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I'm back

Wed May 20, 2020 4:48 am by Ragdoll_Jobbers

Hey everyone! I'm back. My grandparents are safe now and I have been able to get some free time again. I look forward to RPing and talking with everyone again.

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Cicilia De'Reignhardt: Looking for a Match

Tue May 19, 2020 10:41 pm by Cicilia


Looking for a match for my main German Juggernaut: Cicilia De'Reignhardt!

Match Type: Up for discussion! (Minus hentai)

Who wins: Up for Discussion!

Cicilia's Profile:

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Hoping for some matches

Sat May 09, 2020 9:32 am by anime_hentaifighter

Hoping to find some more matches here. Send me a message if interested

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Jenny star and beth slave vs Yadira and Ambrosine

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Jenny star and beth slave vs Yadira and Ambrosine Empty Jenny star and beth slave vs Yadira and Ambrosine

Post by Rumble_girls on Wed Dec 15, 2010 11:39 pm

This was a great match I had with Thatoneguy's Yadira and Ambrosine! Also I want to say that RR is me and TOG is Thatoneguy

((RR))The light would come on and the fans rushed into the arena! The posters were plastered all over the wall saying, The Tag match for the ages, The legendry Yadira and Ambrosine vs the new comers Beth slave and Jenny Star in a humiliation match!! The arena was pack the people were ready already chanting. The Music started and show began! The place went crazy! Signs went up and they were ready to see something humiliating! The fan would look at the entrance just waiting for them to come out and finally the team of Beth slave and Jenny star came out! The team would walk down the to the ring with the normal gear on being Beth slave out fit and Jessy's Star bikini. They hoped up onto the ring side looking around at the fans and it would scare Beth as these fans really want to see her get crushed but she shake her head and get all the doubt out of her head and her partner would wink at her giving her moment of hope!

((TOG))The Offspring's Self Esteem had hit the arena, smoke was crowding the ramp, and spotlights were pointing on the ramp, and then Yadira and Ambrosine came out, wearing their normal attires, a silver two piece swimsuit with a thong bottom with high heeled boots for Ambrosine and a gold two piece swimsuit with a thong bottom and high heeled boots for Yadira. They would reach the ring and grind on the ropes before entering. They would go to the middle of the ring and smile at their opponents. "Hehe! Look Amby, fresh meat! Yadira would say, Ambrosine giggling. "Hehe! Hello fresh meat!"

((RR))Beth would be watching the two girls the whole time as they came to the ring till the time they entered the ring and Beth look a little scared but as for Jenny, She would be stretching the whole time. Grabbing the ropes and pulling, bending back and forth because she was ready for this! Beth would see the two smirking woman looking straight at her and would hear them call her and her partner fresh meat! This would make Beth back up a bit but Jenny went right into Yadira and said, Fresh meat now?! Like you giant fat asses need more meat! Then Jenny would turn her back to them and go into her corner leaving Beth alone in the ring! Beth panic to her side, JENNY! What are you doing! Jenny just looked at her with a smile and would reply by saying, Hun go face your fears!

((TOG))Yadira had smiled and stared at Jenny. "It looks like you need meat on you girl!" Yadira and Ambrosine would start to stretch out and Yadira would go to the corner, Ambrosine was going to start things off. "Hiya cutey! Before we start off, do you want to see if you and your partner want to make this interesting? How about losers are the winner's slave for the night?" Ambrosine would ask Beth.

((RR))Beth would look up at Ambrosine as she walked closer to her and her face of fear would slowly go away and wrestling face came out even though her wrestling face was pretty much her looking mad, but it would take long till she looked a little scared as her opponent asked for the stakes, Before Beth could say a word Jenny yelled, Hell yeah! Your on bitch! Beth turned around with her eyes popping out of her head, she could not blieve Jenny said yes! In Jenny head though she found a chance to have to slave to play around with but Beth saw it as she could not lose! Beth turned back around at her opponent and would see her opponent smirking face and Would make a mighty slap across Ambrosine's face! The crack echoed the room and would even shock the crowd a bit!

((TOG))Ambrosine's head would snap to the site, she would start to rub her cheek and would look at Beth, and would give her a slap right back at her, but she would not stop there, she would attempt to shove Beth away from her with a really hard push to her chest. "Come on Amby! We want more people to play with!" Yadira would cheer from the corner.

