her arms were getting pulled up as Yasha was trying to get her hands locked behind her head "NO!" Nocturnal cried out, suddenly more awake as she started to struggle, hoping desperately not to let Yasha lock it in fully *My weakness!* Nocturnal thought to herself, Yasha starting to pull her to her feet although it wasn't fully locked in yet *I can't let her start putting me in these close body submission locks or I'm done for!*

afwosn: Yasha was surprised by the sudden struggle of Nocturnal, her green eyes widening visibly. Something must have happened to get her in this state but she couldn't spend the time to try and figure out what. "Let our love flow together!" She whispered as she tried to wrench her neck and slide her leg around Nocturnal's to keep her in place.

Kal Kel: "Nh!" Nocturnal let out after Yasha's words and the yank with her arms, Nocturnal's body was wrenched up with enough force to make her breasts bounce as the locked was secured in place. "ghh.." Nocturnal grunted, trying to shake her head a little as it was pushed forwards by the full nelson, panting a little louder now that she was held locked up

afwosn: Yasha relieved a mental sigh as she locked in the hold. She also niticed how well Nocturnal's chest was exposed. Always trying to play to the crowd, she thrust her hipd forward to not only make a very sultry motion but to cause the small impacts to jostle both nocturnal's neck and breasts, giving the crowd quite a show. "They feel it!" She said excitedly. "Surrendur to Love! Let ecstacy wash over you!"

Kal Kel: "ah!" Nocturnal let out from the first unexpected jolt, as wanted it made her breasts bob up a little as well as her hips move forwards. She felt Yasha's hot body pressing firmly against her from behind, Yasha's breasts squashed against the lower part of her shoulder blades as her crotch was against her butt cheeks. A slight blush started to come to her cheeks "n-no.. r-release me this instant.." She tried to order in her posh british way, but failing to command authority in this position.

afwosn: Yasha grinned as she was 'ordered' to release Nocturnal and instread wrenched the hold even tighter. "Ah.. ah!" She scolded as she pulled back her hips and then slammed her pelvis forward, bumping into Nocturnal's butt with even more force. She made sure to slide her breasts up and down ever so slightly as well. Her nipples erect ethrough the vinyl suit as she was clearly getting aroused by this steamy hold. "You are going to break Love's heart with such words." She said in a pouty voice.

Kal Kel: Under Princess Nocturnal's breast plate, her nipples were also starting to get a rise. Her breathing rate started to become a little uneven as Yasha rubbed up and down her back, she had to find a way out.. But she was absolutely useless in these kind of holds... The Perpetual Knight, forced her head from one side to the other as if looking for the ropes, then using her hips she press back against Yasha a bit, her butt bumping into Yasha's crotch

afwosn: yasha was surprised by the bump back to the crotch. "oooh!" She grinned and stepped back a bit. "What a fun little game!" She then spread her legs a bit and pressed her crotch into Nocturnal's butt and began grinding into it very sensually. "uuuuhhh" she moaned into Nocturnal's ear. "This is the best way of softening you up I think." She whispered.

Kal Kel: Princess Nocturnal knew she was right, this was the best way to soften her up and she was already started to feel worn down by the hold... Now the feeling of Yasha's warm fragrant body rubbing and grinding against her was becoming more explicit and Princess Nocturnal's nipples were definitely at their peak now... In a desperate attempt as Yasha had her thighs wide open, Nocturnal tried to throw herself backwards... She didn't really have a plan of what to do but there happened to be a turnbuckles right behind them that they might fall backwards into

afwosn: Yasha had become engrossed in the sensual teasing that when Nocturnal pushed backwards, she was slammed into the turnbuckle. Not as hard is someone who was trying the move coudl do. it didn't hurt, but it certainly caught her off guard enough to loosen the hold a bit.

