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Looking for a match for a debut for new girl

Sat Aug 08, 2020 6:42 am by Void Effect

Like the title said: Looking for a match for Lily, contact me using Discord please or PM

satou kazuma - Kazuma Satou: The Adventuring "Advocate" of Gender Equality FIasYCH

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Looking For Matches/Long Term Story Threads For New Wrestler

Fri Aug 07, 2020 12:19 pm by HighFly

Hey everyone, I just made JJ and need some threads for her!

I am looking for matches, maybe even a long term rivalry as well! If you feel like you want to work with her long term asa sparring partner for friend outside the ring after a match that is fine as well. Really anything that tells a fun story would be awesome! Please PM me if interested, thank you!

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Thu Aug 06, 2020 2:16 am by ChateauDame

My apologies for the delay on all posts and plans. My workday has a start time dialed back to a 4:00 AM start as of late and I don't end until about 4 or 5 PM so I am utterly tired as of late. I have about the rest of the week at this schedule and then it should lighten up a bit. I am optimistic for a sense of normalcy soon, maybe this weekend or start of next week.

Apologies for the delay!

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Kazuma Satou: The Adventuring "Advocate" of Gender Equality

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satou kazuma - Kazuma Satou: The Adventuring "Advocate" of Gender Equality Empty Kazuma Satou: The Adventuring "Advocate" of Gender Equality

Post by Mart-Kos on Thu Apr 02, 2020 3:10 am

Yes it's Kazuma from Konosuba if he had been a wrestling fan and hadn't died. Expect memes. Feed back appreciated.

satou kazuma - Kazuma Satou: The Adventuring "Advocate" of Gender Equality Kazuma11

Name: Satou, Kazuma
Sex: Male  
Age: 21
Hair/Eyes: Brown/Green
Height: 5'8"
Weight: 160 Pounds
Nationality: Japan
Alignment: Tweener/Part-Time Jobber
Relationship Status: Single
Entrance Music: Rise-MADKID  

Preferred Matches: Standard, Handicap(likes to try and pit the teammates against each other or if he's the one with a partner, an easy win), Handcuff, Ladder, Ironman
-Matches he would like to try: Water Sports, Sauna, Ambush, Beach, Humiliation, Hentai, Toys, and POW (Those last three because he's never had matches like those in the independent circuit's he been in and definitely not because he's a virgin Embarassed .)

Satou Kazuma was born in a small town in Japan's beautiful country side to two hard working parents. His childhood was nothing special except for one instance where he promised to marry his childhood friend and sweetheart back in elementary school. Whenever he wasn't at school or running around with his friends or his "fiancé" outside he was at home watching TV but these moments were rare in occurrence. It was during one of these rare moments that he would learn of the world of wrestling. The lights, the crowd, the high flying fast paced action he witnessed made him a huge fan of the sport, enough so that he hoped that he could too one day step into the ring himself someday.

Yes it looked as though he was well on his way to enjoying a nice peaceful life until the summer of his 3rd year in middle school where he would see his childhood friend/"future fiancé" riding with one of his school's delinquent upperclassmen on his motor bike. The shock of seeing her with another guy like that made Kazuma decide to drop out of school and immerse himself in online gaming becoming a Hikikomori for the most part except for whenever there happened to be a wrestling show in town.

It would be two full years later and at the age of seventeen that his life would change once again. On his way home from getting his copy of a newly released game he would experience, what he calls, a "horrific" near death experience while trying to save a girl from getting run over by a truck despite having not done any strenuous work since he first shut himself in. Realizing how little he had done with his life and how weak he had become he decides to give the outside world one more chance.

After trying, and failing, several different activities; fishing, gardening, soccer, he wandered around town wondering if there was really was something that could motivate him when he discovered his town's amateur wrestling academy. He saw in the academy's window that they were accepting new students. Seeing it reminded him of his childhood dream of becoming a wrestler, a dream he had long given up and forgotten.

But seeing as he had little else to do he walked into the academy and after signing a few release forms began taking classes. The work was hard and he nearly quit on a few occasions but after a few months of shedding blood, sweat, and tears he would have his first ever match during a small town event set up by the academy and, to the surprise of the few people that still knew him and himself, he not only won but found he had a surprisingly untouched potential for it. Kazuma decided to explore his newfound talent and started to travel Japan and it's many other wrestling circuits. During that time he would come to learn of a major company called AFW, a company made up of several different brands that was primarily a women's wrestling circuit that signed up wrestlers from many different walks of life and different companies but they did also occasionally accept men into their Tension brand.

Before he knew it he was tuning in to AFW every week to watch these amazing women and men in action as often as possible regardless of platform and becoming a fan of several of these stars. It was a week after his 21st birthday, and after a hard-fought Ironman match, that he was approached by a talent scout from AFW who offered him a chance to step on to the main stage. Kazuma couldn't believe it at first, he was waiting for someone like Ashton Kutcher to suddenly come out of nowhere and tell him it was a prank but it wasn't. When the scout showed him the provisional contract he practically jumped at it. Now with a new lease on life and a chance to step onto the largest stage in wrestling as a part of Tension, plus a list of people he really hoped to meet, he was ready for anything AFW threw at him.....except for one thing but people didn't need to know that.

