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Need Debut matches/Simply looking for more

Tue Sep 08, 2020 11:19 pm by Void Effect

Got bunch of girls that need to debut, if anyone interested, PM me here or on Discord

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Poll regarding the possibility of Mods booking PPV matches.

Sat Oct 24, 2020 1:43 am by Old_Man_Tai

So, basically, was wondering all of your thoughts regarding the possiblity of mods booking ppv matches.

The thought was, since people often seem to have trouble finding partners for ppv matches until the last minute or so, what if the mod team was to step in and, well in advance of the show, book the show ourselves, and try to put together the best matches we can, including title defenses, no.1 contender matches, and so on and so forth?

While I doubt our more popular members need such a …

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General Avalanche Reminder

Fri Oct 23, 2020 9:21 pm by Old_Man_Tai

General Reminder: Friction PPV Avalanche goes live on December 1st: So if you need to do any promos or build up for your Avalanche matches, you should be focusing on that now. You are allowed to do such things over Discord and then post them after if it helps get them done faster so matches have proper build up.

Also, if you are looking to get on the ppv, and have a partner and match set up, (or can do so quickly), contact me to let me know what match you are doing on the show.

If you have …

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"Perfect Beauty"- Chigusa Yuuki

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"Perfect Beauty"- Chigusa Yuuki Empty "Perfect Beauty"- Chigusa Yuuki

Post by zxn666 on Mon Mar 16, 2009 3:31 am

[align=center:2qrkzytq][size=150:2qrkzytq]General Information[/align:2qrkzytq]

Name: Chigusa Yuuki
Alias: "Perfect Beauty"
Sex/Gender: Female
Age: 22
Birthday: February 28
Eyes: Brown (With purple contact lenses sometimes)
Hair: Black, usually done in two braids that are looped (Used to be purple with short red bead clasps)
Height: 5'4"
Weight: 115 lbs
B/W/H: 85/58/88
Nationality: Japanese
Citizenship: Japanese

Wrestling Information

Strategy: high speed high flyer, with strikes as support.
Style: High Flyer, Striker
Type: Technique
Preferred Attacks: Kicks, Flying splashes, throws
Preferred Matches: Standard matches
Difficulty level: Medium-hard

RPG Style Stat spread(out of 5 stars)


Finishing Move/s:

Scissor Drop: Chigusa will leap up and grab her opponents head between her thighs, then she will either do a frontal flip and slam her opponent’️s head into the mat, or she will twist to the side and slam her opponent that way. The frontal flip is more devastating, but harder to do.

Yuuki-hime Backdrop: A standard backdrop suplex, named after Chigusa since it was her first finisher and one of her most-used power moves.

Sayonara Homerun: A powerful single-leg dropkick coming from a momentum-building charge, straight into the opponent's face!

Hentai Moves:

Entrance Music: "nO LimiT" by Eclipse


Visual Apperance:

New Look:
Black Dress:
"Perfect Beauty"- Chigusa Yuuki FTxPP.jpg
"Perfect Beauty"- Chigusa Yuuki HrJzw.jpg
"Perfect Beauty"- Chigusa Yuuki ZmkZp.jpg
"Perfect Beauty"- Chigusa Yuuki Ru19t.jpg
"Perfect Beauty"- Chigusa Yuuki 6BgDm.jpg
"Perfect Beauty"- Chigusa Yuuki RROli.jpg

China Dress:
"Perfect Beauty"- Chigusa Yuuki BO5du.jpg
"Perfect Beauty"- Chigusa Yuuki L6bRy.jpg
"Perfect Beauty"- Chigusa Yuuki N3tyI.jpg
"Perfect Beauty"- Chigusa Yuuki VoFyd.jpg
"Perfect Beauty"- Chigusa Yuuki ASalR.jpg
"Perfect Beauty"- Chigusa Yuuki SWeU8.jpg
"Perfect Beauty"- Chigusa Yuuki G8DQU.jpg