Kal Kel: Nocturnal squirmed a little, panting deeply as she tried to turn her body in order to break free of the now loosened hold. If she is successful, she'll turn completely to face Yasha but stay up against her... She needed some time to recover and the thing she could think of using to achieve that was her own body, use it to trap Yasha in the corner so she couldn't attack... Nocturnal's breasts pushed right up against the underside of Yasha's bust until the pink clad heroine's breasts were forced upwards, Nocturnal slipped one arm over Yasha's shoulder and hooked around the upper ropes while her head slipped over Yasha's other shoulder, panting warm breath against the side of her cheek

afwosn: Yasha was stuck behind nocturnal's curvy back as she was pinned against the corner. For the moment she tried to sove away but felt Nocturnal turn and before she could, she was blushing deeply as her breasts were pressed upward by Nocturnal's own bosom. From this position, they threatened to burst from the vinyl prison. "ahhhh." She moaned in reaction, her lips widening in a sultry O shape instinctively. Yasha tryed to wrigle free, to push Nocturnal off her, she found her arm around Nocturnal and the two shared a rather hot embrace, if untinentionally as the breath of the superheroine made yasha tingle with pleasure. Her own mout began to pant but it was for a far different reason than because she was tired. Her arm relaxed and she felt it linger over Nocturnal's rear, grasping it almost subconsciously

Kal Kel: Nocturnal stayed there for a little while longer, luckily Yasha was compliant and seemed happy to just hang around in the soft squash. Nocturnal found for some reason her heart beat quickened and breathing got heavy, but it wasn't until Yasha touched her rear she realized the real suggestiveness of the position she had instigated. She unhooked her arm and gently moved away, a flush on her cheeks, she was a woman of integrity damn it! Princess Nocturnal would reach for Yasha's wrist and then try to pull her out of the turnbuckle into an Irish whip for the other corner...

afwosn: Yasha was in a slight daze by the steamyness of the hold. Barely recognizing her own actions as she blushed deeply, trying to fend off the thoughts in her own mind. It was at that moment that she felt Nocturnal move away. She shook her head, snapping out of the daze.It was a fight! She remembered and attempted to charge forward, only to find herself being whipped against the other corner. She slammed into the turnbuckles back first this time and landed with a grunt. She tried to shake off the haze, knowing what would be coming if she didn't collect her wits fast.

Kal Kel: Princess Nocturnal took a moment before charging across the ring towards Yasha. At the last moment Princess Nocturnal will jump up into the air and allow her momentum to carry her forwards, throwing her arms out as she tried to land a full body splash into the corner.. If she is successful, the height she gained in the jump will make her breasts land just atop of Yasha's as the Perpetual Knight's body slammed snuggly back against Yasha

afwosn: Yasha was slumped against the corner as she watched Nocturnal charge. She screamed in her head to get her feet up to stop the heroine from colliding into her but her legs wouldn't budge. She would have to take the hit but was surprised as it came as a splash. She held out her arrms and grunted in pain as her body was smashed against the turnbukle but she attempted to use the moentum to swing her arms forward, trying her best to catch the woman. If she could, she would try and lock Nocturnal in a tight bearhug, hoping to squeeze her as she tried to regain her strength.

Kal Kel: Princess Nocturnal grunted out as she landed the move perfectly, or at least what she thought was perfect... Her weight automatically made her bust push down on the top of Yasha's rack.. But the she suddenly became aware of the fact that Yasha's arms had suddenly snapped around her back "Wh-what..?" She said with a note of confussion, but then she felt the space between them closing as Yasha started to put the squeeze on her... Princess Nocturnal legs were around the outsides of Yasha's thighs with her toes barely on the mat, her crotch against Yasha's lower abs as the superheroine let out a gasp of shook and discomfort as the bear hug was applied...

afwosn: Yasha used the turnbuckle for support, wincing and panting still from the pain of nocturnal's own move but she tried her best to put all her effort into squeezing Nocturnal hard. She pulled up on her back, trying to get Nocturnal completely off the ground. Their bodies mingling even closer from the move. Yasha once again feeling flush but this time determined to squeeze more life out of Nocturnal than she was loosingh erself fromt he move. Her hot breath nearly rolling over Nocturnal's chest from the new positioning.

Kal Kel: The Perpetual Knight couldn't believe it was another body close submission hold, she just couldn't handle these kinds... This one was way more provocative then the full nelson, but at least it wasn't too complicated, still she struggled with it... As Yasha lifted her she felt her breasts rub firmly against Yasha's chest and her crotch grind against Yasha's belly... "nnhh.. ahh!" Nocturnal groaned and then yelled, her hands gripping the top of Yasha's shoulders as each other her breathes blew down into her cleavage, at least her top cover her all the way up to her neck, but still... "nnh.. R-release me.."

afwosn: Yasha could see how flustered nocturnal was becoming and couldn't help but grin at it. At the very least someone she wasn't alone in the embarrassment. As Hilde, the closeness was far too embarrassing, but as Yasha, she needed it and craved it! As she panted she looked up at Nocturnal. "Is that what you want, lovely?" She asked coyly. She would then try and wrap a leg around Nocturnal's calf and slam the both of them forward onto the mat.

