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A Debut for a Heroine

Fri Dec 13, 2019 11:47 am by Ragdoll_Jobbers

Hello there.

It's Ragdoll, and I just finished creating my latest Kawaii, The Kamen Wrestler, and I need to find a debuting partner for her. If someone is willing to have a match with her, please send a PM. I look forward to hearing your response.

"Mad" Max Hikaru30

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Brat Business... Possibly

Wed Dec 11, 2019 9:41 pm by Kelsea

Considering doing a bit of Brat Business >:3

If you want to have a match, start up a rivalry or continue a previous rilvary with the brat pack and have a powerhouse character (male or female) over 5"9 send me a message

Or if you want to have a short RP (in a similar vein to the brat pack recruitment threads I did years ago: here, here and here) and have a kawaii-esque character, you can also get into

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Looking for action

Mon Dec 02, 2019 8:33 pm by skip-stop

Hi hi

The past few months have been rather sad, and the future has been very foggy. But now I can say that I'm alive again. In this regard, I would like to find a few new threads. My roster is here and here. Current preferences of matches:
for Karen - hardcore and everything related to it or special conditions with elements of hardcore
for Charlotte - standard or maybe standard in tension
for Margarita - standard or hentai
for Astrid - standard and hardcore or maybe special conditions
Although …

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"Mad" Max

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"Mad" Max Empty "Mad" Max

Post by mnpinner on Mon Sep 29, 2008 2:32 am

[size=150]General Information[/size]


Name: Maxwell Edison

Alias: “Mad” Max, The Silver Warrior, The Silver Flash

Age: 22 (18 when he first joined)

Eyes: Blue

Hair: Silver (died from dirty blonde)

Height: 5'7"

Weight: 175lbs

Origin: Princeton, New Jersey

Alignment: Heel while psychotic, Tweener while not

Entrance Music:
Variations of “Maxwell’s Silver Hammer” by the Beatles
A series of loud metallic clanging noises by himself.


[size=150]Combat Information[/size]


Combat Attitude:

(Stats are out of 5 ★s)


Strength: ★★★★
Endurance: ★★★★★
Speed: ★★★(+.5)
Technique: ★★★ (+.5)


Strikes: ★★★★(+.5)
Submissions: ★★★★
Powerhouse: ★★★★
Aerial: ★★★
Counters: ★★★(+.5)


Endurance: ★★★★
Defense: ★★★
Arousement: ★★★★
Technique: ★★★★

Style/Strategy: To say that Maxwell has a strategy in his matches is a stretch. He tends to thrive on chaos and will not hesitate to create it himself. He’s a brawler that found an outlet in the energy that wrestling lets him release. He’ll try any move. Since failure will lead to pain, he embraces failure. His time in the octagon gave him time to work on his striking and submission maneuvers. So watch out for this chaotic risk-taker who knows his way around the ring!

Preferred Matches: Hardcore, cage matches, brawls, ambushes, and hentai (when he’s in the mood).


[size=150]Attack information[/size]


Signature Attacks

The Bang-Bang Silver Bullet: Maxwell gets himself in a crouched waiting position as his opponent is down or turned around. He then launches himself forward and delivers a devastating running spear to their midsection.

Hammerhead: Rudimentary, but Maxwell reels his head backwards and throws it forward for a headbutt, usually aimed at his opponent’s noggin.


Waiting for the Hammer to Fall: A vicious DDT with a swinging leg theatric.

The Silver Hammerlock (submission): A technique he innovated while on the MMA circuit, on a facedown opponent, Maxwell reaches across their body to grab the arm opposite where he is. He bends it in a triangle and applies pressure while pulling it towards him. He’ll then swing his legs out from under him and over his opponent’s back so that he can lean back while applying pressure in order to apply the most maximum pain as possible.

The Clang-Clang Piledriver: Maxwell scoops his opponent over his shoulder before lowering them upside down so that their head is between his thighs. Once the piledriver is set into place, he beats their back twice with his fist before jumping up and dropping to his knees to execute it.


[size=150]Personal Information[/size]



While he may not be as physically imposing as other male wrestlers, Maxwell takes good care of his body. He has muscle definition evenly distributed along his well-toned body. His hair is kept short and dyed silver, while his eyes are a brilliant blue. His body has a few scars on it from various sources. Often, he wears silver shorts to the ring. Rarely is he seen unaccompanied by his precious silver hammer.
"Mad" Max Mxwell10

Personality: Maxwell is a little unbalanced. That’s putting it rather kindly. When he is not taking his medication and not releasing his aggression, Max is a dangerous man to be around. He will not hesitate to attack the first person that he sees when he’s feeling restless. Sometimes his psychosis creates a silent and solemn man, but opponents should be wary because this is the unbalanced Maxwell with a very focused mind. While on his medication, Maxwell is no less dangerous, but he is less of a wild card. He’ll be glad to strike up a conversation, though the topics could range from civilized to…flirtatious. Maxwell has been known to be a gentleman when the time calls.

