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Killer King

Fri Jul 03, 2020 11:58 pm by KillerV

Looking for female opponents to lose against Killer King, willing to discuss about it...

Thanks in advance.

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Summer Splash start date reminder

Tue Jun 30, 2020 1:13 pm by Old_Man_Tai

Summer Splash starts on July 15th this year.

After the poll that was taken, we decided to push SS back a little this year, to give people more time to get stories together given the pandemic.

With July around the corner, we decided to give a couple extra weeks and start SS halfway through July, just to give people some more time.

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Coming Back?

Wed Jun 24, 2020 1:38 pm by Lotuswarrior

I've been thinking of coming back, but I want to focus on a single character to promote some development. Looking back at what I've done, I've been thinking about how I did things and how I've could've made them better.

Not saying I've greatly improved while I've been away, but I think that most people will at least notice some improvements in my future matches or roleplay events. I have a few characters that I want to truly focus on using, but the others will probably be deleted or turned …

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Flashback Match: Sasha Brenshov Vs. Brunhilde "The Valkyrie"

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Flashback Match: Sasha Brenshov Vs. Brunhilde "The Valkyrie" Empty Flashback Match: Sasha Brenshov Vs. Brunhilde "The Valkyrie"

Post by MakeHerTapOut on Wed Aug 20, 2008 11:30 am

(This match is a flashback RP, fleshing out character background detail of Sasha Brenshov. This match was not sanctioned by Friction, and as such features non-Friction roster wrestlers and has no effect on current Friction rankings or storylines. The AFW board members involved were headshotgunny and MakeHerTapOut)

headshotgunny: Sasha made her way into the pit in a brute way her father and one of his men throwing her in with grim smiles. She rolled over, right knee bleeding and stood up, wearing her shorts, shirt and boots. She looked around, knowing that all begging and pleading would make no sense.

makehertap: The sheet metal walls of the hangar shook with cheers as the veteran, Bruhnilde, made her way through the gathered crowd of soldiers. The base was staffed entirely by men, and the chance to see to women locked in combat with each other had drawn a huge crowd. They called Brunhilde "The Valkyrie" because she had a habit of leaving her opponents broken on the battlefield. The betting of the soldiers reflected this. The vast majority were placing their money squarely on the hardened veteran. She stepped up onto the raised platform and through the barbed wire fencing that surrounded it, making a show of grabbing one of the barbs firmly with her hand as she entered. A tiny trickle of blood dripped from her palm down her middle finger as she brought her hands up into a fighting guard.

headshotgunny: Sasha had to swallow down a knot in her throat, starring at the woman entering. A cold shiver ran down Sasha's spine. She did bite hard on her bottom lip, as always when being nervous, angry or feeling fear. Her heart was hammering against the cage of he ribs, almost stoping. She walked over at Brunhilde, offering a hand of sportsmanship, trying to imagine why the Major made such a birth day gift for her or as he had told it a test of worthiness.

makehertap: Brunhilde grasped the girls hand in her own and squeezed Sasha’️s fingers hard, without showing any effort. The bigger woman's blood was pressed into Sasha's palm and began to drip down the Cossack Kid's palm onto the mat.

headshotgunny: Sasha felt like Brunhilde had just bruised her whole fingers with that short firm press. She felt Brunhilde's warm blood, it seemed a bit sticky. "Ma'am, your hand bleeds, can you fight?" Sasha asked, trying to hide the pain and being a fair fighter despite her fear.

makehertap: Sasha's question made the champion laugh. A deep, rumbling, menacing laugh. In response to the young blonds’️ question, Brunhilde pulled Sasha forward by her grasped hand and fired sucker punch straight towards the girl's face.

Headshotgunny: Sasha's head snapped back with a spray of blood and saliva as Brunhilde gave her some special gift for her fourteenth birthday. Sasha’️s world was spinning with pain, her mouth bust open. Sasha felt her legs turning wobbly, pure will giving her the power to pull her hand free, tumbling back.

makehertap: "Your mouth is bleeding, girl. Can you fight?" Brunhilde laughed at Sasha. Raising her fists in triumph and parading around the cage. The crowd roared their approval of the veteran fighter and Brunhilde continued playing to them for a moment before resuming her fighting guard. She faced Sasha again and gave her knuckles, the ones red with Sasha's blood, an affectionate kiss, like a mother cuddling a child.

