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The Duel Seeker seeks duels!

Tue Aug 04, 2020 4:40 pm by Deus001

Hey all

So I'm getting back into the swing of things and want to discuss finding matches for Charlotte Harenwood. I'm open for discussions for both Friction and Tension and stuff.

You can send me a PM here or contact me on Discord. Stillwinston#3222

Hope to hear back! Smile

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Killer King

Tue Aug 04, 2020 4:36 pm by KillerV

Looking for female jobbers to face the beast!

Also, been having skin problems on my hands full of blisters, been slow at typing and recovering as I can, but yes, can contact me PM or Discord- Killer King#0165

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Looking for debuts and matches.

Mon Jul 27, 2020 2:26 pm by Old_Man_Tai

Looking to be more active around here, which means starting more matches.

Yay more matches!

For those interested:

Cami (will do hentai, but not for debut match)

Hiromi (No hentai)

Blazing Kitsune (no hentai)

All still need debut matches

I'm also accepting offers for matches against:

Kairi (will do hentai)

Dark Star Chaos (no hentai)

Grizzly (no hentai)

Feel free to PM me or find me on the Discord if any of those sound interesting, or if you have another match you want to suggest. …

[ Full reading ]

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The Luffy Show

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The Luffy Show - Page 3 Empty Re: The Luffy Show

Post by luffy316 on Thu Nov 05, 2009 6:29 pm

something I thought i'd cook up: Marla's family. have mentioned she has multiple sisters, and that her mom is a powerful tit-fighter... though i'd put that into flesh a bit
Minda: the eldest Malone princess. She is a bit more responsible than her sisters, and certainly the most talented sister with controlling her milk’️s flow and powers. She’️s actually slightly smaller than Marla in the chest, but far firmer and milkier. She’️s usually very by-the-rules, but not against having fun. Her honesty and responsibility makes her quite an appropriate candidate for next to the throne. She is married to a swordfighter from Hawaii who saved her from a shipwreck. She takes about as much pride in her large horns as she does her breasts, incidentally. She’️s probably the closest to Marla in personality and emotional closeness.
Minda is 27, Minda’️s milks is thick, almost a cream, and tastes faintly of oranges
Cindy: the 2nd born girl and tallest by a few inches. grew up with a southern accent unlike the others. How she managed it is unclear as it’️s quite thick. She’️s a laid-back redhead who quietly but sincerely loves to be groped and milked rather than actually compete or train her breast fighting. She’️s something of a slacker but extremely kind and will do anything for her sisters at the drop of a hat. She's dating a handsome simple farm boy at the moment
Cindy is 24 and her milk tastes like normal milk, though especially nutritious and invigorating.
Bonnie is the third born, and by far the horniest and kinkiest. She loves to grope, kiss, fondle, milk, and otherwise aggress whoever she can get her hands on, boy or girl or cowgirl. Although she loves her sisters, she often teases them. She’️s a real seductress, having no intention of finding a husband in the outside world. She loves sex and generally the only men or women she won’️t sleep with are her sisters’️ lovers (unless she’️s invited!). Loves to walk around topless whenever possible, or nude if she’️s feeling extra sexy
Bonnie is 23 and her milk has a bubbly taste like champagne

Marla was the 4th born…
Ascertina (or Tina) is the 5th cowgirl princess. She’️s on the meek side compared to the other girls, but greatly admires their courage and pride. She is in fact a closet pervert, truly getting off to humiliating things done to her like spankings and stripping, but tries not to admit it (she does not succeed at that…). A terrible titfighter, she does excel at the breast-centered magic of the bovinans and is very intelligent
Tina is 18 and her milk has a unique taste, changing by the second throughout many flavors
Demielle (or Demi): the 6th princess and something of an airhead. Demi is almost constantly happy, and the only sister to be born with enough true cow genes in her to have a tail. She’️s a cheery optimist who doesn’️t like… er… something, I bet. She’️s also kind of forgetful, but very playful with her sisters and quick to befriend strangers. She’️s just starting to get her serious training in breast fighting
Demi is 17 and her breastmilk tastes of chocolate
Veela (or Vee/V): the 7th princess and 2nd youngest. V is a bit extra spoiled, and insists on having things go her way. However, the other girls agree that isn’️t the case, so she has been known to be a bit of an egomaniac or scheming to get her way. She also goes through, like most bovinian girls her age, massive breast envy, and likes to grope, milk, or sometimes just smack around the others girs’️ tits. She’️s somewhere in bovinian standards around the terrible two’️s and puberty, making her all kinds of awkwardly frisky and aggressive. Convinced she’️ll someday be queen, and y’️all better kiss her ass for it. Her sisters like to call her evil to make fun of her
V is 14 and her milk tastes of apple juice