"Perfect Beauty"- Chigusa Yuuki Mwkfn.jpg
"Perfect Beauty"- Chigusa Yuuki A04Ht.jpg
"Perfect Beauty"- Chigusa Yuuki X85RA.jpg
"Perfect Beauty"- Chigusa Yuuki AInHg.jpg
"Perfect Beauty"- Chigusa Yuuki UBoi1.jpg
"Perfect Beauty"- Chigusa Yuuki UC2w6.jpg

Other Outfits:
"Perfect Beauty"- Chigusa Yuuki H0qdA.jpg
"Perfect Beauty"- Chigusa Yuuki YdKnH.jpg
"Perfect Beauty"- Chigusa Yuuki 9V8jW.jpg
"Perfect Beauty"- Chigusa Yuuki 3Fmlv.jpg
"Perfect Beauty"- Chigusa Yuuki EidWH.jpg
"Perfect Beauty"- Chigusa Yuuki BCeSy.jpg
"Perfect Beauty"- Chigusa Yuuki XNhFi.jpg
"Perfect Beauty"- Chigusa Yuuki Jn22e.jpg
"Perfect Beauty"- Chigusa Yuuki NvS1E.jpg
"Perfect Beauty"- Chigusa Yuuki 6yPbb.jpg

Actual Look (3D pics):
China Dress:
"Perfect Beauty"- Chigusa Yuuki KH4Vg.jpg
"Perfect Beauty"- Chigusa Yuuki GbJ07.jpg
"Perfect Beauty"- Chigusa Yuuki Rva4X.jpg
"Perfect Beauty"- Chigusa Yuuki Kn4Zf.jpg
"Perfect Beauty"- Chigusa Yuuki A3FkV.jpg
"Perfect Beauty"- Chigusa Yuuki I7hFs.jpg
"Perfect Beauty"- Chigusa Yuuki UwWgK.jpg
"Perfect Beauty"- Chigusa Yuuki DBKwJ.jpg
"Perfect Beauty"- Chigusa Yuuki YwgQG.png
"Perfect Beauty"- Chigusa Yuuki WnNZ1.png?1

Black Dress:
"Perfect Beauty"- Chigusa Yuuki Y81TG.jpg?1
"Perfect Beauty"- Chigusa Yuuki Y3UN1.png
"Perfect Beauty"- Chigusa Yuuki DyjgM.jpg
"Perfect Beauty"- Chigusa Yuuki ZTwlE.jpg
"Perfect Beauty"- Chigusa Yuuki GxKkg.png?1

Biker Outfit:
"Perfect Beauty"- Chigusa Yuuki VXZ7r.jpg
"Perfect Beauty"- Chigusa Yuuki Shn09.jpg
"Perfect Beauty"- Chigusa Yuuki Pmtuz.jpg

Pink tank top:
"Perfect Beauty"- Chigusa Yuuki C8Tpv.jpg
"Perfect Beauty"- Chigusa Yuuki 9aMgd.jpg

"Perfect Beauty"- Chigusa Yuuki VvCng.jpg
"Perfect Beauty"- Chigusa Yuuki 0FB6d.jpg
"Perfect Beauty"- Chigusa Yuuki Td77C.jpg
"Perfect Beauty"- Chigusa Yuuki 9FvUt.jpg
"Perfect Beauty"- Chigusa Yuuki NVEw7.png
"Perfect Beauty"- Chigusa Yuuki 2iB42.jpg
"Perfect Beauty"- Chigusa Yuuki BpyOE.jpg
"Perfect Beauty"- Chigusa Yuuki XeALy.jpg
"Perfect Beauty"- Chigusa Yuuki Z0Ybj.jpg
"Perfect Beauty"- Chigusa Yuuki ZUQPx.jpg?1
"Perfect Beauty"- Chigusa Yuuki 0mvfy.jpg?1
"Perfect Beauty"- Chigusa Yuuki 2Ehnz.jpg
"Perfect Beauty"- Chigusa Yuuki AJb7p.jpg
"Perfect Beauty"- Chigusa Yuuki AaMwr.jpg
"Perfect Beauty"- Chigusa Yuuki QQcKE.jpg
"Perfect Beauty"- Chigusa Yuuki IU6Lv.jpg

