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Need Debut matches/Simply looking for more

Wed Sep 09, 2020 5:19 am by Void Effect

Got bunch of girls that need to debut, if anyone interested, PM me here or on Discord

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Poll regarding the possibility of Mods booking PPV matches.

Sat Oct 24, 2020 7:43 am by Old_Man_Tai

So, basically, was wondering all of your thoughts regarding the possiblity of mods booking ppv matches.

The thought was, since people often seem to have trouble finding partners for ppv matches until the last minute or so, what if the mod team was to step in and, well in advance of the show, book the show ourselves, and try to put together the best matches we can, including title defenses, no.1 contender matches, and so on and so forth?

While I doubt our more popular members need such a …

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General Avalanche Reminder

Sat Oct 24, 2020 3:21 am by Old_Man_Tai

General Reminder: Friction PPV Avalanche goes live on December 1st: So if you need to do any promos or build up for your Avalanche matches, you should be focusing on that now. You are allowed to do such things over Discord and then post them after if it helps get them done faster so matches have proper build up.

Also, if you are looking to get on the ppv, and have a partner and match set up, (or can do so quickly), contact me to let me know what match you are doing on the show.

If you have …

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Katsumi Sadaji: Daughter of the Dohyo

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Katsumi Sadaji: Daughter of the Dohyo Empty Katsumi Sadaji: Daughter of the Dohyo

Post by KyrasPyravi on Thu Mar 11, 2010 9:35 am

Name: Katsumi Sadaji
Alias: Dakai
Sex/Gender: Female
Age: 22 (Born 1/13/1994)
Eyes: Grey
Hair: Black, straight, reaches back with a length of hair draping over each shoulder to chest level
Height: 5'9 1/2"
Weight: 192 lb.
Nationality: Japanese
Citizenship: Japanese
Entrance Music: "Crushcrushcrush" by Paramore
Alignment: Neutral / Face
Sexuality: Bisexual

Wrestling Information

Strategy: Capable of switching readily between offense and defense as needed
Style: Sumo
Type: Attritional, toe-to-toe, endurance
Preferred Attacks: Close-in grappling, palm strikes, heavy throws, lariat-based techniques (usually only when the match turns into a striking battle)
Preferred Matches: Standard, Last Girl Standing, and Sumo (Attracted by Hentai but unsure at the moment)
Difficulty Level: Difficult (Very Difficult if she has a grudge or wants to avenge/protect one of her friends)

RPG Style Stat Spread:

Speed:★★ (★★★★ if she is allowed to enter a tachi-ai stance)
Defense:★★★★ (Can be reduced to ★★★ or even ★★ if her opponent is extremely good at striking and can keep her at bay for an extended period of time)
Technique:★★★★ (exhaustion or extended lockups: ★★)

Detailed Fighting Style: Sumo has been hammered into Katsumi through and through, and the young woman has only slightly altered her style for the sake of the AFW and other lesser non-sumo organizations. As such, Katsumi's fighting style has been alluded to by many as a cross between a triceratops and a kodiak bear.

She may not be the swiftest wrestler by a long shot, but she can shrug off immense amounts of punishment, and whatever ground she gains is hers. She will almost always start off the match with a tachi-ai (the opening sumo charge) from her corner, but not just for the sake of a brazen offense as most individuals believe. Katsumi is very observant and quick-witted, and her opponent's reaction to her charge allows her to feel out a quick approach and pace for the match. However, this mental skill is honed for the sole purpose of drawing Katsumi's opponent into what is almost always the final stage of the match.

If at arms length, Katsumi will attack with powerful palm strikes, taking advantage of her considerable reach to stun her opponent. Being taught by the former Yokozuna Akebono, Katsumi is very proficient at altering her palm attacks, transitioning into capable openhanded blocks as well as pulling her strikes at the last moment, then hitting with renewed force to surprise her opponent and disrupt rhythm.

However Katsumi truly excels at infighting and grappling. Her prodigious strength and experience at point-blank battles means that an opponent who is not versed in nor very familiar with sumo will be at a huge disadvantage up close with Katsumi. From here, Katsumi can exchange heavy blows, share crushing mutual holds, and engage in exhausting toe-to-toe body grinds, exploiting her immense endurance and defensive power of her physique to outlast any individual unfortunate or daring enough to enter her "Realm of Strength."