Gailee “Gale” Malone: 6 months old. Not much to say of her except she’️s a newborn bovinian born shortly before Marla left home. She gets lots and lots of milk to make her grow strong, and perhaps to stockpile her own milk through this. Cowgirl babies seem to never have too much milk, somehow.
No picture. Go ask the queen for some baby photos though, she might show you.
Queen Percilla Malone: the royal queen of the bovinian race. She is gifted at milk manipulation, magic, and breast fighting, and shockingly strong for her plump visage. She’️s caring and loving to all, not just her race, and she loves to see her daughters happy above all else. A true force of nature, no bovinian has ever defied her and outsiders have never so much as proved a contest for her. Tradition dictates that she pass on the crown when she sees fit, not when she dies. Only 46, with an extended lifespan, she seems like she’️ll be there a while. Loves to dote over her daughters and their outsider husbands. She has uncanny power in various forms, the most notable her breast-fighting martial arts. She has been seen to make her breasts expand to the size of more than 5 feet in diameter on command.


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The Luffy Show - Page 3 Empty Re: The Luffy Show

Post by luffy316 on Tue Nov 24, 2009 7:15 am

Assorted fun facts I've discovered about my girls along the way. Consider it a random section of fun facts rather than the character-specific ones i usually post

1. Mina is a strict lesbian. She has only told two people in her life why. She wa "converted" due to her first boyfriend being rather rough with her in sexual advances (just shy of attempted rape). She was consoled by her best friend, who made her feel so comfortable that they eased their way into more tender sex. Her friend and Akashi are the only ones she's spoken of this to, and she adamantly argues any notions of being alone with too many men, and has shown either fear or disgust for penises, even dildos at times
2. Kirin holds a passion for sweets, especially at fairs. Both she and her girls believe that a fair is judged by its food, and that they should try as many things as possible at them. She also has a secret fondness for the thrill of a fight outside the ring. She was known to wind up in bar fights for fun in her younger rowdier years, and even just a tense standoff in the streets gets her heart pounding
3. Judy does not swear. She has no real reason for it, and isn't offended by them, she just doesn't.
4. Kirin, while sexually active in the league, has been on a "dry spell" ever since she left her wrestling career. Junko has been her only sexual partner since then, though this is because she doesn't count her sex matches. She considers remarrying now and then, but only if she finds a man (slight chance of a woman) who impresses her more than her husband. This is incredibly unlikely
5. Connie finds herself happily single most of her life. Boyfriends and the odd girlfriend don't last long, as she doesn't really think about relationships as more than "you get extra sex"
6. Didi has a personal butler named Rawlins. While at her house, she may employ him to her every whim. He's about 8 feet tall, and so tough he's been suggested to be inhuman, most likely some manner of cyborg or full robot. He is generally banned from the stadium by honor system alone
7. Sakaki Sumomo likes to keep her bush trimmed in the shape of a heart
8. Bovinians (Marla's cow people) moo as a sign of passion or submission. If you're not fucking one senseless, then the moo means yielding and utmost respect and resignation to the receiver. Normally this is done by the lesser bovinian males to royalty, but also used in formal submission in combat, often a choice of victory condition for their breast duels
9. Kirin and Mina are sparring partners outside of active rps. Kirin has beaten her 3-2
10. Mina's many hobbies and clubs have led her to dabble lightly into other languages, but mostly multiple cultures. She enjoys foreign things almost as much as Japanese. She enjoys watching translated episodes of Spongebob and Simpsons, foreign films ("I like the one with the grim reaper playin' chess"), and has a likes American and Mexican food. She has a grandmother who is wiccan and can play the drums with mediocre talent.