headshotgunny: Sasha glared at Brunhilde as she raised her fists into guard, making a step at Brunhilde. "Yefff ,ungh..I can!" she hissed at her. She threw a quick double of jabs, right and left at Brunhilde's face, just to test the bigger merc's defense.

makehertap: Brunhilde grinned and stepped in to meet Sasha's punches, bringing her hands up to protect her face. Brunhilde responded in kind by sending a jab towards Sasha's face followed by a hook, and a lower cross towards Sasha's belly. Brunhilde had a size, reach and power advantage over Sasha and she knew it. A punching match was exactly what the veteran wanted.

headshotgunny: Sasha dodged the first blow and pulled back her head from the hook but the cross crushed into her belly, driving all the air form her lungs. Sasha coughed up, her mouth forming an O as she kept her self from throwing up. The kid doubled over coughing; tensing her abs, trying to straighten her self again, and throwing a right cross at Brunhilde's side as she rose again.

makehertap: Sasha's punch caught Brunhilde squarely in the ribs, but the champion's flesh felt rock hard and barely gave beneath the Cossack Kid's punch. Pressing her advantage, Brunhilde attempted to wrap Sasha in a front face lock and fire a knee into her abdomen.

headshotgunny: Sasha slipped back as Brunhilde reached for her ,trying to get some hold of the arm reaching out to take her in that hold, if need be, hanging her whole weight to it, clawing, yanking and pulling.

makehertap: Sasha ducked clear of the champion's face lock. The young blonds’️ arms grasped the valkyrie's meaty forearm desperately and pulled, causing Brunhilde to take a step forward to regain her balance. The two fighters had moved closer to the barbed wire cage...

headshotgunny: Sasha slung up her legs, trying to sling them around Brunhilde’️s arm by the shoulders, hoping she could close her legs, ankle over ankle. Sasha slid down hard, her ass touching the mat. Shifting some weight with a short roll of her shoulder she tried to shift some weight, going for a flipping arm bar that would, if it worked, make Brunhilde end up in the wire hard with a short fall.

makehertap: Sasha's sudden leap caught Brunhilde off guard and the champion planted her feet and struggled to maintain her balance. The Valkyrie grunted with effort and managed to avoid toppling over, but still had Sasha's legs wrapped around her head. With a reverberating war cry, the warrior brunette heaved, attempting to lift Sasha through sheer brute strength and slam her down to the floor.

headshotgunny: Sasha felt her self and panic raising, she slipped her left leg free and pulled it back a bit, bending her knee, trying to kick her sole at Brunhilde’️s chin with all her force but no extra momentum for there was no motion. Sasha kicked up hard as Brunhilde had raised her high up. Sasha slammed into the mat, flattened out on it, a bolt of pain shooting up her spine. The young girl’️s body left a dent in the mat. "UNGHHHH"

makehertap: Sasha's kicks brought a small welter of blood to Brunhilde’️s mouth, but couldn't stop the champion from slamming the smaller girl to the mat. With Sasha's hold broken, Brunhilde attempted to use Sasha's temporarily limp legs to flip the girl over onto her stomach. If she was able to get this far, she planned to grasp Sasha by the hair and the chin and slowly bring her pretty face towards the barbed wire...

headshotgunny: Sasha panicked as the barbed wire came closer and closer, with a hiss she fired her left elbow up at Brunhilde's right breast or belly, stabbing it back and up with all her power, fuelled with fear and danger. Slipping back her right foot, trying to bring up some counterweight.

makehertap: The Cossack Kid's elbow caught Brunhilde in the chest, her ample breasts deforming around the smaller warrior's blow. She hissed in pain and shifted her grip, trying to throw one of her legs around Sasha in a straddling position, before trying to snake an arm around Sasha's throat and falling backwards into a rear naked choke.

headshotgunny: Sasha tried to roll over; trying to avoid the hold but the upper lock, the choke hold was fixed and closed very quickly. Sasha started to wind up, her feet trashing the mat.

makehertap: The crowd roared again, sensing Brunhilde's victory was near as the Valkyrie tightened her grip on the smaller girl's throat. Brunhilde's thick legs came wrapping around, trying to force Sasha's legs apart and "sink the meat hooks in." Brunhilde raised her free arm up in a fist, letting out a battle cry.