Bunny Costume!
"Perfect Beauty"- Chigusa Yuuki H84w3.jpg
"Perfect Beauty"- Chigusa Yuuki V4MbZ.jpg
"Perfect Beauty"- Chigusa Yuuki Eo4we.jpg
"Perfect Beauty"- Chigusa Yuuki Q2xEY.jpg
"Perfect Beauty"- Chigusa Yuuki VKasm.jpg
"Perfect Beauty"- Chigusa Yuuki Ug375.jpg
"Perfect Beauty"- Chigusa Yuuki 82HnG.jpg
"Perfect Beauty"- Chigusa Yuuki ZUpRg.jpg

Other outfits:
"Perfect Beauty"- Chigusa Yuuki LK55X.jpg
"Perfect Beauty"- Chigusa Yuuki RG8as.jpg
"Perfect Beauty"- Chigusa Yuuki AYeBF.jpg
"Perfect Beauty"- Chigusa Yuuki QsaWv.jpg
"Perfect Beauty"- Chigusa Yuuki R9t1A.jpg
"Perfect Beauty"- Chigusa Yuuki 7wlgX.jpg
"Perfect Beauty"- Chigusa Yuuki XdRAF.jpg
"Perfect Beauty"- Chigusa Yuuki LDINw.jpg
"Perfect Beauty"- Chigusa Yuuki WX4Rj.jpg
"Perfect Beauty"- Chigusa Yuuki M5QYf.jpg
"Perfect Beauty"- Chigusa Yuuki FJG3E.jpg
"Perfect Beauty"- Chigusa Yuuki 1gHS7.jpg
"Perfect Beauty"- Chigusa Yuuki 3BzxY.jpg
"Perfect Beauty"- Chigusa Yuuki NdzWp.jpg

Secret pics (nudes):
"Perfect Beauty"- Chigusa Yuuki DfUi1.jpg
"Perfect Beauty"- Chigusa Yuuki AUo2i.jpg
"Perfect Beauty"- Chigusa Yuuki IZY41.jpg
"Perfect Beauty"- Chigusa Yuuki MiijF.jpg
"Perfect Beauty"- Chigusa Yuuki OyQbG.jpg
"Perfect Beauty"- Chigusa Yuuki FBSiH.jpg
"Perfect Beauty"- Chigusa Yuuki DssDo.jpg
"Perfect Beauty"- Chigusa Yuuki D8gA0.jpg

Old Look:
"Perfect Beauty"- Chigusa Yuuki Chigusa4.jpg
"Perfect Beauty"- Chigusa Yuuki 4Qiyi.jpg
"Perfect Beauty"- Chigusa Yuuki JpIV4.jpg
Chigusa fighting against Macky Uetou (And there's a surprise in this picture as well ;) )
"Perfect Beauty"- Chigusa Yuuki Wp14e.jpg
"Perfect Beauty"- Chigusa Yuuki Oldchigusa.png
Old Costume
"Perfect Beauty"- Chigusa Yuuki IkWBn.png
"Perfect Beauty"- Chigusa Yuuki MnEpB.png
"Perfect Beauty"- Chigusa Yuuki Chigusa2.jpg
"Perfect Beauty"- Chigusa Yuuki Chigusa3.jpg
"Perfect Beauty"- Chigusa Yuuki NucXu.jpg
"Y-you want to see me in this position? Umm... ok..."
"Perfect Beauty"- Chigusa Yuuki Enema09.jpg
A scene from an old match between Megumi and Chigusa
"Perfect Beauty"- Chigusa Yuuki Enema10.jpg
Chigusa beaten down

Physical Appearance: Despite her rather small size, Chigusa has enormous amounts of energy. She relies mostly on speed and dexterity to win her matches, as she is often outmatched in terms of size and strength, though for someone her size she is surprisingly strong. Most of her strength lies in her legs, which also gives her plenty of speed, and allows her kicks to hurt quite a bit.