Mina also watches a lot of anime, but I though that'd be a whole different fun little list to do next


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The Luffy Show - Page 3 Empty Re: The Luffy Show

Post by luffy316 on Wed Dec 02, 2009 2:34 pm

Mina's shown herself to be an anime buff, both real ones and fictional. Thought I'd put out some of the made up ones that she really adores. Btw, i love to make these up. Lets you write poorly if you feel like it and not wonder "does it work?" because the series is allowed to be crappy. Crappy series get made sometimes.

Giant QueenSakura: a magical girl series by Chihiro “Chinko” Hubara, a former adult doujin writer. The story is about Sakura, a schoolgirl who wishes to join her sumo club at school but the head considers her too puny to be any good at it. When she is magically imbued with the spirit of a great female sumo who disappeared ages ago, she can transform into the big woman with the help of the Goddess of Bigness, a genuinely titanic (“Woops, hit my head on the moon…”; “Your tits are crushing my house!!”) deity who smiles upon women and men who do not fear over being larger. The story was originally a parody of a magical girl series, as she becomes fat and topless when she transforms, but it gathered a real following and was known to supply some drama as well as comedy and action. The story revolves around Sakura as she juggles not only her social life, but her alter ego in professional sumo leagues and the ability to fight crime and magical entities entering the world (usually purifying them with salt, such as a sumo would a ring). The tagline is generally “It’️s not the size of your body, but the bigness of your heart,” and the writer was admired by some (especially Akashi) for being quite knowledgeable about sumo and using real techniques, even basing some of the battles on real sumo bouts. There is a real fan base these days, and while most of the bouts in the manga were done topless, the tv series had to use various skimpy tops to meet standards. When fan protested, the dvds were released edited to be topless and they released full-frontal shorts with each disc. Mina adores the fiery passion to it, the boobs and the curvy women, and that it so neatly combines shonen, shoujo, and slice of life series together.
(based roughly on Card Captor Sakura/Sailor Moon, maybe a splash of One Piece wierdness in there)

Beast Parts: a fantasy series centering on a boy with a “dragon’️s stomach.” It allows him to eat and spit out anything in a somewhat Kirby-like fashion, though always in tact. He adventures and protects his steam punk scientist adoptive family, usually trying to find treasures of some kind. It’️s implied to be because of his dragon part, which it is quickly revealed that there are 7 others born with dragon parts (wings, tail, eyes, scales, etc) that inevitably clash
(based on an idea my friend had years ago, though clearly some Fairy Tail to it)

Bushido Bill: a shonenesque series about, as the creator puts it, “a guy with a sword.” A Japanese student in america finds a large enchanted katana that grants him mastery of it instantly, turning him into a target for those who seek it. It was actually based on an American novel series, though the story lent itself well to anime style. The rumor is the creator put as little thought as possible into making the series so that he could make a story to appeal to everyone on a truly basic level. It is action-packed, known to have a fast pace even for a shonen series. “At least no Frieza fights.” Mina noted favorably.
(actually a story within a story I’️m writing about a miserable author. Something of a knockoff of Bleach)

That Hamster Loves His Panties: an ecchi comedy series about a girl Nana with an out-spoken, perverted pet hamster Hambone. It’️s only 15 minutes an episode and very simple with its plot, but Mina loves it for its dirty humor and abundance of fanservice
(based on Ebichu, I suppose, though I got the name when I saw the back of a random manga a friend had with an excited hamster sitting on a pair of bloomers. I wrote it down because it could make a hilarious manga title)

A Cat Named “Werewolf“: romantic comedy about a modern-day werewolf who falls in love with a common girl. He protects and serves her, but a kickback of his werewolf curse is that when in the presence of whom he loves, he cannot turn into his beastial form and instead resembles a puppy more than a wolf, complete with instincts. This makes standing up for her difficult when she’️s targeted by the beast or girl-stealing punk of the week.
(somewhere between Twilight, Ranma ½, and Rosario Vampire)

