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I'm back

Wed May 20, 2020 4:48 am by Ragdoll_Jobbers

Hey everyone! I'm back. My grandparents are safe now and I have been able to get some free time again. I look forward to RPing and talking with everyone again.

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Cicilia De'Reignhardt: Looking for a Match

Tue May 19, 2020 10:41 pm by Cicilia


Looking for a match for my main German Juggernaut: Cicilia De'Reignhardt!

Match Type: Up for discussion! (Minus hentai)

Who wins: Up for Discussion!

Cicilia's Profile:

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Hoping for some matches

Sat May 09, 2020 9:32 am by anime_hentaifighter

Hoping to find some more matches here. Send me a message if interested

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Laser Shark Title Tourney Rd 1: Arasinya Vs. Daisuke

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Laser Shark Title Tourney Rd 1: Arasinya Vs. Daisuke Empty Laser Shark Title Tourney Rd 1: Arasinya Vs. Daisuke

Post by Tatyina on Sat Mar 07, 2015 7:02 pm

Match Type: Cage
Winning Condition: Both feet must touch the ground outside of the cage first to be declared the winner.
World: Arasinya's Descended World

Laser Shark Title Tourney Rd 1: Arasinya Vs. Daisuke 1356802-bigthumbnail


Laser Shark Title Tourney Rd 1: Arasinya Vs. Daisuke 35it4c6

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Laser Shark Title Tourney Rd 1: Arasinya Vs. Daisuke Empty Re: Laser Shark Title Tourney Rd 1: Arasinya Vs. Daisuke

Post by Maxy on Wed Mar 18, 2015 5:04 pm

(done via YIM)

Veldaris just about finished with another run of intergalactic deliveries.  Though most of her shipments this time around were on Earth so she was able to get a lot done. She was looking forward to the trip home, but had one more thing to drop off.  She approaches a door with a big envelope for Rhoslyned Dewhurst.  She hoped that she would be home because part of her had a feeling this was something pretty important as she knocked on the door.

As the delivery girl was heading to her house with a very important package, Rhoslyn Dewhurst aka Arasinya was busy tending to her flowers that were freshly picked and placed in pots inside the kitchen. She too had a long day: working out in the morning after breakfast, practicing her fighting skills, and hanging with her friends for lunch. She wanted to rest for a bit when she heard the knock on her door. She came by and peeked in through the peep hole to discover an old friend of hers. With an excited grin, Arasinya opened the door and greeted, "Hi, Pinky! How are you?" Veldaris (what Arainya calls her sometimes) usually passed by to deliver things around the neighbourhood and she always felt that she hardly gets any free time. That was when Arasinya came by to befriend her and give her the breath of fresh air that she needs. The two sort of became like sisters on that day and when given the chance, they would do nearly everything together on a regular basis. Arasinya glanced over to the package and wondered what's in it

"Long day.  I may find somewhere to lay down for a tiny bit before flying home, but not before giving you this." Vel hands her the package and asks her to sign for it.  "I usually don't think about other people's mail but a friend of mine got something from the same sender.  I wonder what it is."

"Thanks, Pink. I'll check it out." Arasinya would sign the paper for verification before waving goodbye to Veldaris. She returned inside, locked the door, and went over to the kitchen. Once she sat down at the counter, she would carefully open the package and found several documents, a map for a strange and unknown location invitation. Arasinya would open the invite to see that this is regarding a certain tournament that's about to take place as sponsored by AFW.

Meanwhile, Daisuke was already on her way to where the event was being held, having received the same information earlier that Arasinya received just now.  Veldaris was still outside, not having left yet. She would turn back and knock on the door again.  If Arasinya answered she would ask to use the washroom before she'd take off.  Also in the info pack was that Arasinya received was an extra travel ticket and event pass if she wanted to bring a friend or someone special.

Arasinya would find the ticket and pass and began to wonder who else she should bring. It could be anybody, but it has to be one only. While she was still thinking, another knock was heard at the door again. Arasinya peeked in again and opened the door to say, "Hey, Pink. What are you doing back here? Aren't you going home for the day?"

"Yeah but I." before she could finish her sentence she bolted for the bathroom.  Usually she would asked first but it really snuck up on her.  When she finished she took a peak at what Arasinya was looking at. "So that's what was in there." She notices the extra ticket and pass there. "Know who you'll bring? Got your idea on someone special?" she starts to tease her a tiny bit.  She had a feeling Arasinya might have someone in mind though part of her wanted to ask if she could go. It did sound like something she might want to check out, plus she could use a break with all the work she has been doing recently, that and it would give her some time away from being woken up by the sounds of her and her man's newborn crying at random hours of the night.

Arasinya would be surprised when Veldaris rushed inside for the bathroom, but she would shrug as she can understand that she probably couldn't hold it for long. She walked back to the kitchen to give her friend some privacy and so that she can still examine the extra ticket and pass. Should she give it to a friend or a family member? Arasinya then smiled when Veldaris started to tease her gently about it and said, "Well, I don't know. I could ask my brother, but he's still away for some errands this week. And I don't know the schedules of my other friends yet in the league. Did you have someone in mind?"

She tries to act like she might know of someone and that she doesn't want it for herself but confesses that she would indeed like to go with her.  While they were talking, Daisuke was closing in on a hotel that was near the venue.  Carl, who is Veld's guy, was joining Daisuke for purposes of security.  He dropped of their daughter Valarie at his parents since he wasn't sure when Vel would be back. Vel noticed the tickets and it said whoever was going would have leave pretty soon. Vel wouldn't have time to head home and pack but she would have time to do a quick clean of what clothes she had with her if her friend let her do some quick laundry here since she usually brings a few days of clothes when she does shipping runs.

Arasinya was concerned for Vel mentioning that she would like to go with her. Her husband and daughter might be worried about her if she leaves so soon. But Arasinya would nod and say, "Okay then. I'll get our clothes ready and you call your family about this. Don't want them to worry about you." Without further delay, Arasinya would keep her word and start packing and hoped Veldaris would do her responsibilities also.

She nods in agreement with what her frriend was saying. She calls Carl, and to her surprise he is with Daisuke, heading to the same place. Carl tells her where the young one is and she sounds ok with that. After she hangs up she tells Arasinya that her husband is already there, going with Daisuke for security detail, even though it isn't hostile territory. "Some wrestling fans can be pretty dumb, especially when drunk."

Arasinya was happy herself that Carl and Valerie were alright, but also surprised that he was going too. She then responded to Vel's comment, "Yeah, but hopefully the security there can handle that." The two would quickly pack their things as best as they can, making sure that nothing is missed. Once they were done, they had to find where the location is.

On the way there Vel would ask her "Say, does it say who you're facing or will you know when you get there?" She points where she thinks the hotel would be. The event wouldn't be until the next day so they had some time to relax.

Arasinya would look at the tournament information document and checked the list of chosen combatants. She saw her name on there as well as Daisuke's "Well, no, it doesn't say. But, a challenge is a challenge after all." The two were getting closer to their hotel and Arasinya couldn't help but ask, "But what about your daughter? Will she be alright?"

"Yeah, she's with her grandparents on her father's side." She then takes a lookg at list. "Interesting field.  Tomorrow should be interesting."

"Yup," said Arasinya as she glanced to the hotel and they were already at the parking lot. Once parked, the two would get out and take their luggages with them to the front. "Alright, we're going in." The remaining tournament documents and tickets remained in Arasinya's back pack to ensure that nothing gets lost.

Vel didn't bother to look for Carl or Daisuke, having a feeling they might want to take things easy for now. She did see Carl talking to someone shortly after they checked in. Carl noticed them and went to talk with Vel when he was done with what he was doing, but didn't stay for long cause he was with Daisuke. He did say hi to Arasinya while there too before he left.

While Vel was talking with Carl, Arasinya would be at the front desk, confirming their reservation. While waiting, she would also say hi to Carl, knowing that he's okay with Daisuke. Soon, both Arasinya and Veldaris got their key cards and they headed up to the second level to room 24. They unpacked their bags and unwound to settle down so they can relax before tomorrow's fight. That was something that the elf descendant held in mind and she had to prove herself in her first tournament fight.