Personality: Chigusa believes in fair play, and never hurts an opponent more than she needs to in order to win. She’️s happy and bubbly most of the time, and is scatterbrained. However, when she focuses on anything, her becomes determined to accomplish it at any cost. In her matches, she has been described as tenacious, wily, and incredibly hard to break. There is only one thing that can really get to her[/code], and that is failure. She hates to fail at anything she does, and thus is driven by a determination that few have.

Past/History: Her career as a wrestler started long after she was famous for being an idol. Because of her cute voice and good looks, she was selected by a talent agency to star in a series of commercials straight out of middle school. Even though it was intended to be a one time thing, Chigusa's natural talent in front of a camera soon showed, and she never left the public eye for long. She eventually got into singing, which was when her career really took off. Chigusa's voice was described as entrancing and soothing, and her album sold like hotcakes. Almost overnight, she went from a more-or-less obscure face to being a star.

Her career went on hiatus for a short while when she went to a special high school for the Arts and Athletics. Since she was famous, she gathered quite a fan club, but her popularity earned her the enmity of many upperclassmen in the school. Eventually, one day, a group of them caught her while she was alone. Chigusa fought them surprisingly well, but since she was outnumbered and they were all older and bigger than her, she was overcome. But before they could really beat the poor idol bloody, someone else stepped in. That was when Chigusa first met Megumi Mutoh, the girl who would become her best friend and lover.

Megumi easily defeated Chigusa's assailants, as she was trained in combat sports. Chigusa was impressed with Megumi's capabilities, wanting to learn for herself how to do this. At first Megumi was rather begrudging, since she didn't like Chigusa that much either, thinking her to be a completely airheaded phony. However, Chigusa soon convinced her otherwise with a display of her talents, and Megumi decided to train her. Chigusa learned and improved surprisingly quickly.

It was around this time that a major wrestling promotion was taking place, and a few recruiters came to their high school hoping to sign up some talent. They stumbled upon Megumi and Chigusa training in one of the school's practice rings. Impressed with Megumi's skill, the recruiter immediately went to sign her on. Then, upon realizing that Chigusa was a rather famous idol who would gain a lot of name recognition for the league, he signed her on as well. Thus the two of them both became rookies in the Wrestle Angel's league.

In her opening match, Chigusa was put up against a formidable-looking redhead who was much bigger than she was. As they fought, at first Chigusa was winning, but it seemed that the redhead was only letting her win after she came back and smashed Chigusa into the mat hard, putting her out and giving her an embarrassing loss in her first match. This did now discourage the idol, as it made her train harder and fight harder in order to redeem herself. Chigusa hated the fact that because she was an idol, other wrestlers seemed to treat her with disdain, as if she wasn't a real fighter. She eventually began winning matches, and soon she won the respect of much of the league.

It was around this time that Megumi had a shot at the championship, and completely blew it. Chigusa comforted her friend and mentor, and the emotionally fragile Megumi found support in Chigusa just like Chigusa found support in her. That was the night they became a bit more than just good friends. Afterwards, the two of them formed a tag team. They were formidable, as they knew each other almost like they could read each other's minds, and their compatibility made them the toughest team to beat. They eventually took the title belt and successfully defended it several times.

Eventually the Wrestle Angel's league split into many small leagues, and the unbeatable tag team split up. Chigusa and Megumi developed a fierce rivalry, since even though they were friends and lovers, Chigusa began to think of herself to be just as good as Megumi, and Megumi refused to believe that. They had a series of matches, culminating in a tremendous "I Quit" PPV fight that was broadcast all over the world. In that match, Chigusa was completely beaten down, and forced by a victorious Megumi to submit to her. They stopped being friends for a while after that. However, they couldn't be apart for long, as they were still the Tag Team champs. Fighting together once more brought back the memories of working together recreated the bonds of friendship and love that they shared, and they were together once more.

Chigusa never stopped being an idol during this entire time. She juggled her responsibilities as a wrestler and as an idol, eventually merging them into one entity. Her fanbase only grew from her wrestling exploits, and she became one of the most popular idols.

The wrestling leagues soon began collapsing after being broken up, and soon both Megumi and Chigusa found themselves out of a job. Due to their popularity and fame, however, the AFW was more than eager to sign them up. Now they fight in the AFW, where things are a little different from where they came from...

