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Poll regarding Kayfabe rules of hentai in non-hentai matches.

Sat Oct 17, 2020 9:03 pm by Old_Man_Tai

So, one of the various different things we are looking to bring to the board soon, is an official list of "In-World Rules", to help with world building and such and just make clear what the in-story rules of the Friction and Tension leagues are.

One thing I've noticed that people seem to handle differently, is the idea of using hentai, as in fucking, groping, stimulation, anything actually involving touching privates and beyond just flirting/kissing/rubbing in non-hentai matches. Some seem to …

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Need Debut matches/Simply looking for more

Tue Sep 08, 2020 11:19 pm by Void Effect

Got bunch of girls that need to debut, if anyone interested, PM me here or on Discord

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Looking for a match.

Thu Oct 08, 2020 10:11 pm by Old_Man_Tai

Simply put, looking to get Silver Ace two or three short, quick matches to set up her story for her Avalanche match.

Also if somebody knows how to use photoshop, have a favor to ask.

Contact me on Discord or PM if you are interested.

Would be willing to offer proper matches with other characters in trade if that's acceptable.

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Crista Zhang

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Crista Zhang Empty Crista Zhang

Post by Shutter on Wed May 24, 2017 11:17 pm

[ Crista Zhang ]

Crista Zhang 2z8cnzo

Age: 23
Nationality: Chinese-German
Height: 5'10"
Weight: 165 lbs
Alignment: Tweener


Training and Sometimes-Ring Attire:
Crista Zhang A04a9cdcda73d7a7bb17ab7544896a5841543295

Main Ring Attire:
Crista Zhang B9ee6a338075eac6a1b3007801c3f765ff10c8c1

Alternate Ring Attire:
Crista Zhang 1d1ccce90bfc97bdbef221f36101835cbc374f4f

Out for a drink:
Crista Zhang A3bfe1eae45ccced4c0f5fba00b088814d2e37ae

Dressed for a night out:
Crista Zhang 952e9faf032b9ae0d0397634edbb116a

Crista Zhang Sample_02498fc7f43a854d9cdeb52e2628f1616b9c4155



  • Strength: ***** (Crista has a background in bodybuilding, and it shows with her appearance and functional strength, both.)
  • Speed: *** (Even though Crista is a larger, more muscular wrestler, her athleticism and volleyball background make her fast moving side-to-side.)
  • Endurance: *** (Crista has never gone through the rigors of a wrestling match, but she is sturdy and has fortitude.)
  • Technique: *** (She has not developed her wrestling technique fully, but as a longtime athlete, Crista has a good start on using her strength and athleticism properly.)

  • Powerhouse: **** (She may not have elite technique so early in her career, but Crista is strong and athletic enough to pull off dominating powerhouse moves.)
  • Striking: **** (She is not a natural striker with her fists, but Crista's strong, lithe legs make for devastating kicks.)
  • Submission: *** (Something for which Crista has a natural talent. She doesn't have a large array of submission moves yet, but she knows how to hurt with constricting submissions).
  • Aerial: ** (Crista has enough of a daredevil in her, and is enough of an athlete, to try some aerial moves, but she will likely never have an aerial aspect to her style.)
  • Countering: ** (Crista does not have the experience necessary to counter moves regularly, but she does have the power to escape if in trouble.)

Style: Crista's new, but she is building a style that involves weakening her opponent with early kicks before looking for grappling and powerful slams that take the other woman to the mat. Once the opponent is down, Crista will start trying to apply simple submissions on the ground that mostly use her power, especially in her legs. While she is a mostly clean wrestler, she is not above using her ample assets in the chest and behind to smother opponents and stay unpredictable.

Signature Moves:


Preferred Match Types:
Can be convinced to compete in any match if someone appeals to her competitive nature


Crista has not had the easiest last couple of years after the near-death of her volleyball partner, but she hasn't let it change her. She remains a hard-working and competitive athlete and woman who sees what she wants and seeks to take it. From youth, her joy has been to find the next challenge and meet it to experience the thrill of accomplishment. The goal does not have to lead her to fame and fortune. She often sets goals that she specifically wants to prove to herself, and these goals are not always about physical feats. Her dedication does not translate to stone-faced discipline. Crista's competitive spirit can make her a little explosive when she gets frustrated, and there have been times that her emotions have gotten the best of her. She is also a lively individual who does her best to enjoy her good health and her few hobbies outside of athletics, and while she is a competitor who doesn’t think it’s healthy to like the people she’s competing against, she is warm to the right people.


Crista Zhang was born in Germany to a Chinese father and a German mother. Her father carried a regional reputation in Germany and a larger reputation in China as a champion speed-skater, and the apple did not fall far from the proverbial tree. Crista’s father encouraged her to take up a sport, and she dabbled in several while maintaining her grades before she settled on a few. Of these, volleyball became her passion, and she was a top high school volleyball player. She loved the sport so much that she whittled down on her extracurricular activities until she was mainly focused on volleyball and swimming, but she did wrestle on the men’s high school team for two years before she left.

She got a university scholarship for volleyball all the way in China thanks to her father’s reputation, and she took it. With her growing height and strength, she became a star, and her quality as a player made her draw interest as a beach volleyball player with Olympic chances. At nineteen, she teamed up with another Chinese star youngster who had become her closest friend, and they began to train, participate in competitions, and prepare to represent their country in a few years. For two years they competed together, reaching the upper echelons of their sport at their age, before a bus crash brought an end to their dreams.

Crista spent some time in the hospital, but her partner lost parts of a knee, enough to keep her from competing. After her recovery, Crista was so distressed by what had happened to her partner that she refused to take a new partner. She took a break for a while, spending time taking care of her partner and keeping to herself. Needing something to do to keep herself busy and challenge herself, she took to working to build up her body again, going above and beyond what would be expected of a volleyball player and dabbling into some light bodybuilding and combat sports to let go of all of her frustrations and dark thoughts about what had happened.

She may have worked with her body, but she was withering away otherwise. Her partner could see it, and encouraged Crista to find a new passion. Crista wavered for a while, not sure what she wanted to do, but it was AFW that finally pulled her back towards competition. Assuming that her body was ready for the rigors of wrestling, Crista called on her old and rusty wrestling skills and left for her audition. She got a spot on the roster almost as soon as the talent scouts got a look at her physique, and she moved to Tokyo to get some pay and enjoy another challenge.

Fun Facts:

  • She is not very pop culture-savvy since she has focused so much on sports in her life. She wants to change that now that she's in Tokyo.
  • Crista may be an athlete, but she likes to dress nicely if she's expected to. She would much rather not dress at all, however, since she is not a fan of clothes.
  • She's more proud of her body than she'll let on.
  • She's got a silvery tongue and has convinced a good few people to come over to her way of thinking in the past.
  • Crista did leave college early to pursue Olympic volleyball, but she quickly finished her studies online in a European program. Want to know about comparative physiology and anatomy? Ask her.

Records and AFW History

Record: 0-0-0

AFW History:

  • A Dirty Bill of Health (A routine physical turns into anything but routine when a lustful Anesthesia is the doctor. Crista gets a perplexing offer for tutelage.)

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Crista Zhang Empty Re: Crista Zhang

Post by Serpon on Thu May 25, 2017 6:22 am

Accepted, you may now rp.

Crista Zhang 3l9yoRWCrista Zhang AjbwxKgCrista Zhang DUhLLRtCrista Zhang CDNLQYlCrista Zhang CbtFHPg
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