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Laser Shark Title Tourney Rd 1: Arasinya Vs. Daisuke Empty Re: Laser Shark Title Tourney Rd 1: Arasinya Vs. Daisuke

Post by Maxy on Wed Mar 18, 2015 5:06 pm

When it came time to head to the arena, Carl led Daisuke inside through the wrestlers/staff entrance.  She told the person at the door to let in two guests of hers that would be along later, Jenny and Jill.  Since she invited them to stay with her for a bit, and the this tournament match fell on a day during their stay she decide to bring them along to see the action.  Regardless if they would make it on time or not she was ready for what was about to take place.  She was told upon arrival that she would be facing Arasinya, and it would be inside of of a cage.  That felt a little odd for something that would be a first round match type, since cage matches usually were reserved for special occations or when two bitter rivals wanted to put an end to their long feud, but she didn't object. She thought, as odd as it seemed at first she did believe it would give the tournament a strong start to it.  She went to her assigned locker room and go ready for the fight, and remained there until it was time to head out to the ring.  Carl remained outside of the door, keeping watch.

Upon hearing who she was facing, Arasinya wasn't really surprised. Daisuke and Arasinya were both actually good friends back when Jill introduced them to each other. Now, they're going to fight it out to see who's the tougher girl. As much as it pains her to hurt a friend, she has no other choice. So, putting on her elven nature war outfit and boots, Arasinya would finish changing in the locker room and head on out. The crowd was sure loud as they were excited to see the two fighters brawl it out inside the cage. Blood, sweat, and tears are what brought many fighters to this level, but more might be shed in this ring. Soon, "Pigeon on the Gate" (Celtic Grooves version) by Avalon Artists would start to play as a smoke bomb suddenly erupted. In flipped in Arasinya with a battle staff and she began to show her mastery with it along with a couple of other weapons. She moved in tempo with the song as she made her way to the ring, wowing the crowd on the way. As soon as she was close to the cage, she would put away her weapons and enter the ring with her head held high. Arasinya was ready for the fight and was determined to prove herself today.

Opting for her silver attire, Daisuke began to get ready for the match itself.  She wasn't thinking of what might happen in there, she knew what we as getting into with facing Arasinya in there. Carl would go to check on her a few times, everything being good, though the final time he would enter it would be to tell her it was time to head to the ring.  She arrived at the gorilla position shortly after Arasinya began her entrance.  She watched her opponent from the monitor and grinned at her theatrics, getting into the beat somewhat along with the crowd.  When Arasinya's music faded out she did some final stretching and bounced around a few time as her music began.  She would do this while remaining behind the curtain for the first 43 seconds and stopped when the song gave low but hearable countdown from 10.  After '1' there was a pyro explosion and Daisuke went through the curtain and headed towards the ring. Unlike Arasinya, she didn't have any display routine to show.  She gave a few fans highfives that were sitting along the runway, feeling pretty pumped up for this one.  She stopped on the ringsteps, waited for a few seconds for the right moment, before point to someone in the crowd, sitting high up and says in tune of the song "It's the final countdown!" before setting inside the cage and focusing her attention on Arasinya.

Jenny and Jill would be cheering as Daisuke came into the ring. Jenny especially was excited when Daisuke was pointing more to her. As for Arasinya, she felt that though the entrance was pretty straightforward, upon first impression, Daisuke looks like she'll be a tough cookie to crumble. Once she was inside, Arasinya would get off the corner and walk over to her friend. She would smile and extend a hand in greeting as she said, "Hey, Dai. It looks like they chose us to fight each other today. How are you doing?"

"Alright I guess, all things considering.  You?" Daisuke knew Arasinya did not have hostile intentions, but given the fact what was at stake and that they were in a ring that was surrounded by steel bars were just inches away from the ropes, she wanted to keep her words short, not wanting to let her guard down because she knew once that bell rang who knows who would be the first to change their demeanour.

"I'm okay," said Arasinya trying not to show she is worried. "I just don't want anything bad to happen to us as friends. Whether victory or defeat, I want us to remain allies." Hopefully, Daisuke would say that they'll still be close no matter the outcome before they returned to their corners. The girls were given a few moments to stretch out before the match begins. Arasinya would do her arms and legs before her neck so that she can feel more relaxed. As soon as the bell rings, Arasinya would get to the center and get into her fighting stance.

Daisuke remained silent but did give her a small nod.  When the ball rang part of looked like she was about to turn around and make a mad dash for the cage, since all one had to do to win is escape, but the majority of her kept her in place, knowing Arasinya would most likely catch her, so she too would move to the center of the ring, and Arasinya to lock up with her.

Once both were at the center of the ring, Arasinya would take a deep breath as she raised her arms up. She is initially inviting Daisuke for a test of strength. This would be a good way for them both to see where they are in regards to physical ability. Once Daisuke's fingers and palms latched with hers, Arasinya would try to push as hard as she could to get things rolling and hopefully get an advantage.

Daisuke was hoping for more of a lockup to start things off but didn't mind what Arasinya had in mind. She knew going into the test of strength that it was not best to stay in that position for too long.  After being locked together for a bit, Daisuke wanted to act before Arasinya had any ideas so she brought a leg up, aiming for Arasinya's ribs.  Though she did not aim with intent to having it be a major strike this early, was one of those let's see if it can get her to move types of things.

"UGH!!" Arasinya cried out as she got kicked close to the ribs. That move actually took her by surprise and it made her stumble back a little. She took a few deep breaths as she had to think up what she should do next. Given that this is a cage match, it looks like Arasinya doesn't have to start soft anymore. She kept that in mind before charging back in and attempting a flying butterfly kick to knock or at least catch Daisuke off guard before following with a haymaker punch.

After Arasinya moved back Daisuke word give her a little grin.  Though she didn't keept that expression on for very long and she had to react fast as it looked like to her that Arasinya was coming in reckless.  She was able to barely avoid the butterfly kick, able to pick up Arasinya's movements, but wasn't able to defend from her followup punch.

Arasinya's combo had worked to her advantage and now she had a clearer conscience to not hold anything back. She kept her eyes focused on Daisuke and knew she had to try and be as fast and careful as possible so there won't be any mess ups. While her opponent was taking in the pain of the punch, Arasinya would attempt to tackle Daisuke to the mat, sit on top, and start raining down some punches.  It does pain her to do such a thing, but she has no other way to minimize her personal feelings. There are times when the peaceful must fight to defend also.

Daisuke couldn't react to the takedown fast enough and found herself trying to cover up the blows that Arasinya was firing in. As she was trying to block what she could she would try to bringf her legs up to Arasinya's sides, attempting to get a grip of her and turn her way out if.

Arasinya continued to rain down punches on Daisuke, wanting to inflict as much damage as possible to maintain her lead. She was so focused on her own attacks that she didn't notice Daisuke's legs moving up and suddenly getting a grip around her waist. The elf grunted as she tried to get out, but Daisuke managed to reverse their positions. This means that Arasinya would be on the bottom while Dai was on top. This could mean trouble for the elf as she put her arms up in preparation to defend.

Unlike her opposition, when Daisuke had control swing her way she would attack low with a couple of forearm shots to Arasinya'd mid-section before standing back up and moving back a tiny bit, so she Arasinya could do the same. Though Daisuke would keep an eye on her the whole time and if v took the invition to get back on her feet unchallenged Dai would then jump back in there with a knee to the chest, hoping to use that as a set up for something.

Arasinya would cough out as air was getting knocked out of her by Daisuke's forearm shots. She had to remain down for a while so that she can get some oxygen back in her system. Glancing to her opponent, she knew that this fight is getting tougher by the minute. The best thing she can do is to bear with it, so she would stand up once she breathed better. But when she was standing, Daisuke jumped in for a flying knee strike aiming to the chest. Arasinya would try to block it, but the impact would make her stagger backwards, making her try to regain her balance.

Daisuke was hoping for a direct connect to give her more time but with Arasinya blocking it she had to react fast as even though it staggered her a bit Dai knew it wouldn't last for long. She moved in and went to lift Arasinya, going for a military press, looking to bench press lift Arasinya above her own head to display the Saluian strength that she pocesses.

It was already bad enough that wind got knocked out of her and she barely avoided another strike, but now this is getting ridiculous for her. Arasinya would find herself being held above Daisuke's head just to show off how strong the Saluian is. Feeling annoyed at her disadvantage, Arasinya would play along with Daisuke's little show before trying to swing her arms to punch at her face and body. She hopes that this would help her to get down from those arms. If it did, Arasinya would also try to follow with a knee strike to the stomach before a haymaker punch to the face.

After pressing her a few times, Daisuke was going to simply drop Arasinya behind her, though with Arasinya swinging wildly at her she instead, after having a couple of Arasinya's shot connecting with the upper part of her body, would drop Arasinya, but would attempt to get one of her knees up so Arasinya would land chest first against it. Regardless of if Arasinya landed across it or not Daisuke would take a moment to rub where she was struck.