Attire: Chigusa wears her modified schoolgirl uniform as shown in the pic. In bed matches, she wears a yellow pajama top with pink underwear underneath. In certain matches she’️ll wear a green bikini set.

Fun Facts:
She loves the color Green. She thinks it goes well with her hair.
She love to eat peaches, but hates plums for some reason. She also despises bananas.
She likes to sing in front of live audiences.
Her main weakness in sex matches is her legs. She really likes getting toushed on her thighs, and especially likes to be tickled on her feet.
Her nickname is "Chibuta", which means "little pig." This came from her first voice acting job, where she played the mascot of a fast food company. The mascot was called "Chibuta". Since her name even sounds like her nickname, it stuck. She really doesn't like people calling her Chibuta since that makes her sound fat.
Her other favorite sport is Baseball, and she in quite good at it too!
Her favorite fruit is the plum

[align=center:2qrkzytq][size=150:2qrkzytq]AFW Information[/align:2qrkzytq]

Wins:Carol Bradbury (pin)
Sister Solar (Submission)
Katelyn Lymer second match(Pin)
Riana Hel Helstrom (Contendership Match-pin)
Athena Asahara (Conterndership Match-pin)
Dixie Clemets (Contendership Match-pin)
Lukretia von Creuzfeldt (Hentai Match-2 orgasms to 1)
Pain Princesses(Tag Team Title match-pin)
Rika Smart (Pin)
Magic Mia Megumi (Pin)
Macky Ueteo (pin)
Ms. Muriel Spencer(pin)
Taylor Parker(DQ)
Heather Sunderland (Facesit KO)

Losses:Katelyn Lymer (pin)
Devil Carol(Pin)
Carol Bradbury (Rematch-pin)
Shizuka Yatori (Tournament Match-pin)
Kirin Sumomo (Contendership Match-pin)
The Lovely Couple (Tag Team Title- pin *In contention*)
Mai Nagasawa (Pin)
Minami Toshimi (submission)
Adrian Kytes (Pin)
Allison Watson(KO)
Rei Tomizawa (sexual submission)
Karina Rine (submission)
Pendant match against Adrian Kytes and Heather Sunderland


Championships/Accomplishments: Current Holder of Tag Team Title belt with Megumi Mutoh

Friends:Megumi Mutoh
Carol Bradbury
Tomomi Watanabe
Shizuka Yatori


Rivals: Lukretia von Creuzfeldt


Crushes:Megumi Mutoh (Old tag team partners and roommates.)
Carol Bradbury (Idol fellowship combined with genuine affection)
Shizuka Yatori

Alliance: Face

Note: Borrowed Mastery's format. It's really amazing thx!

[align=center:2qrkzytq][size=150:2qrkzytq]Manager info[/align:2qrkzytq]

Name: Thomas Drake
Occupation: Entertainment Tycoon
Gender: Male
Age: 30
Ethnicity: Canadian/American
Citzenship: American

History: Drake was once a big shot on Wall Street, making millions a day on the stock market. He pulled out of the market with an enormous sum of money, and invested most of it in entertainment firms around the globe. While it is true that he does not have to work for a job, he still likes to act as a manager for some of the celebrities that he has taken a liking to. His Japanese entertainment firm Starlight Productions specializes in Anime and making female idols, though the latter is more of a secret goal. Drake's main goal is to control the world entertainment market so that his could dictate the world's tastes, a sort of world domination dream.

Drake has a shady past, serving in the underworld before making his big break on Wall Street. He has connections, and enemies that most people would not have. His business is legal, though it does dabble in illegal practices. Nobody could catch him at it, however. Of all the actresses and singers he sponsors, his favorite is Chigusa Yuuki, for unknown reasons. Various investigative reports into the matter seem to point to some kind of past relationship, though the details are as of yet unknown.