History: Maxwell was a fairly normal kid growing up in New Jersey with his twin sister, Sadie. Their parents were doctors and had high aspirations for their children. However, one day things seemed to turn sour. Like his sister, Maxwell was obsessively in love with the music performed by the Beatles. Their parents had also been in love with the music and even named their children after Beatles songs. At the age of 15, Max found his parents’ copy of Abbey Road. Something seemed to trigger when he listened to it. It could have been the song with his name in it; it could have been the hypnotic baseline of “I Want You (She’s So Heavy)”; it could even have been the slightly harder sound of “Oh Darling”. Regardless of what it was that triggered it, Maxwell was forever changed.

He was found by his sister scribbling “Bang, Bang” and “Clang, Clang” all over the walls of his room. Fearing for her brother’s sanity, she immediately notified her parents. In a matter of a few days, Max was being placed through the ringer of therapists. Most wanted to institutionalize him, but one felt as though the trigger could only have occurred because of a bunch of built-up aggression. His reasoning was never explained, but he recommended throwing Max into sports like boxing and wrestling. Max was all right with the boxing, but wrestling is where he really got his aggression out. He was natural at it, but every now and then some voices would seem to creep into his head. The then dirty blonde wrestler started to hold his submissions too long, bash their heads into the mat, and choke them with the ropes all because that’s what they were telling him to do.

After a match one day, a concerned Sadie asked him why he had started becoming so brutal. “They aren’t satisfied…” was all that he responded. She knew that he still wasn’t well and asked their parents to institutionalize him for his own safety. Just like that, 16 year-old Maxwell was placed in the system.

2 years and several different institutions later, Maxwell was released and immediately joined the first indie league that would take him. He was quick to make a name for himself, but the manager told him that he needed to stand out more if he wanted to make it anywhere. It didn’t take him long to think of his favorite color nor his favorite album. It was then that the silver-dyed hair, metal plates and silver hammer became a staple to his gimmick.

One evening, after an easy victory, Max’s eye was caught by one of the female wrestlers. It wasn’t uncommon for him to get flirtatious. They returned to his apartment after a date, but lo and behold, they found a familiar redhead, who the girl recognized from her own match earlier, bursting out of the closet. She proceeded to maul and tear apart Max’s date. Befuddling him and turning him on all at the same time. The strange redhead, after leaving the poor girl helpless, proceeded to profess her love to Max, claiming that she had fallen for him while he was spending time at one of the institutions. After that night, he wouldn’t hear from her until his time in AFW since the girl pressed charges and had her arrested.

A few months later, Max got a call to join a strange dorm-style wrestling league run by AFW. He enjoyed some success there, but soon found that his genius of a cousin had joined in hopes of finding and controlling him like those doctors had for so many years. Wanting to avoid his cousin, Max dropped from the league to pursue a change of scenery. His search brought him to an MMA league where his brutality was welcomed with open arms and fierce gambling. After a year, he found that he missed wrestling and sought to return to Sex Wars, only to find that it had been rebranded as a real wrestling league under the name of  Tension. Curious how the new league would treat him and his new repertoire, he joined. He and that little voice in the back of his head….


[size=150]Additional information[/size]


Facts of interest:
-His favorite Beatles album is the Abbey Road, but he doesn’t know that Abbie Rhodes, the mysterious redheaded stalker, shares a coincidentally similar name
-Has an extreme tolerance for pain, but even insane people are human
-A promoter wanted him to temporarily change his gimmick to be a mockery of the Silver Surfer. Maxwell responded with a hammer raised high above his head.
-Does study medicine in his spare time. His parents taught both he and his sister basic medical procedures and biology at a young age.
-Has an IQ of 137

-His hammer, Silvia
-Women that can fight
-Women that can beat him
-Classic Rock

-Weak Women
-Being told to calm down
-His Cousin Macon
-His medicine

General Status





Ms. Garcia



Titles: None

Championship Achievements: None

Official Record: 0-1-1


Knockout by Carmen Rodriguez

Draw with Lisa Giordiani

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"Mad" Max Empty Re: "Mad" Max

Post by mnpinner on Mon Jan 19, 2015 6:22 am

Major Overhaul to Profile

Finishers are brand new and no longer reflect the Sex Wars Max of old Razz


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