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Poll regarding Kayfabe rules of hentai in non-hentai matches.

Sat Oct 17, 2020 9:03 pm by Old_Man_Tai

So, one of the various different things we are looking to bring to the board soon, is an official list of "In-World Rules", to help with world building and such and just make clear what the in-story rules of the Friction and Tension leagues are.

One thing I've noticed that people seem to handle differently, is the idea of using hentai, as in fucking, groping, stimulation, anything actually involving touching privates and beyond just flirting/kissing/rubbing in non-hentai matches. Some seem to …

[ Full reading ]

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Need Debut matches/Simply looking for more

Tue Sep 08, 2020 11:19 pm by Void Effect

Got bunch of girls that need to debut, if anyone interested, PM me here or on Discord

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Looking for a match.

Thu Oct 08, 2020 10:11 pm by Old_Man_Tai

Simply put, looking to get Silver Ace two or three short, quick matches to set up her story for her Avalanche match.

Also if somebody knows how to use photoshop, have a favor to ask.

Contact me on Discord or PM if you are interested.

Would be willing to offer proper matches with other characters in trade if that's acceptable.

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Petra Anagnos

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Petra Anagnos Empty Petra Anagnos

Post by scorn53 on Tue Sep 05, 2017 4:21 pm


Petra Anagnos XIYx8Ze

"Lust Made-Manifest"


Real Name: Petra Anagnos
Nicknames: None
Age: 28
Eyes: Hazel
Hair: Black
Height: 6"
Weight: 215 lb
Nationality: Dual English-Greek Citizenship
Alignment: Tweener

Entrance Music:
[Current Music] Hail To The King By Avenged Sevenfold


Wrestling Information

Strategy: Befitting of her size and muscle tone, Petra focuses on controlling her opponent through powerful holds and slams. She is not without technique however; she is rare to simply throw or choke her foe with nothing more. With wandering hands, and an absolute love of grinding, Petra will use her great figure to reduce her foe to a quivering more ways than one.

Style: Lustful Powerhouse
Type: Full-Body Contact.

Preferred Attacks: Petra will first make attempt to slow her often quicker foe down, before moving in to latch her powerful mitts upon them. Squeezing, crushing and smothering, Petra will force her foes frame to concave underneath her own, rarely satisfied until words of absolute submission have been spoken. If Petra hasn't spent most of the match grinding against her foe, then something must be very off.

Preferred Matches: Submission, and hentai. Numerous varieties.

Attitude To Hentai: "Ohhh sweet thing...what a silly question..."


Physical Statistics

Endurance:★★★ - Petra has notable endurance, befitting her size, but her reliance on controlling a bout rather than surviving one makes her survivability arguably lacking.
Strength:★★★★★ - Unsurprisingly Petra's preference and strongest attribute; her grapples and holds are beyond-difficult to slip easily from, with her throws as equally difficult to endure.
Speed:★★ - Petra relies on gripping ahold of her foe early on, and controlling them from then-on in, often without any distance or space to avoid her created.
Defence:★★ - Beyond her monstrous libido, Petra can be surprisingly fragile for her size, purely because her lust tends to get the better of her.
Technique:★★★ - Far from complex, Petra knows how and where to bend and work the body for maximum satisfaction.

Wrestling Statistics

Strikes:★ - Petra despises the concept of striking, deeming such only necessary for one unskilled with the use of their bodies or fingers. She will occasionally spank her opponent, but in ways far from purely painful.
Submissions:★★★★★ - Her go-to, purely because Petra adores extended contact with her foe. Once she has them wrapped up, escape is the definition of challenging.
Powerhouse:★★★★★ - Petra somewhat adores using her great power to mangle her foes in powerful, yet careful ways, and will often go out of her way to reduce them to putty in her arms.
Aerials:★ - Has no need to take the the skies.
Counters:★ - When a serious match is before her, Petra's reliance on controlling the fight leaves her without ability to counter. When the match is of a more lustful variety, she often doesn't want to counter.


Signature Move

Exodus Lock: Sat behind her foe, Petra's arms will embrace in a rear naked choke, applying firm pressure but with little intent of choking her foe out. Her legs will hook in and around her foes own, before parting them wide.

Finishing Move

Leviticus Ridge: With one hand to her opponents thigh, and another to her lower back, Petra will attempt to hoist them somewhat off their feet, extending that grabbed leg and parting her foes thighs. Grinding their exposed sex against her impeccable abdomen, Petra will continue the hold, rarely finding resistance given the feeling of the move.

Genesis Bomb: A move rarely used, reserved for the off chance Petra plays seriously. A short torture rack submission hold switched straight into a burning hammer drop.



Personality: TBF

Past: TBF









Wrestling Outfits

Wrestling Attire:
Petra Anagnos CjJiVjN

Wrestling Attire Reference 2:
Petra Anagnos 0bejQH7

Alternate Attire:
Petra Anagnos XIYx8Ze


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