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Dice Tag Match for Casino PPV still open

Tue Sep 15, 2020 6:30 pm by Serpon

So in case you have forgotten, this is just a reminder that the Dice Tag Match is still open for the Casino PPV. So if anyone is interested, feel free to message me or leave a reply here.

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Need Debut matches

Tue Sep 08, 2020 11:19 pm by Void Effect

Got bunch of girls that need to debut, if anyone interested, PM me here or on Discord

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I'm baaaack~

Tue Sep 22, 2020 5:27 pm by ChateauDame

Hey everyone!

I think it has been just little over a month and a half? Sorry for the delay all around on everything but I had a drastic life change so a lot of things changed for me. Now that I am settled in again, I can finally have free time again. So I get to come back to hobbies like writing.

For those that I have RPs with, give me a little time and I'll have responses up. For those that I do not have any, I have a number of new characters still in mind so I'll be looking to make them.

[ Full reading ]

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Nessa ' Barracuda ' Velehre

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Nessa ' Barracuda ' Velehre Empty Nessa ' Barracuda ' Velehre

Post by Cirno on Wed Jun 12, 2019 9:51 pm

Nessa ' Barracuda ' Velehre IW3vy8uYou sure look like a loser.

Physical Characteristics

Full Name: Nessa Velehre
Titles | Alias: The Barracuda
Age: 28
Species: Human
Gender: Female
Hair Color: Black with Highlights
Height: 5'7
Weight: 119 lbs
Eye Color: Light Blue
Birth Place: Aruba
Occupation: Olympic Swimming Champion
Alignment: Heel
Battle Theme: POWERMAN 5000 - Sid Vicious In A Dress
Personality: The arrogant side of a winning attitude. She is a high achiever in her sport and has transitioned that into wrestling in a short time. Before the battle has even started, she wants people to realize that they now have the prestige to be beaten by someone hotter, better and far more experienced than they are. While by most accounts a newbie, she has a seasoned swimmer body. The muscles don't lie, the abs neither. She's ready to prove her superiority and until then, she's a bitch with a high society personality.     


Mental Characteristics

Languages: English|  Papiamento |  Japanese
Virtues: Fortitude  |  Vigor |  Elegance |  Smart
Vices: Lust | Sadistic | Wrath
Desires: Championship trophies/belts | Loyal Bitches | Improving her ability in whatever she fancies.
Likes: Ladies with class | Competitions | Château Montet | Getting her way  |  Swimming  |  Working out
Dislikes: Arrogant Bitches | People who underestimate her |Losing | Most Men
Quirks: Hand on her hip | Covering a provoking laugh with her index finger against her upper lip
Perception: Aggressive



████████░░ STᖇᕮᑎGTᕼ
██████░░░░ ᗪᕮᖴᕮᑎSᕮ
████████░░ TᕮᑕᕼᑎIᑫᑌᕮ
█████████ ᕮᑎᗪᑌᖇᗩᑎᑕᕮ
█████████ Sᑭᕮᕮᗪ

Wrestling: While she is a newbie in the scene, she in fact has been wrestling for quite a few years in a form of self defense that ultimately felt more controlling and competitive than she thought it would be. While she's still a swimmer first, she is aiming to join the federation to show what she got and learn more from her opponents. Her game plan is usually showing off her physical prowess through slams before taking things to the ground.

Favored moves

Fisherman Suplex - This one was obvious for her, mostly the name and that she can pretty much perform this easily!

Choke Slam - Cause nothing says ' Pipe down, bitch! ' like a Choke Slam.


Flip Turn A move inspired by the technique used by swimmers when they reach the end of the pool. This one however sends her opponent against the turnbuckle and in a Tree of Woe position. If they really piss her off though she'll use it to throw her opponent over the ropes.

Maelstrom A more savage move to use on her opponent. Once she slams her opponent down upon her powerful knee, she will either start pushing down on their chin and thing to work that spine or push them off and reverse facesit them for a humiliating pin!



Nessa ' Barracuda ' Velehre RWxm5fm

Nessa ' Barracuda ' Velehre Hzioq7R

Nessa ' Barracuda ' Velehre 5OQh3ux

Nessa ' Barracuda ' Velehre FOyjWxv

Nessa ' Barracuda ' Velehre QToKKTP

Nessa ' Barracuda ' Velehre L3ZJKKe

Nessa ' Barracuda ' Velehre 9C2DvHU

Nessa ' Barracuda ' Velehre 3bwU2zC

Nessa ' Barracuda ' Velehre C5rLycP

Nessa ' Barracuda ' Velehre KwlMTEN

Nessa ' Barracuda ' Velehre RTPWTyK

Nessa ' Barracuda ' Velehre MV8Ik2M

Nessa ' Barracuda ' Velehre Un5uvrB

Nessa ' Barracuda ' Velehre ApVTpSM

Nessa ' Barracuda ' Velehre CljUHAP



Living High Society from a young age, most children would be too self absorbed in their parents money to actually do something for themselves. Nessa was far from such a thing, instead focusing on things she liked and excelling at them. This meant that she made a lot of other children cry when she beat them at certain sports and would gloat about it right in their face. She had no pity for losers, much less those who blamed better funds for training over actual skill. Swimming was the one sport she loved at the time and worked hard to make her name known. She was picked up by a swimming team that went for Gold at the Olympics. Despite her young age, she had the endurance, speed and strength to work her way to Gold. Off course, she felt the need to gloat about it and that did not sit well with some of the press. There were those that called her a girl hungry for competition and achievements. Others called her a bully who kicked competitors while they were down. She did not care for any of it, the only thing that mattered for her was the recognition, whether it was good or bad, none would be able to deny her achievements, nor would they be able to stir her away from that winning attitude with a big amount of arrogance. She was simply the best after all.

She took self defense classes when she got into a fight with one of the competitors at a more local tournament. Nessa was strong and handled it perfectly, though she felt the need to brush up some actually fighting method to fend off people in a way that would make others think twice before bothering to attack her. She couldn't really go full out and punch them right in the face, even she wasn't stupid enough to call that self defense. It was during that time she started to learn wrestling. It was mostly just take downs and wrestling holds to prevent her opponent from attacking her but ultimately she grew fond of actually manipulating her opponent in holds and embarrassing them by displaying their own weakness. She kept her tour of victories in the swimming league, winning and showing the brazen personality that many had mixed feelings about it.

Nessa ' Barracuda ' Velehre JQdREEJ

Fast forward to the current era, she has amassed herself quite some money due to competing, posing in magazines, even doing a few movies and now had a healthy, rich life along the coast of Tokyo. She has taken breaks of competing in the Swimming department to focus more on her new curiosity, the wrestling federation of AFW. She only came across it during one of their summer promos and grew more and more interested as the months went by. She decided that she could use the new entertainment, not to mention gain rivals she could actually practice wrestling on. She made her contract official once she had everything worked out on the 12th of July, even having the press coming at her with microphones when they asked her why she chose to wrestle over swimming. Her answer was simple yet threatening for all.

Nessa ' Barracuda ' Velehre 5vZVjhD

" Swimming got boring cause I always win. I expect the same here, but at the very least they make for pretty stepping stones. "

Nessa ' Barracuda ' Velehre Mr5piGg

Hug to see the full roster.

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