Kal Kel: "Nnh.. " Nocturnal groaned as she shook her head with her eyes squinting shut, cheeks flushed... Yasha was leaning back against the corner, Nocturnal opened one eye and could see the ropes easily in reach. She reached out but just as her fingers rested on the top ropes, she suddenly fell backwards and was slammed into the mat "Ackh!!" Nocturnal coughed out as her legs kicked up either side of Yasha's waist.. The top half of her body arched up a little from the pain, pressing herself more into Yasha for a couple of moments before she let out a cute groan and just slumped back into a laying position... Yasha had really broken Nocturnal into a sweat now, her body was splattered with tiny droplets of perspiration

afwosn: Yasha huffed for a few seconds after they fell tot he floor. She saw how close they still were and continued the steamy hug. "There's no reason to be so uptight." She said with a grin. "let your love flow!" She cheered as she nuzzled her face into Nocturnal's neck, seeing if she could continue to embarrass Nocturnal as she tried to scoot her bust up against the heroine's further. If she could, she would use her feet to try and slowly push the two to further away from the corner.

Kal Kel: Yasha saying things like that was weird as well as a bit embarassing too, Princess Nocturnal could feel Yasha's hips snuggly on the inside of her thighs... She found herself panting into the crook between Yasha's shoulder and neck as the other heroine nuzzled her intimately. Her hands gripped Yasha's shoulders tighter, the push with Yasha's feet not exactly moving them that much away from the ropes, but it did make Yasha's breast push right against the underside of Nocturnal's

afwosn: Yasha was beginning to feel more than a little embarrassed at their closeness and her attempts to control her writhing legs from giving away her newfound hotness took more than a little concentration. It seemed the steamy position they found themselves in really was advantageous for yasha but she couldn't win this way. Sucking in a breath, she lifted herself up and looked into Nocturnal's eyes. "Maybe this will loosen you up!" She said and attempted to plant a kiss on the heroine's lips. If she could catch her off guard, she would use the smooch to try and roll Nocturnal up into a pin.

Kal Kel: Princess Nocturnal felt Yasha's head move so that her face come up just above hers, she opened her eyes to slits, panting softly up at Yasha was they were enticingly close. She wasn't expecting the full on kiss! Nocturnals eyes flashed wide open and her cheeks flared up redder then ever before. Completely taken aback by it she left herself wide open, her legs scooped up and butt leaving the mat to press into Yasha's crotch as she was put in a roll up pin...

afwosn: Yasha tried her best to keep up the pin as she heard the ref begin the count. She hoped she could ride the surprise through to three but she had to admit that the kiss itself was really great. She closed her eyes and held on as tight as she could. "There's more to come if you want it!" She huffed out, trying to keep Nocturnal's mind off being pinned as much as she could. "I know I do." Her voice was heavy with exhaustion and a hint of lust as she held the pin.

Kal Kel: Nocturnal huffed out into Yasha's mouth as their lips left contact, the ref had slipped down to the mat "one!" She wriggled a bit, her butt grinding into Yasha's crotch as she did. "Two!" The ref called, her hand was coming down for the final count when Nocturnal clenched her teeth togeather and kicked out with all her mental will power "Yaaaarrrrr!!!"

afwosn:Yasha's eyes widened at the sudden surge of strength from Nocturnal as she muscled her way out of the pin. She was forced tot he side of the princess and was panting as she looked on with a smile. "Your power of Love runs deep!" She said with a cheerful tone. She knew she couldn't waste time though and quickly attempted to stand up and drop a leg on Nocturnal to try and keep her dazed.