If she truly wishes to keep the match moving or humor her opponent (for herself and the audience), however, she will often employ powerful sumo throws as soon as she grips her enemy up close. If the match becomes dominated by striking techniques, Katsumi will not hesitate to mix in lariat techniques, using the torque and strength gained from her sumo training to inflict heavy damage.

Similar to a certain Hayanama Momoko, Katsumi will almost never attack an opponent who is on the ground. Not so similarly, this principle usually comes into effect after one of Katsumi's brutal throws, lariats, or particularly staggering palm strikes. She shares the belief with Ciara Austerlitz that any warrior has the right to endure a loss without loss of pride when he or she is too punished or exhausted to even stand. Unfortunately for many, this "don't kick them when they're down" approach does not stand in the way of Katsumi gleefully trapping her opponent against the ropes or cornering a victim against a turnbuckle.

In Hentai matches, where Katsumi does not exhibit as much confidence at the moment, her best approach, nonetheless, is her trademark full-body grind. Despite her capability to smother, crush, or overwhelm her opponent in this position, her nervousness will stay her hand more often than not, allowing opponents to press the advantage with their own techniques.

But for her lack of experience and creative techniques, Katsumi makes up for with sheer sexual endurance. Although she is no more difficult to force to orgasm than most other wrestlers in the AFW, Katsumi's past experiences enable her to go through a LOT of orgasms before truly submitting. In all fairness, however, steady climaxes and a heated match will often cause Katsumi to become sex-drunk, glazing her eyes over and making it easier for her opponent to force even more orgasms out of her. (It is noted that close matches will often leave Katsumi practically comatose for a good while, whether or not she won, allowing her opponent to take advantage.)

Finishing Moves:

Realm of Strength: More of a position or situation than anything else, but feared well-enough by former and potential opponents to be considered a finishing move. Essentially toe-to-toe combat with Katsumi, this position forces her opponent to commit to a sweaty body-crushing duel with a woman who has held her own against ozeki and yokozuna-class wrestlers. This position can immediately be followed by a throw, which could be easily considered a godsend for many combatants in the AFW. But when Katsumi wants to take her opponent down or test her strength against another, there are usually only three outcomes to the "Realm of Strength," with either Katsumi, her opponent, or both wrestlers sprawled on the canvas, no longer able to fight. Other (very unlikely) outcomes to this position could be timing out in a timed match, rescue by an ally in a tornado tag match (but very, VERY risky considering Katsumi's choice of tag-team partners), or somehow disrupting Katsumi's balance and enacting her principle of allowing her opponents to their feet. As for the last outcome, this will likely happen if such an outcome occurs early in the match or Katsumi feels a deep respect for her opponent. However, if it is late in the duel and she is too drunk with battle-lust, Katsumi will often stagger and lift herself while STILL in the "Realm of Strength," until she is upright, hauling her opponent up with her to continue their exhausting duel.

Pillar of Heaven: Up close and often from a lockup, Katsumi will strike upward with her palm into her opponent's chin at a fraction of her full strength, then steadily push upward. Whether or not her opponent resists this pressure, Katsumi will suddenly shift her body position and ram her palm upwards with the full strength afforded by her powerful physique. This attack is known to inflict whiplash and, in extreme cases, imminent unconsciousness, thus Katsumi almost always pulls back her force on this attack because of the innate danger to her opponent. However, if Katsumi is truly angry or grimly seeking to avenge one of her friends, she may turn this technique into one of her most powerful and brutal attacks: a devastating two-handed version known as the Twin Spires of Hell.

Shattering of the Imperial Gates: One of Katsumi's riskiest maneuvers. Instead of exchanging strikes, holds, or body grinds in the "Realm of Strength," Katsumi will lock her hands or arms behind her opponent and separate their bodies. She then tightens her grip and brutally hauls her opponent in while thrusting her own body forward, slamming their bodies together in a full-frontal collision. Katsumi will repeat this devastating and mutually-damaging approach over and over again, often speeding up as she gains momentum or loses herself in battle-lust. This assault is Katsumi's fighting style at its peak, with both combatants taking exactly the same amount of damage in a true self-sacrificing battle, pitting her bodily defense, willpower, and endurance against her opponent's. Very frequently this finishing move ends in a mutual KO, but Katsumi's willpower allows her to remain standing long after most of her opponents have fallen senseless to the canvas. If Katsumi's opponent manages to knock her out before succumbing as well, they still might find that outcome to be unfavorable as Katsumi's body will often instinctively continue the body-slamming battle, often with wilder abandon as her subconscious limits are eased with her KO. Only two individuals have ever endured Shattering of the Imperial Gates, one of them being Ciara Austerlitz to a non-KO draw, the other a clear defeat to an individual… who will be revealed later.