Main Wrestling Outfit: See Above
Training Outfit/Regular Clothes:
satou kazuma - Kazuma Satou: The Adventuring "Advocate" of Gender Equality Kazuma10
Swimsuit(may also use for Hentai matches):
satou kazuma - Kazuma Satou: The Adventuring "Advocate" of Gender Equality Screen11

After spending two years as a Hikikomori Kazuma is occasionally prone to moments of laziness. Another result of his self imposed isolation is that he does have moments of nervousness around women, especially women that land dead center of his strike zone; strong, beautiful, smart, and cool under pressure to name a few traits he looks for. He tends to be pretty sarcastic, cynical, blunt, and pessimistic when dealing with people that he thinks are troublesome but otherwise is a pretty cool guy once he opens up to someone. He can be surprisingly lecherous and calls himself an "Advocate" of true gender equality whenever he faces off against a female opponent.

Wrestling Info:

Fighting/Wrestling Style
Kazuma is a pretty crafty guy; using tricks to throw his opponent off guard during a match like letting his opponent over power him when locking up then falling back and throwing them over him with a Tomoe Nage using the opponent's momentum to assist in the throw or using that same momentum to go for a guillotine choke hold as they fall to the mat.

Whenever he isn't using tricks in a match he's uses surprising speed to wear down his opponents with strikes before going for some high flying offense such as hurricanranas from the top ropes, Crossbodies, missile drop kicks to name a few but one of his favorite moves for putting away opponents is the Frog Splash. While he prefers to fight his opponent from the high ground he does have some submission skills.

Commonly Used Moves
Hurricanrana, LionSault, Various Strikes, Tomoe Nage, Frog Splash

Special Moves (Credit for these moves goes to Gwyndolin)
Steal(Hentai matches/No DQ Matches): Kazuma manages to remove an article of his opponent's clothing. He will even steal a woman's bra by quickly unhooking them and pulling it loose while they're grappled if the situation is right. Once he has the article of clothing, he can even hold onto it and use it for...

Bind(Certain Hentai/No DQ Matches): Kazuma uses something to tie an opponent up, making it hard or impossible to defend themselves until they get free. He could use an article of a wrestler's clothing to tie their arms behind their back, or tie them to the rope or corner post. It wouldn't last since clothing is pretty pliable, but it might give him a few free shots. Against an opponent with long hair, he could even tie their hair in a knot around the ring rope to trap them that way. As a backup, he could always use the clothing as a choking implement if tying them up doesn't work. All of this would require an opponent to be groggy, so he'd need to build up to it by landing a high-impact move first.

Lurk: Kazuma either ambushes an opponent or ducks under their attack to get behind them, then wallops them with something like a punch to the back of the head, a kick to the back of the knee, or whatever other attack he prefers on an opponent with their back to him.

Drain Touch (All matches, also Hentai variant): With an opponent locked in a submission hold, Kazuma proceeds to touch them in a manner that will distract, disorient, or distress them. He can slip his hand over their nose and mouth to sap their strength, or grope and fondle them to invigorate himself.

Frog Splash
The Rise Before the Fall - A Tornado DDT where Kazuma will  leap from the top rope, grabs the opponent's head, and make them spin around a few times before spiking their head into mat.
Gender Equalizer (For matches with no DQ and Hentai) - A Denki Anma where Kazuma lifts a grounded opponent's legs and puts as much pressure on their crotch as possible, will turn it into a leg lock submission while continuing to apply pressure.

Strength: 3/5
Endurance: 4/5
Speed: 4/5
Defense: 3/5
Luck: 5/5 A lot of people describe Kazuma as having the kind of ridiculous luck a guy from an Isekai anime/manga/light novel would have. That doesn't necessarily mean it's always good though as it has gotten him into trouble on several occasions.
Virgin: 0/100 WHY THE HELL WAS THIS PART OF MY STATUS!?!?!?!? -Kazuma (Taken by Origa Xenia)

Strikes: 3/5 While Kazuma prefers strikes he sticks to quick ones like jabs, kicks, and chops to gradually wear away at his opponent before going for something stronger like a knee or an elbow as they will leave him open.
Submission: 2/5 Only knows a handful of submissions but he's practiced them enough to know how to get the best out of them.
Power: 2/5 He can lift and push most opponents around, provided they're around his weight class. Will struggle if they're heavier than him.
Aerial: 5/5 Kazuma has no problems going up high to fight his opponent and will even use the ropes to get some air.
Counters: 3/5 Kazuma's quick thinking(and former Hikikomori cowardice) keeps him on his toes enough to spot a window of opportunity to attack.

Fun Facts
-Kazuma has always a wanted a non biologically related sister. He once, jokingly, told his parents to get a divorce in the hopes one of them would get remarried to someone with a daughter....they would quickly beat the hell out of him right after

-If someone calls out to him by saying his name twice in rapid succession he will respond; "Yes, I'm Kazuma."