All it took was a couple of hits and Arasinya would feel Daisuke start to loosen her grip. She felt that she can now getaway scott-free, but of course, Daisuke would have something else prepared just in case. She would indeed land her chest a little at the knee and it did hurt, but at the same time, she had a chance. As soon as she was down, the elf continued trying to give a knee strike to the stomach before a haymaker punch to the face. If this worked, it would give her some time to back off.

The way Dai reacted after the shots to her from Arasinya as well as having Arasinya land the way she did gave her oppoent the couple of extra seconds she needed to stay in it and Dai herself on the receiving end of a knee to her stomach, and not long after that finding her self back against the ropes near one of the sides of the cage from the longwind up of the punch Arasinya tossed her way. She was able to remain standing though and tried to shake the cobwebs loose as they say in time before Arasinya could follow up strongly.

Arasinya would rub her chest a little before running to her opponent for a chance to execute another move.  Once there, the elf attempted to grab Daisuke by the arm to take her in a full circle before throwing her head in the between the top and middle ropes. This should keep her in place for Arasinya to perform her next attack without any problem. If this worked, the elf would also try to quickly launch a roundhouse kick to the face through the same space between the ropes.

Daisuke was able to get her senses back but not quick enough as she found herself between where the ropes were.  Lucky for her her head didn't make contact with the cage, but it came very close.  What did make contact though was Arasinya's foot connecting with her head, just before she could pull it out from the two ropes.  After it it connected she'd still be in between the ropes but feel a tiny bit, with the sizes of her breats keeping her somewhat up as they hung against the middle rope so she didn't fall completely, but she was feeling the effects of it.

Daisuke may not have fallen as well as Arasinya hoped, but at least it was better than missing the attack entirely. The elf though wasn't done yet and she went over to her opponent to try and pull her away from the ropes so she can get her on her stomach. If this worked, she would sit on Daisuke's back, get her arms over her legs, and pull up on her chin for a camel clutch. Arasinya now wants to see if this girl can handle submissions.

As Arasinya went to work on Dai, Veldaris watched on from above in one of the suites.  She was in the same one as Jenny and Jill word and didn't mind it.  She hoped Jenny wouldn't want to lightly play with her ears cause they were different but would be visually appealing. If she did she wouldn't mind too much, knowing young earth kids can be curious at times, and knows that Jenny doesn't mean any harm.  She wonders what Arasinya is trying of as she has Dai in a submission move.  Even if Dai did tap out it wouldn't mean anything in this type of match.  Daisuke couldn't find a way out of hold and was pretty much at Arasinya's mercy at the moment.  One escape plot did come to mind but she didn't want to do it.  If Arasinya held on for ten seceonds longer after the thought came across her mind, which was after at least ten seconds of her being held in the move, she would attempt to chomp on any finger that Arasinya may have close to her mouth.

Meanwhile, Jenny would be fascinated by Veldaris's ears and was curious to know how they feel. While Jill nor Veldaris was looking, she would try to reach forward to feel the fur between her fingers and lightly grab one ear.

Arasinya kept up her hold on Daisuke, making sure her opponent feels the burn and pain. It would only be at least 10 seconds until she lets go, but on the way, she would feel Daisuke opening her mouth. Soon, she felt one finger at those teeth and she quickly tried to let go before Daisuke can chomp on any of her fingers. Then, Arasinya would back off to give Daisuke some space to recover.

Veldaris would twitch a tiny bit at the unexpectedness before giving a small purr-equivelant sound of approval of Jenny's touch.  As for Arasinya, Daisuke's teeth would barely avoid being bitten as she pulled away from Dai in time.  It took Dai a moment to get back to a standing position again as even though she wasn't in it for too long she was in to feel that Arasinya did infact have a good hold on her a moment ago and things could have been a lot worse.  She would give Arasinya a small smirk of approval after what looked like giving her chain s light adjustment.   "Your daughter sure is a curious one." Veldaris tells Jenny.  "Though I must admit I didn't expect things between these two to be like this early, but so far things seem to be going well between them. What would you think?"

Jill turned to Veldaris and smiled when her daughter was feeling her ears. "Yes, she is a curious one. She was so excited to come here to see the inhabitants and how they are like. I hope you don't mind if she is "learning" more."  She then turned back to the match before them and added, "As for them, I would say that they are way outside their boundaries. They are both more peaceful than they are hardcore and violent. So as of now, they're trying to take it easy. But it can only go so far..."

"It's alright, not as she doesn't intend on learning too much." Veldaris tells Jill.  She agrees with what Jill thinks about the two in the ring.  She too wondered how much longer the current pace would last.  Back in the ring, Daisuke was getting the feeling that she better kick things up a notch or two.  Knowing that things couldn't stay at this pace forever and would have to do something before Arasinya could get the same way of thinking.  She would invite Arasinya for a center of the ring lock up, and if Arasinya went for it she would, after, a few seconds of battling for position,  fire herself towards Arasinya, wanting to stun her if she could, long enough to lift her up for a vertical suplex.  

Arasinya meanwhile would bounce on her feet as she kept her fists up. She too would smirk when she saw how Daisuke approved of her tactics at the moment. She would mentally say to her, "You're not that bad yourself." Getting closer, she kept her eyes set on her opponent, who was inviting her for a lockup. She wanted to go in, but remembering what happened when Daisuke was invited, she didn't want to fall for that one again. Arasinya locked up with her to fight to get ahead and when Daisuke tried to rush in, she would attempt to knee her in the stomach to stop her in her tracks. If this worked, she would also try to set her up for a pedigree and land on her head.

It looked like both of them had the same idea to go for something in the lock up and Arasinya was able to get her knee in before Dai to get her shoulder shot in inside. She did double over a bit from the contact and soon found her head between Arasinya's legs.  Even though she Arasinya had control of Dai's arms, Dai would not go down quietly as she screamed out as she attempt to left up, while still between her legs, not having anything in mind as she attempted to stand up with Arasinya on or close her shoulders.  Something like half of a backbody drop, or an electric chair position but backwords, even a vertibreaker.  All positible outcomes of the positioning Daisuke was trying to get to, though with her current mind set she didn't have a particular follow up in mind as this was more of a lift and see what gravity does situation.

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Laser Shark Title Tourney Rd 1: Arasinya Vs. Daisuke Empty Re: Laser Shark Title Tourney Rd 1: Arasinya Vs. Daisuke

Post by Maxy on Thu Mar 26, 2015 5:23 am

It came to Arasinya's surprise that Daisuke turned the pedigree position into another lift. The elf's head was leaning on her opponent's back while the legs were still wrapped around the other's head, almost like a vertebuster set up. She would try to get down by pounding on Daisuke's back in hopes to lower herself down, but there was still no way to get out other than go down. Whatever the outcome, the slam would still probably happen.

With Arasinya firing away at her, Daisuke was more unsure of what gravity might do here.  She could tell that Arasinya was on her back, but exactly in what position she couldn't tell and before gravity and balance would take them down in an unknown way she decided just to simply fall back so she would land with her back facing towards the mat, hoping Arasinya would take the most of the impact.

Arasinya would see the mat come closer and braced herself for the impact. She grunted loudly when her head hit first before the body. The elf would try to push Daisuke's body away so she can roll away, but she held her head given how much pain it received. She is definitely receiving the short end at this point and had to get back into it.

Daisuke felt Arasinya pushing her off after the impact, though she was able to get off on her own anyway.  As Arasinya was trying to get out of dodge Dai would go to grab one of Arasinya's legs, pulling her closer to the middle of the ring, as if she had something in mind for that body part.

Arasinya just couldn't move fast enough to avoid her opponent as one of her legs got grabbed and pulled. She was dragged over to the center of the ring in spite her attempts to resist. As soon as Daisuke stopped, Arasinya would try to quickly stand up and take Daisuke by the legs to trip her up. If she can do so, she would also try to land an elbow to the gut.

Veldaris looked impressed with how quickly Arasinya was able to get up before Dai could transition the leg grab into something and managed to take Dai down, though it did take some effort.  She wondered how things were going to go when Arasinya dropped an elbow on Dai. She glanced over at Jill and Jenny before looking back at the ring.

Jill remained focus on the match while Jenny focused more on the people who lived here in comparison to Veldaris. Once the elbow was slammed to Daisuke's gut, Arasinya would now try to grab both legs again so she can get them under her armpits. If this worked, she would turn her opponent over and sit on her back for a Boston crab. Jenny would ask, "Excuse me...Veldaris? Can you tell me about yourself and the people who live here?"

