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I'm back

Wed May 20, 2020 4:48 am by Ragdoll_Jobbers

Hey everyone! I'm back. My grandparents are safe now and I have been able to get some free time again. I look forward to RPing and talking with everyone again.

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Cicilia De'Reignhardt: Looking for a Match

Tue May 19, 2020 10:41 pm by Cicilia


Looking for a match for my main German Juggernaut: Cicilia De'Reignhardt!

Match Type: Up for discussion! (Minus hentai)

Who wins: Up for Discussion!

Cicilia's Profile:

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Rookie Avalanche Event

Mon Oct 09, 2017 4:37 pm by Serpon

Rookies of AFW, are you trying to get your character in big events?  Well look no more, we have an event for you that will start in Avalanche.  What kind of event you ask, well we do have some ideas but we want your feedback as well.  I will be giving out suggestions but these are just suggestions, if you guys want to do something else, we can do something else.  For those of you who are wondering what is considered a rookie, anyone who has been around for less than two years or has less …

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Elizabeth "Liz" Hollins

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Elizabeth "Liz" Hollins Empty Elizabeth "Liz" Hollins

Post by Mechassault Man on Thu Nov 07, 2019 1:44 am

Elizabeth "Liz" Hollins
Age: 25
Birthday: August 18
Eyes: Brown
Hair: (Casual) Wavy, Long Brown hair (Fighting) Long Ponytail
Skin Color: White
Height: 5'8"
Weight: 137 lbs
Handedness: Right
Hometown: San Francisco, California

Ring Entrance Theme:

History: Grew up disliking most of the people around her, she felt like they were very snobbish since they lived in San Fransisco, and they had so much money they didn't know what to do with it. As she grew up, Liz found herself getting into quite the kerfuffles with various students from middle school and high school, continuously getting beat up and beating up her attackers right back. Eventually she grew into boxing, as she needed some kind of new hobby. Going to the gym and pounding a heavy bag for stress relief gave her some nice satisfaction, and from there it escalated from working out to sparring with other women at the gym on occasion to finally trying to find a trainer and learn the ropes.

Personality: Quiet around people, tries to keep a stern exterior, and even with any friends she has and might get she stays silent and doesn't like to open up about much. The most she'll give is a story from her childhood, but she doesn't try and get shoulders to cry on. Because of her quiet nature some people often misinterpret her words and accuse her of judging them through her silence. This has Liz being more and more quiet as time goes on and trying to shrug off any of these people. When she does speak in the ring, however, she attempts to be quippy and snarky, often making sarcastic comments to her opponent either from her corner, while circling her opponent, or any time she thinks it would be entertaining.

Likes: Mild mannered people
RPG's (Mainly Tales of Vesperia)
Sluggers (Similar opponent, a closer fight)
Swords (Practices on a whim, trains weekly)

Dislikes: People who are full of themselves
Any other type of boxer aside from sluggers
Individuals who think highly of themselves
Topless fights

Keeps pictures of fighters she's seen over her life and for reference if someone looks like someone she's encountered.
Video Games
Rocking Out in her room to music

Signature Moves:

Head Snapper: While Liz's opponent is on the ropes or in the corner, (blank) throws out two hooks, one left, and one right for her opponent's abs to get her opponent to keel over and drop her guard. Liz then steps into a wild right hook, flexing her bicep and throwing a hook so powerful it should knock the mouthpiece out of anyone that gets hit by it!

God's Hand: Attempts to tower over her opponent, stepping into a overhand right aimed at her opponent's eye in an attempt to stun them and/or knock them down right where they were.

Dragon Swarm: Taken from one of her favorite characters, Yuri Lowell, Liz decides to give out a swarm of punches, mainly uppercuts and overhand punches for the head, as she prefers to aim for the head whenever possible, especially the eyes to blind her opponents.
Dragon Swarm (Original):
Elizabeth "Liz" Hollins UnrulyRecentGalah-size_restricted


Savage Wolf Fury: Once again taken from Yuri Lowell, Liz puts her own spin on this attack. She back steps and attempts to focus herself. If successful, she then uses all the strength that her legs can muster and jumps from all sides, attacking with jabs, crosses, hooks, uppercuts, aimed anywhere that is legal. When concluding, Liz steps into an overhand right that's hopefully going to finish off her opponent for the whole fight. If it doesn't, well then she'd better pray for the bell to ring, signaling the end of a round.
Savage Wolf Fury (Original):
Elizabeth "Liz" Hollins EntireMatureCatbird-max-1mb

Fighting Style:
Liz is a slugger, taking blows constantly and absorbing as many blows as she can. However, due to her training she's a bit faster when compared to other sluggers such as Cicilia De'Reignhardt for example. She can slide around the ring if need be and if she wants to, however it takes a lot of stamina away from her if she does that. Technique/skill isn't exactly very high either. She's not one for strategy. Plus, she would rather focus on her strength an durability rather than being a jack of all trades when it comes to boxing.

Strength: 5/5: Liz is incredibly strong, with her body being well toned and her arm strength is second to none. Her hooks are especially able to knock someone out easily.

Speed: 2/5 (Min) 3.5/5 (Max): Liz *can* dodge most opponent's attacks and her speed is good enough to where she can throw out quick punches should she choose. However, when it comes to foot speed, and moving around the ring, she'd rather not move that much, often preferring to have a slow walk towards her opponent and keeping them close to her. This is especially bad if she were to fight against a speedy opponent who can zip around her.

Defense: 3/5: Liz can defend herself well enough to stop any big damage heading her way. However her resilience is enough to carry her through most fights until eventually it wains away around maybe the fifth or sixth round.

Resilience: 5/5: Liz grew up taking blows to the head and being able to walk it off. Now, she can go multiple rounds in a row just getting pounded on and leaving with little scratches. Her durability allows Liz to go for decently long fights, and it's into either the middle or later parts of a fight that she starts to get tired and has to result to dealing with other tactics.

Technique: 1.5/5: Liz doesn't care enough about her technique around the ring to care about improving it that much. Liz prefers to let her fists and only her fists do the talking when fighting.



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