-He has a top 10 list of the women he would like to have a match with and a top 5 list of the men he would like to have a match with. (The reason the men's list is shorter is because he feels these 5 men deserve his respect the most.)

-His ring clothes are his idea of what he would wear if he ever became an Isekai MC adventurer. What are the chances of that happening though? Razz

Top 5 Men he would like to fight (from Greatest to least):
1. Torra Shinjiro
2. Ishigami Yuto
3. Hiro Minamoto
4. Nobu Tano
5. Edward Sealgair - Considers Ed as a bit of a hero for getting into AFW sooner than him despite the small age difference.

Top 10 Women he would like to fight (Includes Friction and Tension, from greatest to least):
1. Chris Morgan - Back when he was in middle school Kazuma's favorite wrestler would change as often as the waves at the beach moved the sand at least that was the case until he watch his first Wrestle Angels show. He saw the many girls and women and while they each had their own charms not many of them were that unique. But it was the moment Chris Morgan took the stage that really caught Kazuma's attention; she had strength, beauty, charisma, and so much more. Kazuma would watch Wrestle Angels everyday to see her in action after that day. When WA shut down and Chris was blamed for it Kazuma was absolutely livid. He payed close attention to each and every single one of her matches and he could tell that she earned each and every victory fair and square. He was absolutely devastated when she disappeared from wrestling all together. So imagine his surprise when a few years later when he started watching AFW he saw Chris Morgan take the stage. it was at that moment Kazuma knew he had to get into AFW someday and talk to her himself, hopefully convince her to have a match with him, and maybe, if he was really lucky, like greater than even his normal Luck, maybe even get a date with her.
2. Panther Risako - Panther Risako was one of the few people that could truly compete with Chris Morgan. She was calm and calculating, often changing her style to fight opponents that many considered too much for her and winning. But despite her intimidating title as "Queen of queens" she is actually very approachable from what's been said about her when she wasn't in the ring, in fact it's been said that she acts much like an older Sister to many. If Kazuma ever got in the ring with Risako he'd ask her if he could call his big sister, for the match at least so he could be her troublesome little brother.
3. Arjuna, Indian Fitness Babe - Doesn't know if it's intentional cosplay or some kind of cosmic coincidence but she looks like a rule 63 version of the hero Arjuna from a popular mobile game that he plays. Part of him wants to face her cause of how great she is in the ring, another part because of how one of the characters he has in the game was screwed over by Arjuna, not just in game but also in mythology, and the final part wants to use their match as a summoning ritual for finally pulling Arjuna from the gacha ;P .
4. Akane Asahioka - Much like how Emily Nelson is one of Kazuma's prime choices for a clean match, Akane is his prime choice for an "intense" match Wink
5. Great Kali - Kazuma likes to live dangerously from time to time, why not have dangerous match with a dangerous and flirty woman?  Cool
6. Julia Rogers - A fellow high flyer vs high flyer who wouldn't want to see that?
7. Toshimi Minami - One of the greatest submission specialists in the entire company and one of the few people to be able to beat Chris Morgan, as well as one of the fewer people to be able to beat Chris via submission. Kazuma would definitely love to have a match or two with her one day.
8. Cindy/Bridget Won (counts them as one since they hardly ever separate) - TWINS!
9. Freia Kagami - Freia Kagami was one of the best submission wrestlers in Wrestle Angels and continued to be one of the best in AFW before disappearing for unknown reasons. Her cold, vampiric in-ring persona oddly enough made her a crowd favorite and Kazuma was certainly one of the people screaming whenever she came down to the ring.
10. Emily Nelson - While Kazuma tends to lean towards tricking his opponent that doesn't mean he doesn't occasionally want to enjoy a clean match and he considers Emily to be one of the best in the league when it comes to keeping it fair.

Honorable mentions:
Tsumi Ama, Roseline Lebeau, Justice Asuka, Hazuki Musumi, Sermis Languis


Wins: 0

Losses: 1
vs Origa Xenia (via Hentai Pinfall)

Draws: 0

Kazuma's Timeline:
1. Kazuma's First Day - On his first day in Tension Kazuma get's lost, fortunately one of his newfound coworkers happened to be passing by and offers to give him a tour.
2. (TBD)
3. A Star's Return: Justice Asuka vs. Satou Kazuma - Kazuma's second match in Tension takes a surprising turn as he faces off against a living wrestling legend.
4.Poolside neglect play and the Foolish Peeper - Kazuma accidentally finds himself stuck in the private pool area with 2 of Frictions most vicious and lustful ladies.
5. Showing the Giant around - Kazuma gets a surprise as he shows one of Friction's newest members around Tension for the day.
6. Kazuma vs Origa - Kazuma suddenly finds himself in his first Hentai match against the same woman he was showing around earlier; Origa Xenia.

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satou kazuma - Kazuma Satou: The Adventuring "Advocate" of Gender Equality Empty Re: Kazuma Satou: The Adventuring "Advocate" of Gender Equality

Post by killcarrion on Sat Apr 04, 2020 7:30 am

Approved, you are free to RP as you wish.

satou kazuma - Kazuma Satou: The Adventuring "Advocate" of Gender Equality IzEu9yM

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