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"Perfect Beauty"- Chigusa Yuuki Empty Re: "Schoolgirl Idol"- Chigusa Yuuki(Updated)

Post by zxn666 on Mon Jan 18, 2010 7:35 am

Interview with Chigusa Yuuki

((OOC: Interviewer is the Elenora Drake))

Drake: I’️m here with a wrestler who can now be considered one of AFW’️s veterans, Chigusa Yuuki. I’️m pleased that you can spare the time to talk with me.

Chigusa: It’️s no problem, I’️m always glad to talk with reporters like you.

Drake: That’️s good to hear. So Chigusa, you were, and still are, a very successful Idol before coming to AFW. What made you choose to come here?

Chigusa: Well, the league I was at before, Wrestle Angels, had a bit of a financial meltdown a few months back. They had to cut down their roster, and so my contract got terminated. I was actually out of a job for a while, before I came here.

Drake: I see. You were a wrestler before you became an idol?

Chigusa: Well, not quite. I guess wrestling was what made me really famous though.

Drake: What made you choose wrestling out of all the other possible paths open to you?

Chigusa: Influence of friends, and my own curiosity. My friend Megumi Mutoh was a wrestler long before I was, and I joined up because I wanted to see what it was like. I stayed on because I liked it.

Drake: I’️m guessing Miss Mutoh has had a pretty big influence on you then?

Chigusa: Well, in a way. We went to the same school together, and she’️s looked after me for the most of my life. I guess I kinda think of her a bit like an older sister…

Drake: Though the relationship you two have isn’️t what typical sisters have, of course!

Chigusa: (Blushes) Hey! Don’️t go making comments on our personal lives!

Drake: Sorry, I guess I overstepped my bounds a little there.

Chigusa: Apology accepted.

Drake: Let’️s continue with your wrestling style. What made you choose your outfit?

Chigusa: I am the “Schoolgirl Idol” you know, it’️s only fitting that I wear a schoolgirl uniform into my fights!

Drake: True, but you weren’️t always the “Schoolgirl Idol.” What changed?

Chigusa: A lot of things obviously. I was a very serious wrestler before coming to AFW, and my outfit reflected that. Simple, utilitarian, yet suggestive and sexy at the same time. Then, after a nasty series of losses, I decided to go for a bit of a branding change. So I got a makeover, and started over.

Drake: I see. What about your fighting style, has that changed?

Chigusa: Yep. I used to really like power moves and throws before, but because I’️m smaller than most those moves often backfired on me. So I got some training, and now I’️m a high flyer. I do use a mix of techniques though, so it’️s not like all my moves are flying moves.

Drake: What about your finishers? You seem to use a lot of different techniques to end matches.

Chigusa: I really don’️t have a set finishing move. I just do what comes to mind first, whether that me a moonsault or a kick to the face.

Drake: I’️ve noticed that your idol group “Eclipse” has caused quite a stir, would you mind me asking you a few questions about that?

Chigusa: Go ahead, though I think my manager can answer them better than me.

Drake: What prompted the forming of this idol group?

Chigusa: From what I know, it’️s a big publicity stunt. Three idols are better than one, after all! I don’️t mind, Megumi and Tomomi are both excellent singers, and working with them has improved me as well.

Drake: What would you say your music style is?

Chigusa: J-pop obviously. It’️s the only style we’️re familiar with.

Drake: Do you have any goals for your idol group?

Chigusa: What, like world domination? No, we’️re just a group of performers who are eager to have an audience, and are working together to get it, that’️s all.

Drake: You certainly are getting quite an audience. That about wraps up the interview, any last words you’️d like to say?

Chigusa: It’️s been a pleasure talking with you Drake-san. Oh yeah, try not to nettle Thomas too much, he’️s already in fits about what you did at the press conference.

Drake: I’️ll keep that in mind. Perhaps we’️ll speak again sometime.

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"Perfect Beauty"- Chigusa Yuuki Empty Re: "Schoolgirl Idol"- Chigusa Yuuki(Updated with Interview)

Post by zxn666 on Tue Dec 25, 2012 6:57 am

Update is finished, with a completely new look!

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"Perfect Beauty"- Chigusa Yuuki Empty Re: "Perfect Beauty"- Chigusa Yuuki

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