Kal Kel: Princess Nocturnal's legs floped down to the mat after she was able to kick out and push Yasha off of her. She lay on the mat on her back, one arm up over her head panting up into the air with her eyes closed as she was still pretty dazed by the close body action and the inappropriate kiss. She didn't see Yasha getting to her feet as quickly as she could and jumping up off the mat to come down into the leg drop "UGH!" The Perpetual Knight coughed out with a little spittle, her legs kicking up off the mat and flopping back down again as she lay with Yasha's leg over her bust

afwosn: Yasha knew she couldn't mess around much more. She had to press her advantage and rolled off of Nocturnal and tried to roll her onto her stomach. If she was able to, she would go for a modified camel clutch, sitting on Nocturnal's back and grabbing her by the breasts and wrenching her up. If she could secure the move, she would shout. "Demon's embrace of Love! The Ultimate Dazzling and Beautiful end!"

Kal Kel: Nocturnal panted repeatedly as Yasha shoved her onto her stomach, she could feel the other girl climb onto the small of her back in a straddle position, she tried to elbow back against her but was in a bad position.. She expected a camel clutch was coming but gasped in surprise and her heart skipped a beat as Yasha grabbed her by the breasts to wrench her up.. "Ahh, w-what..? wait..!" She stuttered, cheeks flaring up as she squirmed frantically

afwosn: Yasha grinned as she pulled up on Nocturnal's breasts, kneading them firmly as she tried to make her submit from the pain in her back. She leaned in and kissed Nocturnal's neck. "If you submit, the pain will go away and only pleasure will be left!" She cooed as she went to nibble on Nocturnal's ear, making sure to keep the clutch on as tightly as she could.

Kal Kel: "ahhh! stop with this nh- at once!" She tried to command in her upper class posh British accent, the squeezing on her breasts making her squint her eyes shut and press her lips firmly togeather.. She knew her nipples were already a little stiff and the fake breast plate wasn't offering much in the way of protection... Her pants started to become rugged, already thinking about giving it up in such a humilating move, but it was probably going to be all the more humilating if she had to give up in such a hold...

afwosn: Yasha's eyes seemed to widened when she felt the nipples begin to offer a bit of resistance. Though the fake armor protected Nocturnal from having them teased, Yasha did her best to try and grope and knead the breasts to stumulate nocturnal further, knowing that the armor might possibly work against the warrior if her nipples became too hard. She then grunted and pulled up, as if she was trying to snap Nocturnal in half, so she wouldn't forget that it was a submission move. "I'll stop as soon as you say the magic words!" She said with a smile as she leaned in once more and ran her tongue up and down Nocturnal's neck sensually.

Kal Kel: "" Nocturnal stuffled a moan as her nipples scrapped along the inside of the fake breast plate, the arch of her body and Yasha's kneading motion was making it become a little loosen on her... "Ahhhrrr!!!" Nocturnal cried out as Yasha pulled up hard on her, her body bending deeply as her arms stayed around Yasha's knees... Afterwards her head slumped forwards a bit, let out them cute sounding rugged pants again and couldn't help but give a little helpless groan as Yasha licked her neck... Things were getting desperate for Nocturnal, she didn't know how much more of this she could take and couldn't find any way out!

afwosn: Yasha's hand felt the jostling breastplate and thought she could end things. Nocturnal seemed to be on the brink and she might be able to put her over the edge! She braced herself with one hand, making sure she had a tight grip on Nocturna's left breast before removing her other hand and trying to tug at the face breastplate. It seemed loose enough but if she could pull it off, Nocturnal might just give up out of humiliation and fear of exposing herself. "If you don't give up, I won't be the only one who gets the pleasure of seeing you in an intimate way!" She challenged as she pulled on the breastplate.

Kal Kel: Princess Nocturnal shook her head, but blinked with surprise as one hand let go of her with the other still gripping firmly... Then she felt her hand tugging at the bottom of her breast plate, gasping in deeply as her eyes went wide.. She had a sleeveless crop top on underneath, but Yasha was gripping the bottom of that too, her plump orbs could be revealed in one swift move and her stiff nipples would be revealed to the entire public! "No! don't!" She cried, cheeks flared red "please.. I submit to you.."

afwosn: Yasha was fully intent on revealing all that Nocturnal had to offer, if not for the sake of the match then possibly for selfis reasons. But when she heard the cry of submission, she immediately relaxed and let go of Nocturnal. On her hands and knees she panted and looked over her opponent with a big smile. "That was amazing." She said in a genuinely tone as the ref raised her haind in victory. She stood up and raised her other fist. "Love Shines! Forever Heart!" She called out at the top of her lungs. She then looked down and held out her hand for Nocturnal to take, helping her up if she wanted.