Pink Rainbow: one of the few shoujo series she follows, it is a straightforward romance story between a nerdy girl Ohno and the athletic boy at school Ken. Mina has only a moderate interest in them, as she really adores the girl’️s friends Tora and Claire, a vaguely masculine but open lesbian couple. She considers them the highlight of the series, and thinks that if not for their presence the show wouldn’️t be as popular as it was. “Because lesbians improve everything,” so says Mina and, more comedically, Claire at every opportunity. Some fans agree with Mina’️s outlook, and they are treated as a real couple with genuinely romantic moments of their own at times. Claire and Tora had a one-volume mini-series “Tiger Paws” that Mina considers worth its weight in gold. There is a gay couple who are friends with Ken as well, but they are, to various acknowledgements (“Why is it okay when THEY do it?” sighs Inta), less popular.
(Kimi No Todoke, almost to the letter; think of the lesbian couple resembling Maka Maka, but I‘ve personally always stood by “lesbians improve everything“ as a theory, even when there is NO logic to the statement)

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The Luffy Show - Page 3 Empty Re: The Luffy Show

Post by luffy316 on Thu Jan 21, 2010 11:34 pm

Martha Sharp

Status: fierce rivals with Tasha
Thoughts: like how she turned out. An apartment wrestler over a pro, and a very selfish woman over a true bitch. I like toying with the idea that she has a lot of image issues, with her age and big tits and fending off wrinkles and gray hairs and the like with makeups, creams, and such. Always liked catfights to build to a vicious level, even if just for a bit. Martha's good for those, getting some fire in the fight without needing a long past between the girls. Though she'd cream most little pushovers and give a fight to the middle level ones, the pro figures would likely kick the crap out of her expert-amateur style


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The Luffy Show - Page 3 Empty Re: The Luffy Show

Post by luffy316 on Tue Jan 26, 2010 8:38 pm

might be more convenient as my master file of my girls' pics


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The Luffy Show - Page 3 Empty Re: The Luffy Show

Post by luffy316 on Fri Mar 12, 2010 7:56 pm

Kiki the Oni

Been a while, so thought I'd add a few girls on. With Kiki, was looking to make something super strong, half-braindead, and capable of using a sloppy, hungry and straightforward attitude. Makes for starting fights easy in the random world of the Alternative Board. I like Kiki's upfront personality, and like having been able to make up bizarre food combinations for her to gorge on. Mixing foods is something that really grosses my girlfriend out, so extra fun there. An early chubby girl, though not as early as Kirin, but glad to see they caught on to some degree. I really like super strength as a concept too, because it can be pretty dull as a power, but downright awesome and very creative if wielded so


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The Luffy Show - Page 3 Empty Family Man

Post by luffy316 on Thu Apr 15, 2010 5:59 pm

Mina: only child. parents alive and have just recently been weaned from calling her every week to make sure she's alright. Has an aunt that lives near the league that she lived with a short time before her pay became regular

Kirin, Sakaki, and Yuno: nearly all the family they have. Has a big brother who takes care of her mother in the countryside.

Judy: father an American wrestler, mother a Japanese businesswoman. Father remarried and had a son with his new wife, but Judy doesn't see as much of them as she likes. They still all attend annual famil reuinions on her mother's side, where people can always tell Judy's coming by the grunts coming from her excited hugs

Lily and Cassie: spoiled little girls, family often busy and left to the care of servants and the like

Didi: chemist father and psychiatrist mother spoiled and taught her into a real brainchild

Tomo: mother and older sister both pro wrestlers, like much of her family. Older brother and father as well, but more passionate about the sport than participating

Silvia: has a younger brother she considers "repulsive and terrible." He's apparently fairly popular with the girls anyway. Parents alive but she's fine being out of contact with them

Gabby: quarter Irish on her mother's side, adores her big family and known for rowdy gettogethers.

Connie: both parents alive and well. Allusions that her father may be in the yakuza. Has a brother 2 years younger she likes to tease with her sexuality and status

Martha: pays for her parents' comfort and care in Florida, but rarely visits due to work.

Althea: casually close with her parents. Tightly knit but you won't hear them crying over eachother or asking how their day was as much as kindly passing the beer

Okumi: no blood relatives. Adopted by a crafty but unworldly martial arts master

Lewa: born to a rich family she never remembers, raised by a pack of lions, and then adopted and reintroduced to society by a pair of psychologists. The word "parent" is very confusing to Lewa.