Daisuke wouldn't go quietly as she did attempt to resist the hold being applied on her but Arasinya did get it on her.  Even though rope breaks meant nothing her, after being in it for about 8-10 seconds she would try to pull herself to where the ropes are. She did that for maybe a few inches before stopping.  She moves an arm back and put it near one of Arasinya's feet but didn't do anything with it, at least not yet.  "Now's not a time to go into major detail, but I can tell you I live on Shiiryuen, the planet you and your mom visited before we came here. I do know some people here though.  I haven't seen all of this planet but from the parts I have seen you could compare things to earth life in a way, but again there is a lot of it I have not seen yet."

Arasinya kept up the hold as best as she could, trying to apply the best pressure on the lower back and legs. She did feel Daisuke move a little, but would stop after a few inches only. She also felt one hand grasping one of her boots and thought that she was gonna try to pull her off, but much to her surprise, that didn't happen. After another moment, Arasinya would let go and back away. Jenny in the meantime would continue to listen as she tried to pronounce that word, ""

"That's close Jenny.  Though aren't you also interested in what's going on in the ring down there?" she points towards it as Arasinya broke the hold.  Because of the pacing the two have had upto this point she did have a lot left in her still, but she rubbed part of her back as she proceeded to get back up.  She tried to keep an eye on Arasinya in the process, in case if she had anything in mind for a quick follow up, so she could at least attempt to defend against anything that may come her way but she wasn't in a position to directly block anything.

Jenny looked back at the match and responded, "Oh yeah, but I'm fine with whoever wins. I'm just still thinking about the people back on the other planet and barely got to see how they live? Do you have a job?" Arasinya would bend low and get into a rather unusual stance. If one is familiar with elves, this is similar to that of a hunter, waiting for his target to arrive before striking. In this case, the elf was looking for a good spot to land her next hit and what attack it should be. Within another second, Arasinya charged back in and attempted to swing a left roundhouse kick to make Daisuke stumble backwards. If this worked, she would also run and jump to perform a drop kick that would make her back flip into the air. The second move was definitely risky, but at this point, she needs to pull out all the stops.

Veldaris nods and tells her "I run an intergalactic delivery company. In fact my last shipment was sending Arasinya her info for the tournament here.  Sometimes I also accompany the Queen and/or her King on certain outings when they need an eye in the sky to watch over them.  Let's just say you wouldn't want second guess my abilities with a crossbow."  She tried not to sound intimidating on that last part.  She then saw Daisuke block the roundhouse kick, but it did cause her to move back and take the dropkick.  Daisuke would attempt to roll out of the ring, wanting to regroup for a moment, but forgot that there was a cage there and she realized her mistake when she felt her tail brushing against it.

"So, you're a mail person?" Jenny had no idea how the postal service works in Veldaris's home planet, but if she's been doing it for years, it must be beneficial. Then Veldaris mentioned that she acts like a personal bodyguard to the King and Queen and is skilled with a crossbow. This made Jenny's eyes light up as she was always fascinated with archery. "Wow! Can you teach me how to shoot an arrow?"  Arasinya landed her back flip with ease as she looked up to Daisuke. She was trying to roll out of the ring, which made the elf confused. She then shook her head as she said to her, "Don't tell me that you have forgotten what this match is about. Only one can get out in order to win, but she must beat her opponent first." She would now try to take her by the tail before giving her a couple of big swings and tossing her to the side.

Vel would nod at Jenny "You could say that yes. I've been to far away galaxies, but I do make a lot of stops on Earth so in a way you can compare it to how mail service is where you live." She does not mind teaching her how to do it but she asks Jenny how come she wants to learn how to fire arrows.  "Archering was something I picked up at a young ages but I didn't find out until later that crossbows were my true calling, but if it takes an arrow as ammo I know how to use it efficiently."  Before Daisuke could get away from the cage siding she felt her tail being grabbed.  She let out a yelp when Arasinya grabbed it and used it to swing her away.  

Jenny nods in understanding how Veldaris does her job and she is now faced with the question of why she wants to fire an arrow. "Well, I've seen many girls and princesses do it to defend themselves and fight off scary monsters. I want to be like that too so I can get myself out of trouble and help Mommy when she needs it." Arasinya firmly grips the tail and is aware of what skunks can do in self-defense, so she tried to be as quick as possible to give Daisuke two complete swings by her tail before tossing her out to the right side of the ring. Once that's done, she can get back on defense in case Daisuke will use her tail.

"From what I've seen your mom is strong and can take care of herself, but those are interesting reasons. If I have to I can say use a gun or a sword, but sometimes I feel naked if I don't have bow weapons with me, even if I don't use them.  Maybe we can arrange something."  Vel then turns to whispers to Jill "you sure about that?" wondering what the mother thinks of Jenny's request and reasonings.   Daisuke knew full well that an opponent could target her tail and was surprised it took Arasinya that long to target that part of her body. After she got up she jokingly told her, which her tone made it obvious "How dare a commoner like you target my tail, so royal and fluffy."  but only loud enough so only Arasinya could hear it. A bit louder she tells her "I dare you to try that again."  she approached Arasinya, fiiring in some kicks that had no intention of connecting, but to get her to guess where she was going to move. Unless if a kick hit her Dai would go to grab her and fling her to the ropes.

Jill was overhearing the conversation during her viewing of the match before her and she knew fully well that her daughter wants to be like a hero. She smiled as he said to Veldaris, "As long as she is safe and well-protected, I'm sure we can make it happen. Make sure to start with rubber arrows first though." Arasinya meanwhile would shrug her shoulders and chuckled, "Well, if your tail means so much to you, couldn't you have done something else with it that's useful? I mean, you know who you are, right?" She then put her arms up to try and defend the kicks that were coming at her. But Daisuke would follow with a grab that flung the elf to the ropes. Arasinya went with it and had no idea what might happen next.  It came to Arasinya's surprise that Daisuke turned the pedigree position into another lift. The elf's head was leaning on her opponent's back while the legs were still wrapped around the other's head, almost like a vertebuster set up. She would try to get down by pounding on Daisuke's back in hopes to lower herself down, but there was still no way to get out other than go down. Whatever the outcome, the slam would still probably happen.

Veldaris thought about it for a moment, it has been awhile since she first learned how to do it but she didn't recall using rubber, maybe it was an Earth thing she wondered, but she didn't want to question it, at least not at the current moment in time."  Daisuke gave Arasinya small and quick : p while trying to continue to look serious to everyone else. When she sent Arasinya to the ropes she waited for her to come back and Dai would go to leapfrog over her.  If Arasinya kept going after that, on the return one she would bend over a bit, wanting to deliver a hockey-style hip check to Arasinya.

Arasinya was bracing herself for a heavy impact from Daisuke, but she was surprised when it turned out to be a leapfrog over her. Arasinya kept running as she took a quick glance back to see what her opponent was trying to do, but didn't have time to think when she bounced off the other ropes. Then, Daisuke would give a hip check by bumping her hip against Arasinya's and making her stumble and fall to the side. That actually annoyed Arasinya more than hurt her as she shouted, "Hey! We're fighting here, not playing hockey!" She tried to get back up quickly before charging in to try and take the skunk down again.

Daisuke grinned and took a quick look at the cage that was around them "No shit." she gave her a small look at her tounge again.  She saw Arasinya rush in and Dai leaped to the ground chest first but kept her tail up, which could be a tripping hazard for Arasinya if she was too reckless but it would be avoidable if it wasn't a blind rush.

Arasinya still ran to get at Daisuke again, but she then she saw that tail start to rise when she leaped up to the ground. She had a pretty good idea of what her opponent might use that for, but it can hardly be avoidable since she was so close. In the last minute, she would go with the rush and trip to try and land on Daisuke's back. If she can do that, she would get in a seated position, grab that tail with both hands, and pull back firmly just to annoy Daisuke.

Daisuke hoped that Arasinya would just keep going so it took her by surprised when she felt Arasinya jump on her.  It felt sudden and she let out a little groan-like gasp, then a scream when Arasinya pulled her tail back.   If she forced pulled for more than six seconds she would start to smell something funky, but very mild, Daisuke would smell it too even though she would be the source, but not intended of doing it. If she held on for less than that nothing else would have happened.