Kal Kel: Princess Nocturnal slumped forwards onto the mat with an "omff.." After the hold was released, her arm immediately going to cover up her breasts even though they hadn't been revealed. She lay there panting hard for a moment until Yasha moved to offer her hand down to her, Princess Nocturnal thought for a moment before starting to struggle to her feet on her own which took a moment... She had to look down to make sure a wet spot wasn't showing or something. She rearranged her costume, obviously still humilated by the events, before composing herself enough to speak "What are you talking about?! You almost stripped me of my dignity infront of the crowd... It's like being de-masked and if you had, that would have been something unforgiveable!"

afwosn: Yasha looked at Nocturnal with confusion as she was being berated despite her attempt at sportsmanship. "De masking you?" She said. "Just removing your breastplate?" Yasha zipped her vynal suit sown a ways, exposing a little bit more of her breasts, which threatened to expose themselves, and a lot of her stomach. "The suit doesn't make Yasha Love." She grabbed her hat and tilted it. "The mask and the hat do!" She then stepped forward. "So only the breast plate makes you who you are? I can't believe it!" She said. "You still have plenty of armor on." Yasha seemed to be speaking a bit more literally than Nocturnal. "Are you afraid you enjoyed it?" Yasha said grinning.

Kal Kel: If Princess Nocturnal's cheeks could deepen in shade they would have as Yasha unzipped her front and then went on to suggest that she was afraid of enjoying it. "You take my meaning out of context." Nocturnal said averting her eyes from Yasha's cleveage and keeping her composure by again readjusting her clothing. "As heroine's of justice it is our duty to maintain high dignity at all times.." She said, raising her chin up and looking off to one side as if striking a rather pompous pose.

afwosn: Yasha's eyes widened. "Justice comes in all forms!" She said. "The Demon of Love brings Justice in the form of Erotic love!" She gleamed and waved her hands at the cheering audience. 'To make them happy, that is the ultimate justice!" She proclaimed. "My pride and dignity comes from giving everything I have! And if I have done that, then if they get to see my Body of Love, then it was just a bonus!" She said. "Would you rather have them look at your form and turn away?" She cooed teasingly as she reached out to grab Nocturnal by the hips and press her body against the knight's. "Look. Win or loose, they are still cheering until they are hoarse for both of us. Is that not the most Beautiful Justice?" She proclaimed.

Kal Kel: "The ultimate justice comes from PROTECTING them from injustice and INDESCENCY.." She said with so much conviction that she didn't even back down as Yasha pressed her body up nice and snug to her.. Instead she placed her fists on her hips and stood with her feet apart in her classic pose, looking into Yasha eyes almost like a stare down. "Dignity comes with actions and someone with dignity will trimuph over someone with none, and I'm willing to show you this if we meet again in the ring of honour.."

afwosn: Yasha took a step back at Nocturnal's cold treatment. She pointed tothe audience. "Without them, there is nothing.' She said back. "And I will definitely show you again that there is nothing indecent about Love! Love Shines!" She called out, raising her fist. "Forever Heart!" The audience returned. She turned and wiggled her butt at Nocturnal and then turned and blew a kiss at her. "Look at the power of Love.They are captivated. Thanks to me, they'll have something to talk about for a long time coming. You should ask yourself if you were part of the reason, or were working to prevent Love's beauty from reaching all corners of this arena." She said as she began to stroll towards the ring entrance.

Kal Kel: Princess Nocturnal said nothing further, she was focus on showing Yasha what she meant by her action and her actions in the next match... She walked over to collect her cape throw it back on around the back of her neck. It was lucky Yasha hadn't gone ahead and revealed her breasts as her nipples were only now starting to soften... With Princess Nocturnal's kryptonite like weakness in close body holds, she would have to be extra careful in her next match against Yasha

afwosn: Yasha watched and when she saw there was no more talking to be had with Nocturnal, she zipped up her vinyl suit and made her way out of the ring, slowly bending and posing for all the audience to view. She ran up the ring entrance and slapped a few high fives and blew kisses before leaving the ring.

Winner by Submission: Yasha Love

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