Realm of Flesh: Essentially, the "Realm of Strength" with a far more sensual approach, with crushing attacks supplanted by more heated body grinds and sexual techniques. Katsumi technically is still able to use her full strength, but her relative vulnerability to sexual attacks often causes Katsumi to self-limit herself.

Phalanx of Amaterasu: While up close with an opponent in a frontal sexual exchange, if the other combatant shifts the sexual momentum against Katsumi, her hands will often seemingly go limp at her sides while she presses herself forward into her opponent. This is to block her opponent's downward range of vision. When the other wrestler is distracted or overconfident enough, Katsumi habitually flares open her eyes and thrusts her hands forward into the other's pussy. She pushes in one, a few, or as many fingers as possible into her opponent's sex, shifts her body much like the preparation for the "Pillar of Heaven," then thrusts her body upwards, jamming her fingers forward and upward deep into her victim's intimate areas.

Filling of the Imperial Coffers: Essentially the "Shattering of the Imperial Gates", but with a much softer, sensual approach and leading with her breasts and mound instead of her entire body. Often changes up the rhythm of collisions and feels up her opponent's shoulders, back, and buttocks to catch them off-guard.


Visual Appearance:

Katsumi Sadaji: Daughter of the Dohyo 11-0302078180M.jpg

^Katsumi wrestles another girl during one of her experimental flings in the "professional women's sumo" arena during high school. Despite her enjoyment both in and out of the ring during her time there, she decided against it as a true sumo career beckoned. Most of her actual matches in this manner were against her adoptive (and adopted) sister, transfer student, and ICEPS heiress Lysandra Tremaine in practice bouts. When Lysandra's father Allaric was away on business, she would help Lysandra practice Tae Kwon Do and grappling, and Lysandra, in turn, would practice sumo with Katsumi.

Katsumi Sadaji: Daughter of the Dohyo 11-0302111101M.jpg

^ Katsumi during her high school years. She had already gained an impressive physique, yet her true "coming of age" has yet to come. ^

Katsumi Sadaji: Daughter of the Dohyo 11-0302139790M.jpg

^ Katsumi matures and fills out less than a year into her training with Akebono and Konishiki. Also, never EVER call her "lazy," because it's definitely untrue and she will give you a painful experience firsthand of her devotion and hard work.

Katsumi Sadaji: Daughter of the Dohyo 11-0302158976M.jpg

^Present-day Katsumi. Despite her sensuous physique at first glance, Katsumi, like Akashi, possesses an immense endurance and a toughened musculature. Also, her hearty sumo diet has given her certain *ahem* physical traits that she is rather proud of.


Katsumi is loyal, honorable, and devoted to what she loves, a strong will and ambition supplemented by a confident assertiveness from living and sisterhood with Lysandra and rough, near-brazen doggedness from her deep friendship and rivalry with Ciara. Though Katsumi may seem almost aloof from the other wrestlers because of her tendency to socialize almost exclusively within her circle of friends, it is actually not difficult to befriend the powerful sumo. Exhibiting determination and perseverance in a straight-up battle against her is usually more than enough to win her respect, and because of her great experiences with Akebono and Konishiki, is more than willing to help others train (Although individuals who want to hone their technique or striking instead of their endurance would be better off going to Lysandra or Ciara instead.) On the other hand, dishonest fighting (i.e. utilizing weapons, illegal moves, attacking a helpless grounded opponent from a standing position) is undoubtedly the fast track to earning Katsumi's enmity. In Hentai situations, however, because of certain experiences in her past, sexual pressure can make her quite nervous, and "dirty" or "dishonest" play in this area is far more likely to make her panic instead of making her angry.

Strangely enough, despite her immense strength and stamina, Katsumi, like Ciara and Lysandra, did not enter the AFW with any significant intent to shoot for the championships. Katsumi's own motive is to find plenty of challenging opponents and grapple with worthy foes for hours on end, focusing on building herself up even more so she can be physically prepared to take the professional sumo world by storm.

Furthermore, she has been drawn like a magnet to the AFW over other fighting organizations because of rumors that one of Yokozuna Tanikaze's children is competing in the AFW as well. Even better for Katsumi, those rumors add that the Tanikaze is faithfully devoted to sumo and, by many accounts, is reputed to be one of the strongest combatants in the AFW.