Arasinya only held onto that tail for five and a half seconds before letting go and giving a little noogie on Daisuke's head. Getting off, she would smirk and say, "Now that we're even on that, I want to pound you down again! So get up!" She put her fists up and would almost sense that feint smell from Daisuke. It seems that she was close to letting out her gas, but she may have to wait a little longer for another encounter like that to happen.

Daisuke tried to swat her off "Get, get off me." she didn't sound too thrilled with that, actually, she looked a little bit annoyed as she got back up.  "Come on! This is serious competition."  Veldaris then looked towards Jill and tells her, but not before distracting Jenny so she doesn't hear her say "Something tells me shit's about to get real."   She then looks back at the ring and quickly attempts to grab hold of her.

Jill nods her head in agreement as she says, "You said it." Arasinya would scoff at Daisuke's remark as she replied, "Right, that's what you said before you started playing hockey." The elf put her arms up as she knew Daisuke wanted to grab hold of her. But as soon as Daisuke did, she would attempt to bring her closer so she can land a couple of knee strikes to the stomach so that Daisuke would let go. If that can work, then she would also try to execute a suplex. But Daisuke could have a really nasty hold on her so Arasinya tried to be quick about this before the skunk did anything else.

Daisuke tried to get a hold of her to do something, and even though she had a good hold of her Arasinya brought her knee up before she could get her put into something and shortly thereafter found herself suplexed up and over.

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Laser Shark Title Tourney Rd 1: Arasinya Vs. Daisuke Empty Re: Laser Shark Title Tourney Rd 1: Arasinya Vs. Daisuke

Post by Maxy on Thu Mar 26, 2015 5:32 am

After the suplex, Arasinya would quickly move in to try and grab Daisuke's arm. If she can do so, she would put her legs across her body to hold her down while putting pressure on the arm for an armbar.

Daisuke was able to get up at a decent speed but Arasinya came in just a bit faster.  Veldaris continued to look on as Arasinya went with the armbar.  "Simple but effective usually." she would comment.

Jill nods her head, knowing how effective it is once executed correctly. "Yes, a very classic submission in both wrestling and martial arts." Arasinya would do her best to keep up her hold just for Daisuke to feel it. Although the armbar is quite strong, it can be reversed. She only hoped she can do so for a few more moments before her opponent can get out.

After being in it for a little bit, Daisuke would move her free arm behind her and put it across Arasinya's head, as if going for some kind of half headlock, better than nothing.

Normally, the one caught in the armbar would try to roll out or resist in hopes of getting out, but Daisuke rolled out much differently. As she moved her free arm in, Arasinya would find herself rolled up and in what looks like a half headlock. Now in a new predicament, she would try to kick herself out, but the head was still trapped by Daisuke. So, Arasinya released her opponent's arm to now try to punch her way out.

Dai didn't have much a grip due to most of the pressure from Arasinya being applied to her, though it tlooked like she was going to try to get a grip somehow but it looked like Arasinya  was going to let go possible.  Since Dai didn't have a decent grip, Arasinya's shots to get her to let go didn't need much effort to get the task done.  Though After the shots Daisuke would fire a back elbow shot or two with her free arm to get Arasinya  to let go of the grip she did have if she still had it on at that point.  If Arasinya  did break the hold she would favor that arm for a moment before getting up to a knee.

Arasinya exerted cries of pain as Daisuke elbowed her to make her let go though she was already doing that. She would hope that once she released her, she would stop so that she can roll back and keep her distance. She would even rub on the parts that were hit to try and relieve them of the pain that was inflicted.

It took Daisuke a few seconds to get back to a standing position as she was checking her arm out from that previous hold, everything appeared to be in one piece.  Veldaris wondered what Arasinya was waiting for as Dai was leaving herself wide open for at least five seconds.  Before she would turn around she had something to come mind. Though she didn't know how much time she had and didn't know that Arasinya was back up first.  As she turned back around she didn't know how much distance she had between them until she turned back to Arasinya's direction

Arasinya would see that Daisuke was still checking herself after that armbar. She didn't want to get in just yet because it's probable that she could miss her next few shots. Jenny would go down a little and hide behind the wall as she peeked to see what could happen. Knowing Arasinya's training, she could be deadly when she comes up on an unsuspecting foe. Once Daisuke turned around, Arasinya would attempt to give a quick headbutt to the face to catch her off guard. If this worked, she would also try to fling her over to the turnbuckle.

Once she turned around and took the headbutt, Daisuke moved back a couple of steps from the impact, only to find herself shortly thereafter in one of the corners.  About after a second of connecting with the corner she would shake her head a bit, to restore some feeling after Arasinya's head shot.

Arasinya swung into the direction of the intended turnbuckle and watched for a few seconds to see Daisuke hit that very corner. Without wasting another moment, she would charge in at full speed towards her. She aimed to give a straight shoulder tackle to the gut for it will create a double impact (tackle to the gut and back to the corner). If this worked, it'll knock some wind out of Daisuke's sails.

Watching from above, Veldaris wasn't sure of what to think with how things were going, seeing Arasinya take control of things in the corner with the shoulder tackles.  Until Daisuke, who knew what to think of it, which one could tell she didn't like it from the sounds she made after taking it.

After the shoulder tackle, Arasinya would back away to survey the damage that she had done. Normally, after a shoulder tackle, the opponent would either fall forward or slump down against the corner. If Daisuke was in either of those positions, then Arasinya would grab her to pull her back at least one inch from the corner. If this worked, Arasinya would run (making sure not to step on her opponent) and kickflip off the turnbuckle to backflip and land herself onto Daisuke's body.

Daisuke hung against the corner with her arms over the top ropes and her kind og dangling somewhat until she found herself forced down to the mat  and she groaned out when Arasinya ricocheted off the corner and landing ontop of her.  Veldaris looked impressed with how Arasinya was doing, though she wondered how much show Arasinya was wanting to out into this, not feeling the backflip was needed, even though it did find its mark, she steadfully observed.

Arasinya executed her backflip and slam from the turnbuckle with ease and heard Daisuke groaning from the impact. The elf also felt it on her stomach also, but she did her best to ignore it as she started to rise up again. She also knew that it took a lot of effort in the execution, so for now, she backed off and leaned back against the ropes in waiting for my he skunk to stand back up. Jenny jumped up and down in glee when she witnessed Arasinya's move and said, "Woah! Did you see that?! That was SOO cool!!"

Veldaris nods in agreement "Yes it was, though does this mean you're now cheering against your friend and event host?" Vel was just amusing herself at this point but was curious with how the younger Jenny would answer that.  During which time Daisuke would use the corner to pull herself back up, with her back turned towards Arasinya.

Jenny looked at her as if she was crazy and answered, "What?! Arasinya's my friend too! I'm not playing any favorites!"
As for Arasinya, she continued watching as Daisuke was getting back on her feet. With her back facing her, she can see an open opportunity...maybe a little too easy of an opening. Should she take the chance or leave her alone? She had trouble deciding, so she would start walking to Daisuke. Perhaps midway she can have a decision.  At the moment Daisuke turned around, Arasinya would be within fighting distance. She can hear her supporters yell at her to fight still and give her opponent what for. Getting in her fighting stance, she would shout to Daisuke, "You're still up? Well, come on then! Come at me!"  Jenny would notice Veldaris not looking good as she kept watching. She thought for sure that she was enjoying it as much as everyone else in the arena. "Vel? Are you okay?" Once Arasinya dragged Daisuke to the other side of the ring, she would try to get her on her feet again. The chain linked wall on this side was shining for the open opportunity and the elf wanted to throw her opponent against it. If she can do so and Daisuke is still out, Arasinya would start a little beat down against the fence.

"Hm? Yeah kinda.  Just having trouble watching it the same way you are, if that makes any sense to you.  "Unlike last time she was tail'd, Dai wasn't close to anything foul smelling coming out of her, but she wasn't too thrilled with being dragged that way and pretty much gave the same reaction when she was tossed on to the other side of the cage, and couldn't do anything to prevent Arasinya's beatdown that followed it.

What do you mean?" Jenny asked. She was taught well by her Mom that whether win or lose, heel or face, or even amongst feuding friends, you always support others in the end. In other words, sportsmanship. "Arasinya and Daisuke will still be friends after this." After the little beatdown, Arasinya would pull Daisuke away from the wall and attempted to go a full turn and swing her against it one more time. The effect should make Daisuke bounce off and hit the mat quite roughly. But she also kept in mind that Daisuke has a strong will like hers and she had to brace herself for any unexpected strike that comes up.