Hina: disapproving parents she tends to ignore anyway. Little brother she likes to bug but fondly, and never really as bad as she treats others (never sexually)

Becky: married, child of a single mother all her life

Juli: mother was a madam, owning her own brothel but keeping Juli as seperate as she could. Took forever to find out, actually well past her fetish lifestyle.

Danni: only child. Parents fairly plain but proud that he's happy and enjoying his lifestyle

Delia: raised by her clan before leaving them once she became obsessed with the real world

Marla: explained extensively above. big family with lots of sisters, born to various mates of her mother (as expected of a true matriarch)

Nat: unclear, forming a family out of some closer friends in her travels

Daisy: born from spores... very few other of her kind even exist, and never nearby or else dominance battles ensue

Kiki: dumped by her parents early on like most oni

Stella: Ma and Pa and Brother Gordy still live back in the country. She makes it for reuinions and holidays but not much else, preferring her ritzy lifestyle

Zelda: rebelled against her parents who ran the local deli/mini mart.


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The Luffy Show - Page 3 Empty Re: The Luffy Show

Post by luffy316 on Wed May 05, 2010 2:35 pm

A good-natured, voluptuous race of cow-like folk that live in a breast-centric matriarchy
Starting Stats: +2 Con, +3 Cha, -1 Dex
The Luffy Show - Page 3 140166-UG0MVO6.png

Anatomy: the majority of bovinian anatomy mimics humanity, apart from some largely superficial attributed. It is important to not that bovinian DNA is slightly unstable, creating variations within their own species. Some may have horns (including their females), tails, hooves, or even thin coats of fur, though all of these tend to be slightly uncommon. Males, interestingly enough, tend to have hooves and tails more often. What's more, they appear to be capable of breeding with any humanoid species, their offspring almost always entirely bovinian. The most notable difference is in the mammary glands, as a bovinian "cow" will begin to lactate before they even reach puberty, approximately 10 years old. They will do this their entire lives, believed to be absorbed by the body to keep them in such good health and grant their extended lifespan (most bovinians expect to live to be 100). Speculation also finds that a dying bovinian will draw from their milk, using it to heal the body whether they are dying of age, disease, or wounds. This affect is fairly limited, but does assure that none can harvest bovinian milk but themselves, as the body will then be dry of it. Their milk is known to have great magical properties, highly valuable for health and alchemy alike. Varying uses have included healing, intensifying their breasts into harder than fists, sleep inducing, and aphrodisiacs. Their stores of milk obviously give them enormous chests, measured at J cup and above before. The mood of the cow seems to affect its powers, making it difficult for one to take unwillingly with a desire affect. Bovinians often pride themselves on their taste, said to be different in every single one for their personality and habits. Many forms of magic in the bovinian clans revolve around their milk and breasts.

Genders: sex plays a huge role in bovinian culture, especially in the higher ranks. Bovinian royalty is almost solely concerned with its female aspects, and some factor of their royal DNA tends to spawn 90% women. A bovinian prince is something to talk about, and a king almost unheard of through their history. In commoner classes, it is significantly less important, though males are considered more easygoing and poky, though stronger and larger than the females. Only females lactate, obviously. The males are known to be unambitious and laid back, despite their strength, and are notably well-endowed, though this may just be proportional to their extra height. Sociologists theorize this exceptional sign of manhood makes them confident enough to be compliant with their lesser social role, usually stuck with mundane manual labor. While most lack the magical practice, there is talk of a "male milk" based magic. It is almost unheard of and researchers have never managed to find such a practitioner, suggesting it is a well kept secret.
The Luffy Show - Page 3 140169-UCBQNBF.jpg