If she is engaged in an intense, close-run battle, particularly a body crushing duel in her realm of expertise, and her opponent has managed to match her, Katsumi has a tendency to murmur "Ryuukonoarasoi," literally meaning "battle between dragon and tiger" and figuratively defined as a "well-matched contest."


Katsumi wears a either a blue-silver Sumo mawashi with thirteen sagari that was custom-made for her by Lysandra during their years in high school or a modified mawashi with a thin tsuna (rope) as the belt instead of a silk sash presented to her by Akebono for her outstanding progress in training. Katsumi is more likely to wear Akebono's tsuna mawashi to matches regarding matters of honor, or matches expected to be intense and close-run. Katsumi will always wrestle topless if allowed, but if not, she will wear a blue-silver sports bra with Lysandra's mawashi or wrap bandages around her torso beneath her shoulders, covering her bust for Akebono's tsuna mawashi.

Outside of the AFW environment, because of her childhood with Lysandra, Katsumi can easily wear both informal and formal attire depending on the situation. Like so.
Katsumi Sadaji: Daughter of the Dohyo 11-0302195316M.jpg


Katsumi was born an heiress of a declining family that had once enjoyed significant influence in Kansai from the 1920s to the 1980s. One of the family's main claims to fame was the marriage of its heiress to the famed Yokozuna Futabayama Sadaji in 1939, a fact that Katsumi became obsessed with, eventually becoming something akin to idol worship. Before she could even read or walk, however, her family, already plagued by debt, crumbling financial assets, and social scandal, was manipulated into a fateful altercation with Kansai's most powerful criminal organization.

At the time, as the family had their hands overflowing with severe economic and social issues, they had assigned an individual who was essentially to be a full-time nanny to care for the infant Katsumi. When the altercation occurred, the family was marked with fifteen hours to live. Sensing peril and more aware of the methods of the dominant criminal organization, a foreign branch of the Russian Mafia, the young caretaker called her fiancee for help. Luckily for three people involved with the family, that fiancee was a semi-retired SAS captain recovering from a near-legendary black-ops assignment within the Russian Federation. As the Mafia's retribution spanned across Kansai within the space of a single deadly night, the operative codenamed "Sugarcane," despite a injured leg, rescued his fiancee, Katsumi, and her second cousin Asuka from the bloodbath, spiriting them away to Hokkaido. But in a single night, at the age of two, Katsumi had lost her family and her promise of a normal future.

Katsumi was adopted by Allaric Tremaine, the founder of ICEPS, the massive international security corporation closely aligned with the United Nations, and grew up alongside Tremaine's other adopted daughter, Lysandra. Growing up with sumo blood running through her veins, Katsumi quickly learned of her heritage and delved into the world of sumo, undeterred by the hardline restrictions against letting a woman even set foot in the dohyo. The young girl had idolized both her great-grandfather and the famed Yokozuna Tanikaze, and she was heartbroken when she found that her latter hero had died.

Early on during her life in the Tremaine household, during one of Sugarcane's many long-awaited visits, both Katsumi and Lysandra met the rough, blunt Ciara Austerlitz, who had also been taken in by the semi-retired SAS operative. A heated confrontation and a clumsy, protracted physical struggle marked the beginning of a fierce rivalry that continues to this day. This rivalry helped stoke the fires of Katsumi's ambition and dedication to sumo.

Throughout middle school and high school, much to the anxiety and consternation of her adoptive father, Katsumi approached her sumo heritage with zeal and perseverance. Lysandra stood behind her all the way, even weaving a custom blue mawashi for her adopted sister and sparring Katsumi in practice bouts almost every day when their adoptive father was working. Working feverishly and tirelessly on her technique, endurance, and physical strength, Katsumi lived, breathed, ate, and slept sumo, even in her relatively normal lifestyle in Hokkaido.

During the last year of high school, the young Katsumi attempted to locate any Sumo Stable that would take her in, yet none would take a woman in. Because of her luscious physique and looks, Katsumi decided to undertake a desperate plan, an attempt to become a part-time idol or model within the cities of mainland Japan just to get a chance at finding one of the Tanikaze and getting them to take her in, following rumor that they had trained the only girl in their family. Although deep down the idea appealed to her, Katsumi vehemently turned down any invitations to erotic sumo leagues, clinging to the belief that taking that road would degrade her technique and values.