"I know Jenny.  Usually when I'm watching them compete on their own, or even watching others, I'm usually able to pick a race horse as they say and go for that person or team. It can make things more enjoyable since you can feel both the good and bad they go through and feel like you're being an important part of them when you cheer them on.  Don't get me wrong I've watched some fights where I don't do that.  Plus it's one of those I didn't know Daisuke would be here so I was ready to back Arasinya.  Then I see Dai's here and facing her and it felt a bit confusing.  I know they'll both do well and be fine afterwords, it's just how my brain works I guess."  Vel hoped that made at least some sense to the young one.   As for Daisuke, she tried to block some of Arasinya fury, though Arasinya connected with a fair amount of it.  After Dai connected semi-awkwardly with the cage she layed on the mat for a few seconds without any moment, until she brushed one of her hands under her face and twiched one of her legs a bit, also letting out a groan.

Jenny smiled and nodded in understanding as she tells her, "Well, don't worry about anything. They'll be okay." Arasinya would pant a few times in an effort to regain her strength. She now felt that it was getting close to the end and both are getting very worn out. She looked down and asked, "So, Dai? Are you ready to finish this?"

Daisuke didn't respond to her verbally but did eventually pull herself back up.  She was feeling the effects from the cage, but she wasn't done yet.

"Good, 'cause we're getting to the good part." Arasinya observed as Daisuke was pulling herself back up. From the way she is looking now, the cage was more aggressive than she thought. Once Daisuke was standing, Arasinya would try to bring her away from the wall as she prepared for a different strike. If she can do that, she would first start by giving off a roundhouse kick to make Daisuke stagger back a little.

Other than maybe moving back a back a bit she didn't stagger as Arasinya was hoping.  In fact, it actually woke her up.  Her eyes went wide and she pointed at Arasinya.  Veldaris saw this and said to Jill with a grin "Things just got a bit more interesting."

Arasinya wasn't really surprised when Daisuke glared back. In return, she would smirk as she shook her head towards her in saying, "Bring it." While the finger was pointed at her, the elf tried to grab it so she can pull Daisuke to her. She wanted to give her a punch at the end for another takedown.

When Arasinya grabbed the finger and went to punch Daisuke, Dai would block the punch and in turn go to kick Arasinya in the midsection and follow that up with a belly to belly suplex.

"GUH!" Arasinya coughed out as Daisuke kicked her in the midsection after blocking the punch. As she was doubled over, the skunk also grabbed her to set her up for a belly to belly suplex. The crowd continued to watch as they were on the edge of their seats to see this stunning reversal. Arasinya grunted as she hit the mat hard and knew Daisuke was truly getting into it.

Daisuke let out mighty roar after Arasinya made contact with the mat.  Veldaris's eyed widend even more than a moment ago, as she had a feeling that Dai was about to unleash on Arasinya.  Dai then would pick Arasinya and after taking a few steps she would launch Arasinya into the side of the cage.  If Arasinya didn't stop that she would then go to place her from the shoulder up against the middle rope.

Arasinya now found herself vulnerable as she got picked up and thrown against the side of the cage. She exerted a cry of pain as she hit side first against the fence and fell hard on the mat. From there, Daisuke would put her up against the middle rope and the elf had no idea what's going to happen next

After placing her on the rope, Daisuke would mount the back of Arasinya's shoulders, pressing down on the rope while using her tail to choke her.  She yells something at her about if she likes playing with tails now.  Veldaris looked over towards Jill, asking her what she thought of this change of aggression then glanced over at Jenny, to see what she might be thinking.

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Laser Shark Title Tourney Rd 1: Arasinya Vs. Daisuke Empty Re: Laser Shark Title Tourney Rd 1: Arasinya Vs. Daisuke

Post by Maxy on Thu Apr 02, 2015 8:08 pm

Arasinya was still panting on the ropes before Daisuke mounted on the back of her shoulders. This made her start to groan from the pressure, but it would soon be added by Daisuke's tail choking her. As she tried to loosen the choking, the elf couldn't quite give a clear verbal response as the tail she played with a few minutes ago was now becoming a lethal weapon. Meanwhile, Jill would say to Veldaris, "It looks like Daisuke has some tricks of her own that she was hiding up her sleeve. Now became the good time to do so and perhaps turn this around." Jenny would be feeling the excitement as she kept jumping up and down while holding the railing.

After feeling that she got the point across that her tail shouldn't be messed with she left go of the choke hold and lifted her up over her head with a military press, pressing Arasinya's body up and down roughly ten times before putting Arasinya on her shoulder and ran with her, looking to drop her with a running powerslam.

Arasinya was now at Daisuke's mercy. It seems that her underestimation had gotten her into this and she can't seem to get out. Without much effort, Daisuke would release her before picking her up and perform her military press ten times. After that, Arasinya was too dazed to even realize that she was about to get slammed down. "AAGH!!" she cried out from the feeling of pain on her back before moaning and rubbing it.

After planting her with the powerslam Daisuke knew she had to keep things going. Still fired up she would drag Arasinya near the middle of the ring before lifting her legs up, wrapping them around hers, wanting to flip her over into a sharpshooter.  Veldaris looked over at Jenny and smiled at her enthusiasm.

"YAAAAAHH!!!" Arasinya screamed out as she was turned over and placed in the sharpshooter. She gritted her teeth in trying to fight against the pain now settling in both her legs and back. She would try to crawl over to the direction of the nearest ropes with whatever strength she has got left. She wanted to be out as soon as possible and she hoped that this won't be too severe for her.

Daisuke held for as long as she could, knowing Arasinya was attempting to get to the ropes, even though Dai wouldn't be obligated to release the hold. She looked back a couple of times to see how close Arasinya was from them.

Arasinya could feel herself getting closer and closer to the ropes in spite of the hold also increasing in pressure. She knew for a fact that this might not get her released immediately, but if she wanted to stay in the match, she had to try everything she can think up. If she can just grab the ropes, she hoped that's at least signifying that she's not quitting yet.

Dai noticed Arasinya getting closer to them. If she did grab hold of them Dai would hold on for a few second seconds before finally letting go. Veldaris was intrigued with Dai's attitude since she was woken up by that shot from Arasinya earlier. She sees Dai step back and rubs one of her butt cheeks and the part of her tail that is connected to her body, before turning Arasinya a tiny bit and giving her a leg drop. Daisuke lightly brushed her thigh against her, whether it gave her a tiny static shot or not wasn't what she was going for. When she stood back up she did it in such a way that Arasinya could smell just a tiny bit of what skunks are known for.

Arasinya was finally released, but not before getting the leg drop on her. She grunted again as she wondered what was her idea since she grabbed the ropes. But as soon as she was getting up, Daisuke's thigh rubbing against her was more than just a simple gesture. The elf smelled a bit of Daisuke's scent and snuffed it out as she tried to not let it get in her head. She got back in her fighting stance and was not going to slow down this time.

Other than the referee on the outside of the cage, and maybe a cameraman or two plus the time keeper, nobody else could really tell what Dai just did. Shortly after Arasinya got back to her feet, Daisuke would unload a kick to Arasinya's gut and proceed to set her up for cradle piledriver.

Arasinya saw that kick coming at her just as she was standing up and knew she didn't have much space to escape to. Her best option now is to put her arms up and try to block the kick although it would probably make her stumble backwards to the ropes. That short bounce off would surely give Daisuke the chance for the cradle piledriver. But she would try to fight out of her situation and avoid it in hopes of preventing it.

If Arasinya 's block was successful Dai would go to strike her again, but this time up high with a punch to one of Arasinya's breats before going for the cradle piledriver again. She was determined to plant Arasinya on her head. Veldaris continued to watch from above, she knew Dai was plotting something, indeed Dai was, but she needed something very impactful to pull it off, and while it's old school she knew piledrivers were very effective, plus the set up positioning cradle wise looked good.

Unfortunately, Arasinya was too worn from taking so many strikes and the recent submission that she couldn't muster up the strength to block the punch to the side of her chest. Daisuke would get her set for the cradle piledriver with not a second to spare and Arasinya couldn't escape it. She was prepared for the worse and have her own head get dropped on the mat.

Veldaris watched as Dai planted Arasinya on her head with that piledriver. She cringed a tiny bit as it looked pretty painful. Daisuke pulled herself up after the impact and looked at Arasinya's body positioning before she went to the corner and clinmbed the ropes. At first it looked like she was planning on climbing out but she stopped on the middle rope. She bounced on it a few times before launching herself off, looking to connect with a banzai drop, and land on on Arasinya's upper chest.  While she was not heavy, she knew the imact alone would still cause some physical pain. But that wasn't the only thing she was looking for. If her spot connected at all with any of its intended target, she would also release some of her skunk gas. While her target of impact would not be Arasinya's face, she, and most of the arena, would soon smell what Dai was wanting to do to her, make things unpleasant.