Youth: Bovinian infancy revolves a lot around eating. They are quickly introduced to their mother's breast, to the point where they can stay attached and feeding for hours. A bovinian mother produces uncanny amounts of milk during her first year, and when not feeding her young is known to be an awesome force in the titfighting arts. A mother is also known to have exceptional strength and health afterward, unlike human women, but it is tradition that they not be forced into combat while with child. The milk is digested and absorbed with great efficiency as well, so the babe almost never has to relieve itself for its early life. It is believed that this is what causes a young bovinian to lactate, and perhaps even what causes the males to grow so large and healthy so quickly. A bovinian bull can reach 5 feet by age ten, fully grown by 15 or 16, and are known to be a rowdy bunch in their youth compared to adulthood, often climbing over their elders, making mischief, or wrestling each other in their teens. Bovinian cows begin to lactate around age 10, and it is known to be an awkward and slightly painful experience, similar to when human women begin developing breasts. It is not uncommon for them to develop a sort of Napoleon complex at some point in their childhood, envying the countless oversized breasts around them and exploring/coping with amateur titfights or groping their elders.
The Luffy Show - Page 3 140173-2I5USPD.jpg

Diet: obviously milk is a major part of their economy and diet. Feeding off of a fellow bovinian's milk is an absolute norm, even when going directly to the source, so to speak. However, breastfeeding from another is considered an intimate sign of affection, and may be seen as highly rude if done by a stranger or casual friend. Otherwise, bovinians tend to be largely vegetarian, little meat in their diet apart from the occasional beef or chicken they raise. It is notable, obviously, that bovinians recognize their relationship, but have no qualm with eating cow.

Names and Language: whether derived from an ancient link in our languages or intentional, female bovinian names commonly have some root word in cows, or to a lesser extent breasts. Ex. Udera, Milaka, Mamor, Lacta, Moola. Bull names are made to sound like they're built solid, often blunt and short. Ex. Biggs, Thick, Wald, Boor.

Territory: Bovinians rule the island kingdom of Unula, a grassy land of mountains and planes. It is named after the genus of cows, and fairly easy to miss by sailors unless they go looking for it specifically. It is located offshore of Europe, near Sweden. A fertile and comfortable land, bovinians did not leave their land for some time in history before venturing out. Small colonies of them have left to inhabit China, and a case of one reaching India has been treated like a goddess.

Psychology: bovinians seem to have a fairly weak genetic makeup, perhaps due to their tradition of interbreeding. This tends to make them flirty, sexually casual, generous, and cheerful, as the opportunity to find a husband or new lover may be around the corner at any time. Their entire lives revolve around their breasts, so they tend to be very proud and sensitive about them. An insult to them may mean travesty, while flattery may get you everywhere. Bovinians realize their relation to cows, trying to politely mock it while distancing themselves from it. There is a large cultural aspect around the word "moo," a term used in submission or yielding. Many sexfights are resolved when the loser moos, as it is their being degraded and humbled to that of an animal. An especially pained, wound up, horny, or desperate bovinian may moo, a sign that whatever you're doing, you're doing it right.
The Luffy Show - Page 3 140168-THVA7QF.jpg

Technology: bovinians are a culture immersed in ritual and magic, and so do not have much stock in technology. What they do learn they tend to if they leave the homeland, as the males do most of their farming, building, and the like, where their strength might only be hindered by the machinery. The women rely more on magic in a number of ways, for healing, medicine, cooking, combat, and fortune telling.

Politics/Law: laws appear fairly loose in Unula given the lax nature, but almost all disputes are settled via titfight, or other means of erotic combat. They find it to be the ideal worth of any woman or creature and so defining of her worth, her fertility and value to her mate being her key purpose in a strange anti/pro feminist movement. Male disputes are often quickly settled with fists rather than courts, but the occasional such formal bout is a similar sexfight, though very few are recorded in all of history. On rare occasions, the queen herself will step in and solve things herself, her voice irrefutable in their courts. The queen's power, though vast, tends to be wielded gently, though perhaps simply because of the easy nature of bovinians or the particular kindness of the ruler. General laws and economics are discussed in fairly large councils of representatives, as well as their tentative friendship with humanity.
The Luffy Show - Page 3 140175-XCVIW2C.jpg

Religion: Bovinians have a small pantheon of deities they worship in a casual sort overall, priestesses and clerics being more political figures than religious voices. Expectantly, many of these deities represent fertility in some way. Temples tend to be small, as services are not commonly held, and they act as figureheads and tributes instead.