((RR))Beth's face snapped back and was almost yanked right of her feat! She turned her face back to Ambrosine but would only find her self being shoved! Hard pushed from the shove would send her flying to the ropes backwards, She use this to her advantage and came springing back at her and would fly at her with a mighty dropkick, sending both her feat right into her face! The fans were shocked that this little slave girl was actually fighting not kissing there ass!

((TOG))Ambrosine was drop-kicked right in the face and had fallen backwards. She had sat up and stared hateful daggers at Beth. "You little bitch” Ambrosine would yell, standing up and would rush towards Beth, attempting to tackle the girl down to the ground with a spear. "Woo! Get her Amby!" Yadira yelled, clapping her hands together.

((RR))Beth would have a huge smile on her face after that dropkick and would be ready to do it again till she doesn't get up but she got to cocky, Beth turned to Ambrosine and saw a very very pissed of girl. Beth smile fell really quick and would be smash right into the gut by a destructive spear sending her right onto her back with a thud and would hold stomach with great pain! Jenny would look a little worried now and would start to clap for her! "Come on Beth! Get up and beat her fat ass!"

((TOG))Ambrosine would attempt to grab Beth's hair and would smack Beth's head three times against the mat. After that, if it had worked then Ambrosine would stand up and would strut over to her corner and would tag in Yadira, who would bend over seductively through the ropes. "Hehe! Come here girly!" Yadira would say, inviting any one of her opponents with a teasing smile.

((RR))Beth would feel her hair get tugged and would let out a scream only to have her face go into the matt three time! Bam bam bam! Each smash into the matt would make her head ache and as soon as Ambrosine went to her corner Beth crawled to hers and would smack the hand of Jenny star! She would jump over the top rope with great height and would go right in Yadira face! " Well now! Your are one fat ass girl now aren’️t you!“ She would grow a smirk on her face and would give a quick spank to her left cheek and would circle her "Lisen hun, if you think your just going to beat me up like Beth got beat your are very wrong and one last thing I have never been humiliated hun!"

((TOG))Yadira yelped a little, she wasn't expecting to get her ass smacked at all! She would follow Jenny and would get into her grappler's stance. "Well then, I guess there is a first time for everything huh?" Yadira would ask with a cocky smile, shooting for Jenny's legs, or at least attempting to anyway.

((RR))Jenny would watch every move that Jenny made, it was almost like a hawk watching its prey but this was no normal prey! Jenny would see your quick speed and would feel her strong stance as she went after the leg! Jenny dug her other leg into the matt trying to stay still, Jenny would see a open at a slip second and went after Yadira's head! She wrapped her left arm around her head and would try to lift her up a bit for a DDT, She tried for the DDT but she was quickly losing her balance!

((TOG))Yadira was not expecting to have Jenny reverse her move attempt into a DDT! She felt her head get smacked to the ground and was open to an attack due to the pain.

((RR))Jenny would see Yadira laying face first into the matt and would see it was now her chance to attack! She grip her by the waste and would pick her up and set her in the middle of the ring with her face still near the matt! Jenny got on one knee and placed her right over the other one! Yadira would be looking right at Ambrosine! "You really think a huge butt like this could beat me!" Jenny raised her hand slammed and loud spank right on her left cheek, Yadira butt would jiggle and would glow a bit red so Jenny spanked her again on the right cheek and would do it with a smirk! The cracking noise would be heard through the arena!

((TOG))Yadira would feel her ass get spanked, and it had stung! She would attempt to swing her left elbow at Jenny's gut so she could get out much easier. If it worked she would stand and would attempt to kick Jenny down to the ground. "Never spank me again!"

((RR))Jenny hand would come up one to many times and would get a elbow smashed into her lose the hold, The elbow was brutal and Jenny was getting to cocky, Before Jenny could even make another move a very pissed off Yadira Kicked jenny right in the head sending her face first into the matt, Jenny was hit really hard as was really dizzy, all she heard was Yadira scream and nothing else...

((TOG))Yadira would smile and would kick Jenny over, afterwards she would have some humiliation plans of her own! She would attempt to sit on her face, legs pointing away from the rest of Jenny's body, and would grab Jenny's arms. "You like this?" Yadira would ask Jenny mockingly, Ambrosine laughing in the corner.

((RR))Jenny would look up and see the massive ass over here head and would let out a bit of scream before it came down and squashed her face! Jenny struggled and wiggled under the wait and would be almost helpless as Yadira had hold of her hands! Jenny legs would fling up and down as she was forced under the tasty huge ass of Yadira! Beth saw what was happening and would panic! She quickly came in the ring and would shove Yadira right off! Beth would slowly back up and go back into her corner not wanting to fight them but she really didn't want to lose!