But the day that Katsumi was to set out and participate in her first round of auditions, two famed men showed up on her doorstep, their reputations almost sufficient to give the poor girl a heart attack despite her excellent circulatory condition. That day, Katsumi met with retired Yokozuna Akebono and retired Ozeki Konishiki, both renowned wrestlers that had arrived to change the course of Katsumi's life.

In an event that had been hidden from the public eye by the sumo world, a delirious Futabayama Sadaji declared as his final wish, that the Yokozuna born closest to his date of passing would be tasked with fulfilling his great-grandaughter's greatest wish. Akebono was a man of honor, no matter how confounded a request made him, and had finally pinpointed Katsumi's new home, expecting for all the world that he would have to go on a wild goose chase making the girl an idol or a rock star or something. His good friend Konishiki just came along for the ride, expecting something interesting to happen.

It was no lie that both famed wrestlers were both shocked and enthusiastic when Katsumi hysterically blurted out her dream of becoming Yokozuna. Two days, a father's consent and a heartfelt farewell later, Katsumi had embarked on the journey that would shape her life.

Akebono and Konishiki privately trained Katsumi, often exhausting her to her limits and beyond, forging her body into a powerful physique and extending her already-impressive endurance to stunning new heights. Almost covertly, the three traveled throughout Japan and Europe, visiting almost every dohyo along the way and receiving discreet training and matches from wrestlers abroad. Katsumi often forced herself to wrestle until her body gave in, rest almost comatose, and then repeat, continuing this cycle for weeks on end until one of the mentors would have to moderate her behavior. Zealously living the life of a sumo wrestler, the young woman set foot in many amateur tournaments, dominating nearly every single one by a large margin during her last two years of training, but she never stepped within a professional dohyo, a fact that she has long since grown to resent and resist. But when she returned to Hokkaido in triumph and readiness to take on the world, Katsumi had already gained several stunning accomplishments in the world of Sumo, even wrestling an Ozeki head-on to a stalemate TWICE, despite her comparatively lighter physique. Although she still needs to rely on her technique to fend off beasts like Konishiki or Akebono, though she is regularly defeated, her ability and strength continue to grow through her intense training and zeal regarding the sumo world.

Less than a week after she returned, Ciara visited the Tremaine household, now an international Spec Ops operative, hoping to gain contacts with Lysandra and the fulfillment of a "promise" with Katsumi. Less than fifteen minutes later, after Ciara conversed and laid down details with Lysandra, Katsumi and Ciara decimated each other in a mutually exhausting battle, fighting to a standstill until both combatants could barely stay on their feet. This "promise" continues unfulfilled to this day, as Katsumi and Ciara, though now allies, regularly pit their bodies against one another until the day one of them decisively and completely defeats the other. Deep down, Katsumi knows that moment may never come, yet she keeps her goal alive to grow strong for the day all the dohyos in the world open for all wrestlers, regardless of gender.

For that same reason, Katsumi agreed to follow Ciara to the AFW along with Lysandra, joining as a trio to protect one another from the shadier aspects and factions of the famed wrestling organization. Although Lysandra has voiced her desire to throw her lot in with White Gale, Katsumi, along with Ciara, are very hesitant to follow. Both the young sumo and her rival are unwilling to participate in a Face/Heel turf war within an organization where they both just want good matches and training, yet both their values of honorable combat mean that they may be sucked into the conflict sooner or later.

However, first thing is first for Katsumi, her search for a certain opponent is very important to her. Just like her rival Ciara seeks out individuals such as Rose Deltora and Sarah Gatt, Katsumi wishes to face down Judy West and possibly also Sarah Gatt if Ciara gives her the opportunity. Yet the wrestler Katsumi wishes to face down most of all is the daughter of her Yokozuna idol, Akashi Tanikaze. Impressed by Akashi's power, reputation, and character, it is only a matter of time before Katsumi zeroes in on her peer and challenges her to a match that neither will forget.

AFW Information:

Wins: 0
Losses: 0
Draws: 0
Championships/Accomplishments: None yet
Friends: Lysandra Tremaine
Rivals: Ciara Austerlitz
Alliance: Triumvirate

Likes: Sumo, worthy opponents, long intense sparring matches, giving and taking up close, individuals who practice or respect sumo in the AFW, opponents who reciprocate and do not attack when she is on the ground, white chocolate, training others, showers, good music, people who risk themselves for the sake of others

Dislikes: Opponents who disrespect sumo, conceal weapons, or attack grounded opponents, overcomplicated technology, poisonous creatures, brutality outside ring

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