headshotgunny: Sasha gasped, her face turning deep red with afford and the brutal lack of breath, trying to force enough oxygen into her lungs. She shoved up her own hip, arching her back, while she used both hands for her attempt to pry open the hold around her throat. "UNghh"

makehertap: Brunhilde's iron muscled arms resisted Sasha's prying, though the blond girl did manage to suck down a breath as Brunhilde had her second arm raised. Brunhilde clamped that arm down on the back of Sasha's head, forcing her tender neck further into Brunhilde's mighty forearm. Her legs pried Sasha's apart, and she rocked her hips forward, trying to stretch the girl even further.

headshotgunny: Fear clawed at Sasha's will as Brunhilde caught her in the hold even harder. Her face turned a bit blue. She threw up her hip, hoping it would hit Brunhilde hard as she straightened her right leg, just to bend it hard, stabbing it downward at anything she could hit. Black spots started dancing in front of her eyes, her lungs feeling like they would rip any moment.

makehertap: Brunhilde's massive bicep muscles flexed as she squeezed Sasha as hard as she could. Sasha's desperate kicks smacked into Brunhilde's shin several times, prompting the champion to attempt to roll both herself and her opponent over, placing Sasha belly down on the mat, with Brunhilde on top.

headshotgunny: Sasha gasped and groaned, no air left in her lungs. Brunhilde's massive weight upon her. Her legs weren’️t any help now. With her last power left she tried a back elbow at Brunhilde's left temple, fear gripping her heart fully now, her chest burning.

makehertap: Sasha was either extremely talented, or extremely lucky. Her elbow caught Brunhilde as she had relaxed her hips and body for one final wrenching flex. Sasha's elbow dug deep, causing Brunhilde to put her feet back down on the floor. She still had Sasha's neck however, and attempted to plant her feet and pull Sasha up by her neck.

headshotgunny: Sasha gave a hard gurgle, her world almost blackened. Face turning blue again, she waved around with her right arm, left arm clawing at Brunhilde’️s arm with trembling fingertips. The girl’️s legs where turning wobbly as she tried to brake free with a hard slip downward, her hurt back aching.

makehertap: For the first time in the match, Sasha's smaller size worked to her advantage. Her blond hair was plastered with sweat, and very slippery. Brunhilde's arms were more used to choking the fight out of larger opponents and were just too big to keep their grip on Sasha with her legs not supporting the blond. Finally, Sasha's head slipped free. Brunhilde was frustrated by this turn of events, but, ever the crowd pleaser, released Sasha at the last moment, raising her arms in victory again, trying to make it look like she had meant to release the Cossack Kid.

headshotgunny: Sasha panted for breath, clutching her throat, winding around. She forced some oxygen into her lungs and the first air she sucked in made her lungs feel set ablaze. She slipped to all fours slowly, face deep red, trying to stand up.

makehertap: Brunhilde kept an eye on the younger girl as she paced the ring, soaking up the adoration of the base's men. Once Sasha weakly rose to her feet, she let out another battle cry and charged towards the Cossack Kid, aiming to plant a kick right on the side of the blonds head.

headshotgunny: Sasha saw just a blur as Brunhilde came at her charging like a bull. The loud war cry was some kind of warning to. With a short roll aside, Sasha tried to drop down out of the kicks way, swinging up high he right leg, straightening it, setting it up slightly bend to make Brunhilde run herself into it with her belly or groin, preparing for the impact.

makehertap: Brunhilde put on the breaks and dropped her kicking leg back down as she ran stomach first into Sasha's kick. The impact was unpleasant, but not enough to deter the mighty champion from pressing her attack. Her hands clamped down on Sasha's ankles and attempted to bodily lift Sasha upside down into the air by her leg.

headshotgunny: Sasha gasped in shock and awe, slipping hard over the mat and getting yanked up by her leg, her hands slapping at Brunhilde's upper calves. She swung around, trying to brake free. "Unghh..fat cow ..let me go!!" She yelled, trying to force her self down, aiming a short cross at Brunhilde's kidneys. She used a short twist of her chest's momentum and her aching, sore muscles for that blow. The crowd laughed and cheered Brunhilde on.

makehertap: Sasha's punch connected, but Brunhilde would not be denied. Suspending Sasha helplessly in the air, she began firing kicks, one after another, after another, after another towards the blond girl's face and upper body.