((TOG))Yadira was shoved right off of Beth, and would sit up and would see who shoved her off of Jenny, her new seat. She saw it was Beth and would follow her, attempting to grab her hair and pull! Of coarse, if she did grab Beth, she would be clearly distracted from Jenny.

((RR))Beth would look like she was about to cry as Yadira came fly closer to her! "Wait no! I am sorry!" Yadira had beth by the hair and would make her scream through the arena but as she had a hold of Beth Jenny would rise up and from behind she would swing her arms around start to give a bear hug from behind! She squeazed and would tug her away from beth! As Jenny pulled her away she would toss her over her head and try to hit a germen suplex! If she hit the germen she would get up and look down at her "Hun your ass smell just nasty! and you blondie your going to be kissing my ass soon"

((TOG))Yadira didn't quite expect the german suplex to hit her and went crashing to the ground, her world getting rocked by Jenny. She would roll over and would start to crawl over towards Ambrosine, trying to get the tag, but Yadira was pretty slow and was easy to catch at this point.

((RR))Jenny would see the girl going to her partner and would grab her right by the thong! if she went any farther it would them right off! "Where do you thing your going hun!" She would grab her by the gut again and would still have her by the thong! As soon as she got her to her feet she tried to run her right into the ring post in her corner so she could tag in Beth!

((TOG))Yadira was picked up and whipped to the ring corner, which hurt her back, but that isn't what she was worried about. She was in the enemy corner and was an easy target at the moment, who knows what plans Beth had with a weakened Yadira! yt.

((RR))Jenny would keep Yadira in the middle of the corner with her shoulder touching the post! Jenny slipped out of the ring and Beth came in looking at Yadira hug butt sticking out! "I bet you are used to this pose!" Screamed Beth! Beth would step on the first rope and would begin to knee her right in the pussy! Shot after shot her fishneted knee slamming into her pussy about three times! "Come on bitch you want to give up!" As she said that she kept the knee right onto her pussy!

((TOG))Yadira would scream when she was kneed in the pussy, and screamed three more times. Ambrosine was fed up with this and would step into the ring, running to the corner. She would try to grab Beth from behind and suplex her germen style, that is if there was no interference before she could get to Beth.

((RR))Beth would feel the sudden grab from behind and would be tugged back! Jenny wasn't even look as she was still gasping for air a bit as the ass taste with still in her mouth! Beth would fling over the head and would slam right on the back of her head! She was almost knocked out! She layed there on her stomach hurt and pretty weak

((TOG))Ambrosine would grab Yadira and would bring her back to her corner, tagging herself in after that. She would walk up to Beth and would sit down on her face, rubbing it in. "Tap and this will be over future slave!" Ambrosine would say smiling.

((RR))Jenny turned around and would see Ambrosine tag in and she was shocked because she didn't see any of it "Come on Beth don’️t lose!" Beth would bearly be there till she felt the soft giant ass come down and start grind and her face feeling the smooth cheek taunting her! "Get off!" She mumbled under her ass! Beth would not tap out she would never want to be a slave again! "No! get your fat gross ass off me!!!"

((TOG))Not till you give up little Beth!" Ambrosine would say, grinding more on Beth's face. She would smile and bounce up and down a little bit to make Beth dizzy. "Give up Beth!" She would yell again, grinding on Beth's face again.

((RR))The bouncing and the grinding and just her ass crushing poor Beth face she was in so much pain and her face was bright red! Jenny saw this and would come rushing quickly into the ring but before she could break it up Beth was tapping on the side Ambrosine ass! Jenny heart sunk but Beth could not help it she was about to pass out under the hot sweaty ass of Ambrosine! The crowd went crazy as there were on the tip of there seats from the beginning!

((TOG))Ambrosine would smile and stand up, Yadira going over and would hug Ambrosine tightly. They would then turn their heads to the girls and would smile. "Well, looks like we have some slaves for tonight Yadira!" Ambrosine chirped. "We are going to have fun with you!"

((RR))Beth was on the matt gasping for air and her whole face was bright red from the heat and she was so humiliated! Jenny went over to Beth and would pat her on the back "You did good Beth!" Jenny looked up at them and her face was turning red as she new tonight would be really horrible for them! "Grrr You win but it doesn't mean I have like it!"

If you want to see which of my girls are available or to see matches I am in or I have done just go to the [url=]Rumble Girl Pit[/url:em7nh0ms] and also I will be adding matches as soon as I finish them so I hope you enjoy!

The Rumble Girls

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