Though Arasinya was down and beaten around, she can see Daisuke starting to climb up the ropes. Seeing her also bouncing, she had a pretty idea that she was going to launch herself. But that smell already coming from her tail indicated that something else may be added to the mix. So when Daisuke jumped off, Arasinya tried to roll out of the way so that Daisuke will only land herself on the mat and not on her. However, she may not be able to cover her nose from the gas that might follow.

If Arasinya would have moved a second sooner she would have avoided her completely, but Daisuke was still able to find her mark, though a bit crooked. Good thing Arasinya didn't get to move much farther cause the landing might have been too awkward of a land for both of them and there could have been a major injury. After landing she rubbed her fur where the smell came out of for a couple of seconds before getting back up and adjusting her clothing. Dai hoped that the smell would keep her busy as she then turned her attention back to the cage, this time wanting to climb out. Vel could smell it from where she was, though it wasn't bad as those in the first few rows.

Arasinya cried out as Daisuke landed close to her mark. And at the same time, she was faced with that skunk's scent which translated greatly for her sense of smell. She would cough and gag a little as she rolled on the mat in pain at the same time. While doing so, she would notice Daisuke trying to leave. The elf's eyes widened as she knew what would happen once Daisuke's out. She tried to take in and even ignore the smell as she also attempted to rise up and grab her to pull her back.

Good thing for Veldaris, Jill, and Jenny, the higher up they were the better the arena's ventilation was taking care of the smell so it wasn't as bad as those down below "Talk about a desperation move." she commented to Jill and Jenny. They see Daisuke making an attempt to climb out, but they also see Arasinya trying to come back and prevent Dai from succeeding.

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Laser Shark Title Tourney Rd 1: Arasinya Vs. Daisuke Empty Re: Laser Shark Title Tourney Rd 1: Arasinya Vs. Daisuke

Post by Maxy on Thu Apr 02, 2015 8:15 pm

Arasinya was silently snorting out the smell from her nostrils as she scrambled to keep up with her opponent. She reached out to try and grab her and tossed her back. The elf didn't want Daisuke to leave the ring for she worked too hard to get to this point. Jenny was trying to contain her excitement still as the match was nearing the end. It's definitely anybody's game and the crowd was loving it.

As Daisuke began to climb, part of her was second guessing if she should have done what she did to Arasinya. She tried to shake the thought away and just hoped that it wouldn't cause Arasinya to go legally blind. Though she felt something grab hold of one of her legs. She tried to kick Arasinya away, but if that didn't work she would try to leg go and hop down in time, in order to avoid a crash landing.

Arasinya was still holding onto her as Daisuke tried to kick her away. It only took a few moments for the skunk to hop down, taking the elf with her. She grunted when she hit the ground, but didn't want it to stop her. Getting back up, Arasinya attempted to quickly give a sucker punch to the stomach before throwing Daisuke against the chain-linked wall closest to her to throw her off her game. If this worked, SHE would try to climb out.

didn't have much time after her landing to do much other than taking a punch from Arasinya and taking the cage again. When she managed to pull herself back up she noticed Arasinya trying to climb away. "Oh no you don't!" Dai cries out and she makes a jumping dash and grabs hold of one of her legs.

"Hands off me!" Arasinya cried out as one of her legs got grabbed while trying to climb out. The combined heavy weight was making the climb more difficult. She tried to climb up another inch, but her fingers were slipping quite a bit. The elf knew sooner or later she wouldn't hold on, so she would comply to that thought and drop right away to get back onto her feet.

Daisuke was getting ready to show a drastic side and bare her claws into where she was holding on to her, but since Arasinya dropped down when she did Dai didn't feel the need to do that. When Arasinya was back on the ground Dasiuke would go to punt her in the stomach and follow up with an ace crusher if that connected.

As soon as Arasinya fell, Daisuke came in fast on the ground and kicked her in the stomach. "GUH!" she coughed as she doubled over again, which gave her opponent enough time to grab at her head and drop her head down on her shoulder for an ace crusher. The elf screamed out in pain as she held her head and neck and tried to recover from this.
As Daisuke pulled herself back up after the ace crusher Veldaris could tell that the skunk wanted to end things. She appeared to be correct as Daisuke lifted up Arasinya and would then set her up for what would appear to be a regular suplex. However, when Dai went to lift Arasinya up she would change Arasinya's body position slightly and was about to hold her upside down, setting her up for the Salusian Screwdriver.

Arasinya would grunt as Daisuke grabbed her again and this time lift her up for her finisher. Her vision may be a little blurry, but she can still see the audience who is upside down and cheering for the match to progress further to the end. She now felt as if Daisuke has this one and there's no chance left for a turnaround. Or is there? She would try to kick her legs out to see if she can make Daisuke lose her grip and balance a little. If this worked, Arasinya would also try to land safely and get away fast.

Veldaris looked on as she saw Arasinya try to kick her way out of the situation she was in as Daisuke held her upside down. Luckily for Arasinya it did cause Daisuke to move a bit too. All Dai had to do was just let go as she was and Arasinya would have fallen very awkwardly for a rough landing but her movement did cause Dai to lower her a bit to the point where if Dai did let go, which she soon did, it wouldn't be a dangerous fall.

"OOF!" Arasinya cried out as she was dropped to the mat. It may not have been the smoothest landing that she hoped for, but at least she got out just in time. She would take a few breaths as she looked up to see how Daisuke's holding up. If she is still on the mat, Arasinya would try to bring her up so she can set off a knee strike and a high kick to the side to try and turn her around. Hopefully, this can get Daisuke dazed so that the elf can continue through the strength she still had.

Daisuke lost her balance when she led go of Arasinya, but didn't fall flat on her butt or anything like that. When Arasinya faced her Daisuke was in the process of getting back up. She saw Arasinya move and went to block her face, only to take a kick and knee shot lower. She grunted out and went to punch Arasinya in the mid-section with the hand she wasn't blocking with, hoping it would give her a second to get back to her feet.

Arasinya was glad that she got a couple of good hits from her kicks and it definitely caught Daisuke by surprise. But then, Daisuke would come back with her other arm to aim a punch to the elf's midsection. Arasinya would grunt as she doubled over and stumbled a few steps back. She breathed in and out while keeping a close eye on her opponent. It can already be seen that this match is reaching the climax and victory might come down to sheer full force.

Veldaris watched on from above, having a feeling that something big might happen, which she glanced over for a minute at Jill and Jenny. After Arasinya moved back a bit Daisuke would do the same as she got up, but would then as quickly as she could she would leap a bit in her opponent`s direction, with the thought of landing a solid head short. She had the feeling enter her mind that she had to end this sooner rather than later and put what should into that one fist.

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Laser Shark Title Tourney Rd 1: Arasinya Vs. Daisuke Empty Re: Laser Shark Title Tourney Rd 1: Arasinya Vs. Daisuke

Post by Maxy on Fri Apr 03, 2015 1:10 am

Arasinya would see that both she and Daisuke are in similar tired states. The tension could be felt around the ring and the audience remained silent as they waited to see what would happen next. Brushing her hair back, the elf's eyes narrowed down to Daisuke's like lasers are about to shoot about. She can feel that the end is fast approaching and she has to do her best to make this next one count. She clenched her good hand into a fist and charged in as soon as Daisuke could stand. If a victory was going to be decided, it would have to be on full force and Arasinya would try to give off her best haymaker as best as she could.

Veldaris looked on and saw Arasinya load up another fist.  'Going to the well once too often?' she wondered to herself. Vel didn't know this yet but Daisuke had the same way of thinking.  Though Dai figured since it seemed to be Arasinya's move of choice she felt like she would have to one up her and when Arasinya fired hers Daisuke would do the same, though Dai's had a bit of a leap with hers behind it.  From Vel's point of view it looked like both girls connected and both were about to fall.  Daisuke sure did.  It took her a moment to be able to tell where she was but she could barely see Arasinya beside her.  At this moment she couldn't tell what exactly happened but all she knew was she had to make a break for it.

Arasinya would make a loud grunt as she got hit square in the face from Daisuke's punch just as she did to her. She would fly from her place and land hard a few inches away. Surprisingly, both fighters were beside each other and some members of the audience got out of their seats to see the damage. Arasinya would groan as she was trying to see where she was now and it was blurry to see Daisuke beside her. The hit side of her face still hurts, but that was the least of her problems. She then looked up to see the wall and her eyes immediately regained focus as she knew that there was only one way to win. She tried to get back up as quickly as she could and almost immediately sprinted and jumped to grab onto the chain links. It was still blurry and hurting, but she had to push.