headshotgunny: After the first kick, Sasha tried to hold her arms in front of her face in despair but kick after kick connected some smashing into Sasha's face and some into the chest, driving all air out of Sasha, and hitting her solar plexus and those small breasts set on the chest. The where groans of agony following the first three or five kicks but they where silenced, blood was spilled everywhere, the girls right eye swollen shut with the sixth, a nasty crack from her chest coming with the ninth kick. Sasha went limp with the tenth, hanging in Brunhilde's arms helpless, bruised.

makehertap: Brunhilde unceremoniously dropped her limp opponent to the floor, raising her hands in yet another victorious pose. The men rose to their feet in worship of their champion, and Brunhilde placed her foot on the limp, battered frame of her opponent. Much to her surprise, Sasha weakly gripped at her booted foot. The Cossack Kid was bruised, and bloodied but still barely conscious, and the crowd began chanting: "FINISH HER! FINISH HER! FINISH HER!"

headshotgunny: Sasha's world was spinning and black spots dancing in front of her eyes. It was hell for the young girl, men she had cooked and washed for demanding her death or at least crippling. Her flat chest lifted and dropped with her low breath. Sasha tried to speak but just coughed up blood, her vision blurred with tears. She tried to roll over, leaning into the pressure bearing down on her with no strength. She threw a pleading look at Brunhilde but finally she tried a defiant smile, slapping her other hand at Brunhilde's leg once with all her power left.

makehertap: Sasha's slap made Brunhilde's boot slide off of her flattened, bloody chest, but only barely. Brunhilde smiled in respect towards the girl, but wouldn't stop. The crowd demanded more, and she would give them their fill. Very slowly, very deliberately she made her way to the side of the cage, and ripped a length of barbed wire off. She raised the wire up to the ceiling in her grasp and wrapped the wire around her fist. She then strode back over towards the broken blond warrior, grasped her sweat and blood soaked hair in her other hand and raised the girl up to her knees. Brunhilde raised her hammer like fist, now wrapped in barbed wire up again, and grunted a question to the crowd, as if to say "Is this what you want!?"

headshotgunny: The crowd just cheered and yelled. Sasha was still hearing, feeling and breathing but unable to really fight. Fear and blood loss made her quiver, her skin turning pale and her throat dry. Right now Sasha needed all her will to avoid begging, crying or soiling her self. Her left hand clawed weakly at Brunhilde's hand that yanked her up by the hair. It didn't hurt as much as her own sweat stinging in deep cuts or her battered body. The Major's face was cold; he just gave a short nod at Brunhilde. Sasha's right arm hung loose by her side. Sasha looked unfocused, view crossing blurred.

makehertap: Brunhilde nodded back to the major before finally bringing her fist, a veritable sword of Damocles, smashing down into Sasha's face. Brunhilde dropped her weight and threw every ounce of muscle and sinew into the punch. The barbs on her hand bit into back into Brunhilde's flesh as the blow struck, causing deep cuts, but the effect on the poor girls face was nothing short of catastrophic. The steel dug deep and ran down Sasha's face, a deep, ugly line along the left side. The wound immediately began to gush blood, turning Sasha's already bloodied and swollen face into a crimson mess. The girl would carry that scar for the rest of her life. Brunhilde released her grip on the Cossack Kid...

headshotgunny: It was scary...the girl didn't scream but there was a painfully grunt, a silent squeal that was filled with pure agony. Blood loss, shock or also the brunt of that blow... something knocked the girl out cold. She dropped like a rag doll, eyes closed, body rocked by spasms. A pool of blood building, saliva oozing from her mouth. Sasha lay face down, not moving, only the low and slow breathing showing that the kid still lived.

makehertap: Brunhilde placed another boot on the defeated form of Sasha, raising both arms and tossing her head back in a triumphant cry. The walls of the hangar literally vibrated with the approving roar of the men. Brunhilde knelt down, wiping her palm across the bloody face of her broken opponent, before standing back up and wiping the blood across her own chest, a primal token of victory. The roars of the crowd slowly began to die as the men filtered out, satisfied with the bloody spectacle. Brunhilde picked the limp frame of her opponent gently, and true to her mythological namesake, carried off the defeated from the field of battle. Brunhilde fell into step behind the Major and the entourage made their way to the base's medical wing. Sasha had lost today, but had earned Brunhilde's respect.


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