Entertainment: bovinians are rambunctious at heart, loving a good time and in lew of their wild sexuality, a good lay or erotic fight. Even in childhood, no form of wrestling, be it playful, vicious, or political, shall go uncheered for in Unula, as there are always willing spectators ready to see another cow get milked or sexually shamed. Tournaments are held for fun often, fewer with the bulls in tests of strength rather than sexuality. It is considered something of a more unusual fetish to enjoy that sort of thing, though not unheard of.

Inter-species Relations: bovinians have a vague kinship with nekos for their demi-human status, and have a distaste for demons or the like. They have started a steady trade with humanity out of Europe, and while it is tradition for princesses to leave the homeland to find a husband, more and more commoners are leaving to explore as well.

Warfare: bovinians DO wield more traditional weapons, such as spears and axes most commonly, when in actual warfare. Their weapon of choice are their breasts, but this proves impractical at times on the battlefield when not just facing one foe. Bovinian bulls have a deeply rooted instinct for warfare, considered a true chance for a bull to show his manhood and might rather than harmless tussling with comrades. Generally only fully matured bovinians are allowed to fight, full grown males and fully developed women. Their priests and other skilled magic users are valuable assets to the army as well. They have had few such reasons to fight over the years, but have done so with fierce passion. The main battle in their history was in The War of Parting, when a political uprising of bovinians tried to take down the queen some 400 years ago. They were halted in their rebellion and banished to a smaller, distant island, where allegedly their milk has lost much of its potency and flavor as a shame.
The Luffy Show - Page 3 140176-JT9YI0F.jpg

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Post by luffy316 on Thu Jun 17, 2010 9:38 pm

latest gallery of ideas. girls of varyingly thought out depths, which i could some day flesh out into full characters. a few that are certain, most speculatory though. worth a look, i'd think


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A wild and excitable race of slave demons who escaped from Hell, prone to wandering and brawling but with a surprisingly cultured past

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Starting Stats: +5 Strength. -2 Wisdom. -2 Int.
Anatomy: Oni are hell-born creatures, and as such have far higher resilience to damage, sickness, hunger, and other biological weaknesses. Their organs are similarly less vital to their existence, their bodies largely magical and spiritual as much as they are physical. Oni tend to grow horns with rare exception, but most of them bear either a single “unicorn” horn, or a pair of shorter, bull-like horns. Variations exist but are notably unusual. Oni skin is thick and leathery, and usually very warm for their additional muscle and active nature. Oni horns are highly magical in alchemical circles, but they are also rooted into their skulls as thickly as ancient tree roots, making them very hard even after slaying the oni. They are also often duller than they appear to be, more like hammers than spikes. Almost all oni possess sharper canines and short claws. Oni come in a variety of colors, mostly red or blue or a shade of pink. A fully grown oni stands at about 6 feet tall for a female, males growing as high as 10 at the horn tip.

Genders: wild oni have little in terms of courtship, and most breeding is treated like their relationships. It is all very casual and done with little concern of their future concerning it. Gender plays fairly little role in their personalities, histories, or rights, and an oni is considered an oni by any standard, others’️ sexes of almost zero concern to them. They may favor one or another sexually, but most oni are bicurious, as their opinions tend to go loosely with most opinions.

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Youth: oni rarely stay with their parents for as long as three years, and almost unheard of beyond 5. 10 is unheard of by any accounts. Wild oni are left to fend for themselves, taking what they can by theft or force, rapidly developing their strength, wandering nature, and selfish attitude. They tend to grow at a slower rate than humans, but their extended lifespan, anatomical resistance, and higher toughness lets them last long as they need. City oni tend to stick with them somewhat longer, but they are largely raised as a child of the city altogether, not just the parents. The birthing is most important as a bloodline to them, not so much a bond or intimacy. Oni are known to couple and find mates, but the term is used in terms of lifelong partnership. Couples find little issue with breeding outside of their bonds, their loyalty something apart from sex. Oni are schooled for several years before they turn 25. They are then expected to choose some manner of art of profession. This may vary from blacksmith or baker, to swordplay or literature. This is considered to be a focus for an oni, originally developed to center the oni’️s thoughts on something to prevent their succumbing to the berserk intentions of their kin. Oni drink at all ages, even while still nursing. A bowl of rice wine is actually tradition mere minutes after an oni is born, initiating them as true oni as they taste the first food their people tasted when they came to earth.