Daisuke began to crawl her way towards the side of the cage. She can barely make out Arasinya making her move towards the cage as well. As Arasinya began climbing Daisuke would inch her way closer to the door, which was near where Arasinya was climbing. She didn't take time to look up to check how far along Arasinya was, she just knew she had to keep going as fast as she could. When she got close enough the referee opened the door when Dai motioned her intent to escape the cage that way. She knew she still had to touch the floor, just as her opponent had to who was climbing out. Veldaris looked on as she saw Arasinya
coming down the cage, but also Daisuke coming out of the door and adjusting herself so her feet would touch. She couldn't tell who
touched down first, all she knew was she got out of the cage. The referee was in good position seeing both women making their escape, just a matter of who touched first.

Arasinya continued to climb up and out of the cage, not wanting to stop in spite of the pain she is feeling. She wouldn't dare to look back or else it would slow her down. Her hands felt sweaty and was turning a little red from the pressure of gripping each link on the cage yet she wasn't giving up. Once she was over, she would swing as quick as she could to climb just several steps down before dropping halfway. She would land nicely and not too hard as long as she wasn't too badly hurt. The elf would hear both footsteps of her and Daisuke hitting the ground at different times and it would be hard to tell who landed first. The crowd was murmuring to one another as they couldn't tell who the winner is. But the sound of the first footstep didn't betray Arasinya's hearing as she was on her knees and panting heavily. Her eyes would stream down with tears, but she smiled as she whispered, "Daisuke...congratulations. You won."

From above, Veldaris wasn't too sure about the result,  Part of her thought it was Arasinya that hit first.  Daisuke was adjusting herself to be in a sitting position against the side of the ring and felt someone pull on her arm.  She was too worn out to resist or give much or a reacation, but after a moment she was able to tell that it was the referee raising her arm up.  Daisuke had to ask the referee if she was sure about the decision.  She wasn't getting against it of course but how close it felt she wanted to be sure herself that she was processing things correctly at the moment.  Veldaris still questioned if it was the right call but her doubts were ereased when she heard Daisuke's theme playing, which came a few seconds after the referee called it.  Still this sounded like something she would want to watch back slowly just to see how close it really was.

Arasinya would slowly rise up and walk over to Daisuke. She wiped her eyes and held out a hand for her as she smiled and said, "Nice job, Daisuke. That was a really a great fight." The referee would nod as she said to Daisuke, "Indeed it was. I checked the replays and you just edged out Arasinya by at least a second."

Daisuke looked surprised as judging by the crowd's reaction it felt like less than that, but she wasn't going to debate it since there wouldn't be a point.  She would thank the referee then nodded at Arasinya.  She wanted to say something to Arasinya but couldn't find the right words at first.  She then gestured towards the ring announcer, asking for the microphone as she pulls herself back to her feet.  After getting it she takes a few seconds to put her words together and tells her and everyone else watching as the music stopped before she spoke.  "This may sound a little crazy, maybe it's the result of everything that we left in the cage but judging by this people here today, I did not win this match."  She then continues after a couple and seconds and points to the crowd saying "They did.  These people are the real winners here."  She then looked up at where she hoped Jenny and Jill were, hoping her words made sense.  She hands the mic back to the ring announcer and offers her hand out to Arasinya.  If she took it Dai would shake as firm as she could, but it would feel a bit soft given what they just put each other through.  Unexpectedly she brings her in for a hug and whispers to her "I won't let you down...Thank you."

Arasinya would remain silent as Daisuke received the microphone and began to speak. The crowd was quite surprised when the skunk said that she didn't win and they murmured to themselves in asking why. As soon as Daisuke points out to the crowd, Arasinya would understand what she meant. She didn't do this just for herself, she did it for her friends and family and they can't replace any belt or trophy. Arasinya smiled as she shook her friend's hand firmly before hugging back. She whispered back, "You won't, Daisuke. You're going to do great in the tournament. I still have a long way to go."

After Arasinya spoke Daisuke pulled back with a smile and raised Arasinya's arm up, showing.  Her music cued up again though part of Dai wanted Arasinya's to play, even if for a tiny bit because she felt the effort that the elf put in did warrent her getting some recognition, but she felt her arm being raised again by the referee.  She was glad she won but knew that she barely escaped in time.  She then headed back up the runway, posing one more time to the crowd before disappearing behind the curtain.

Arasinya would smile as her own arm was raised and the crowd would applaud for them both for showing good sportsmanship. The elf would soon follow after Daisuke leaves and she sure needed a nice long break for the moment.

Match end. Post match content to follow.

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Laser Shark Title Tourney Rd 1: Arasinya Vs. Daisuke Empty Re: Laser Shark Title Tourney Rd 1: Arasinya Vs. Daisuke

Post by Maxy on Sat Apr 04, 2015 5:56 am

A half hour later, Jill, Jenny, and Veldaris were outside the locker room, waiting for their friends to come out. Jill would ask, "So, Vel, what did you think of that match?"

Veldaris was with Jill and Jenny at that time, and it would be much longer before Daisuke came out.  She took a bit of a longer shower than usual so that made for part of the time, the rest she was doing some thing and she would come out almost 20-30 minutes after Arsinya did, but she hoped she would still be there when she got out.  During that time Veldaris told Arasinya "Honestly I didn't know what to expect.  The longer it went on the more unsure I was.  It really made me think, but over all I did enjoy it.  How about you?"

Jenny would clutch Veldaris's shirt and jumped up and down as she said, "Oh, I loved it, I loved it! Daisuke's moving on in the tournament and she mentioned that she can help Arasinya train for the next one when it comes around!"

Veldaris smiled at Jenny "I was asking Arasinya not you Jenny.  But I was going to ask you next so thanks for weighning in." she tells the young one, lightly patting her on the head.

Arasinya would giggle a little as she said, "Yeah, Jenny is such a great excitable ball of energy." She then turned to Veldaris and said, "Anyway, Jenny is right. Daisuke told me that we're going to train together soon and one day, I'll be ready for the next tournament and perhaps my first win there."

"That's nice, but I mean what di you think of the match? Obviously you were in it but can you describe what it is was?" She then takes a close smell of Arasinya's face, which appears she got the skunk smell out of it. "I see you got her scent off of you.  Bet that was unpleasant."

Arasinya giggled as she took a little sniff of herself. "Yeah, I knew it was gonna be a tense one either way. I truly had the first hand experience on what it is like to compete in a tournament. My first time ever. Ultimately though, I felt that even if I did win, I may not have the strength or even courage to continue to the next one. Daisuke deserves it, for me, it's going to take more time."

"For your first time that was pretty darn good."  Veldaris tells her.  "I am a bit worried though.  Looking at the rest of the brackets there are a lot of freaks in this tournament so knows what will await her next.  Speaking of which I wonder what's taking her."  

"Thanks, Pink," said Arasinya before Veldaris mentioned the brackets. She remembered that she had something that she picked up in that same package. It was a pamphlet of the brackets that are participating. The elf opened it up and showed it to Veldaris. "What do you think? Anyone look or even sound tough at the moment?"

She looks it over and shrugs "Hard to say really.  It's more of the match types I find to be more alarming but we'll see what happens.  What do you think Jill?" she asks the other one first, not wanting to have Jenny feel left out but wasn't sure if she would understand all of the chaos going on in the first round.  It would still be some time before Daisuke came out, which Vel would try to make legit small talk.  When Daisuke came out she did look and feel more like a winner.  Carl was with her just like when she arrived earlier in the day.  "Sorry for keeping you guys waiting....And sorry for trying to gas off your face earlier."

Arasinya smiled and gave her friend a small hug as she said, "It's okay, Daisuke. I know it's part of you." As for Vel, she would add, "I guess we should see for ourselves to find out."

"I know, but usually it's something I can control...But if you're ok with it I guess it's alright.  But enough about that, I'm hungry.  Who wants to go get food and do some karaoke?"

"I do! I do!" Jenny cried out raising her hand. The others giggled and said that they would like to join also. After all, it's not about who wins or loses according to them, it's about family.


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Laser Shark Title Tourney Rd 1: Arasinya Vs. Daisuke Empty Re: Laser Shark Title Tourney Rd 1: Arasinya Vs. Daisuke

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