Diet: oni will eat almost anything, whether or not it’️s actually food. They are prone to stealing in the wild, hitting or intimidating villages for food or money. This makes them have preferences, but very rarely play favorites enough to pick and choose. Even among wild oni, however, eating intelligent creatures is frowned upon and seen as a last resort. Those who prefer it are even seen as savages by fellow wilders. City oni have similar appetites, though staying in one place seems to make them less demanding of their eating rate and thus consuming less than wandering oni. All oni have a natural taste for rice, being the first food they ever tasted on the mortal realm. This also gave them a love of sake.

Names and Language: oni are born of demons, and so rather than last names they have titles. The Bloody, The Wild, or The Ruthless are common, even among the tamer city oni out of tradition. Some from the city chose to shun their demonic past and chose tamer names, such as The Brave, The Wise, or fairly commonly The [whatever their colored tribe may be]. First names are often strange and unworldly, but some favor Japanese names, especially those in Japan.

Territory: oni are wanderers by nature, but their main kingdom was built in ancient Japan in the higher mountains. The kingdom is known as Onland, officially, but more often simply called The City by their people as they never took the time to build another. The population is fairly limited, oni less than overly fertile and thus uncommon to get pregnant from one coupling.

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Psychology: most oni are lawless, wild, and listening to their own whims. They live as bandits, brawlers, drunks, and similarly chaotic beings. They tend to have no spite or distastes for those they hurt, their lonely childhoods simply making them focus on themselves above all else. The oni of the city have some shame in their past and their kin, doing their best to control themselves and use skill, style, cunning, and grace over violence and rage. Losing their temper and giving in to savagery is a dishonor to them, and their honor and tradition is very important to them.

Technology: oni have little understanding or want for technology in the wilds, and the city finds little need for it. They find little more complex than a steam engine to be silly, even in modern times, their strength making it easy enough to do by hand. Some schoalrs have been known to train in magic.

Politics/Law: irrelevant to the wild oni, they don’️t care where they are or what they ask of them, self-absorbed and never fearing that they can’️t punch their way out of anything. In the city, they are civil and tame, polite and ritualistic by nature and closely resembling traditional Japanese culture. They are ruled by a distinct class system of leaders, with both sexes able to reach the same rank, but with thoroughly separate titles. Lords and ladies are the lowest branch of leaders, elected or nominated oni of wise mind or courage. Above them are dukes and matrons, who mainly keep order among the lords and ladies and handle higher crimes. The highest of all is a circle of three, never all of the same gender, known as high-queens and world-kings.

Religion: oni have no particularly practiced religion, though they know firsthand that the hells are real and wish to never return since earth is so fun and beautiful. Some have even built the belief that compared to their old home, this world is in fact heaven, for it has so much more beauty, food, sunshine, and countless beauties and pleasures compared to the hells.

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Entertainment: a wandering oni will find amusement in anything they do, being simple minded and easy to amuse. They enjoy raising trouble by stealing or raising chaos, since fighting will always feed their wish for fun and pleasure, and sex is always second or third on their train of thought. Oni love contests, sport, fight, and drinking, trying to incorporate as many as possible together. Civilized oni enjoy quiet practices, especially music, company, fine food, collecting, painting, and similar arts

Interspecies Relations: while wild oni rarely hide themselves, rather intimidating and physically threatening anyone they can. City oni tend to keep their city a secret and don’️t leave often beyond local trade if needed. Some humans have managed to enter the fortified city peacefully though, and if their intentions seem true, they will let them enter freely and unwatched.

Warfare: oni civiliazation tries all means of diplomacy, and have yet to suffer and genuine war. They wish to keep it that way by all means, and since they have little to offer the world they have had little conflict. A oni lord had been quoting in saying “We have nothing up here to offer but our strength. I say if they want it that badly, then we give it to them…” Oni all contain their natural wild nature, bound demonic rage, and massive brute force, so even civilized oni can be incredibly powerful and brutal if pressed into uncontrolled rage in combat.
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