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Looking for a hardstyle (or another type) hentai match

Tue Sep 15, 2020 7:48 pm by skip-stop

Hi hi everyone!
Skip-stop is in touch and I'm looking for a hardstyle (or another type) hentai match with my Lunara Ashmore and one of your characters!
Small side note: I would prefer Lunara to take victory
Here is the link to the Lunara's profile -
And here is my Discord tag - skip-stop#4063
If you are interested, I will be glad to see your message
Thanks for your attention!

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Need Debut matches

Tue Sep 08, 2020 11:19 pm by Void Effect

Got bunch of girls that need to debut, if anyone interested, PM me here or on Discord

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Dice Tag Match for Casino PPV still open

Tue Sep 15, 2020 6:30 pm by Serpon

So in case you have forgotten, this is just a reminder that the Dice Tag Match is still open for the Casino PPV. So if anyone is interested, feel free to message me or leave a reply here.

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Hoshino Yuubari - Swift Justice!

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Hoshino Yuubari - Swift Justice! Empty Hoshino Yuubari - Swift Justice!

Post by pu-level-up on Wed Apr 15, 2020 3:46 am

Hoshino Yuubari - Swift Justice! _yuuba16

Name: Hoshino Yuubari
Alias: Swift Justice, The Flying Striker
Sex: Female
Age: 18
Eyes: Amber
Hair: Dark Green (natually brown)
Height: 5'3" (161cm)
Weight: 115lbs
Nationality: Japanese
Alignment: Face

Entrance Music:

Wrestling Information

Strategy: Hoshino focuses on being faster than her opponents, dodging their attacks and countering with a mixture of fast strikes and high-flying acrobatics. She knows that with her small size she can't take big hits, and that against strong opponents she can't let them catch her, so she focuses on being faster and smarter. She is trained in gymnastics and Muay Thai, giving her both experience and skill in her preferred methods of fighting. Hentai attacks and matches are her weakness, as she is inexperienced and too small to fight back effectively once caught in embarrassing holds.

Type: High-flyer

Preferred Matches: Standard, hardcore, hentai (mostly as a jobber)

Statistics based on percentiles
Endurance: 50%
Strength: 55%
Speed: 95%
Defense: 55%
Technique: 75%

Favored moves:


Triple kick

Flying Tackle

Flying body press


Elbow drop

Leg drop

Shining Wizard

Finishing moves:

Still in development


Visual Appearance:

Physical Appearance:

B/W/H: 32/26/36 (B-cup)

Small but fierce is the best way to describe Hoshino. She has a slender and toned physique from years of gymnastics, holding little extra weight on her frame. Though at first glance she looks quite young, she still has a very womanly figure, with wide hips and a firm bubble-butt. A pretty face that reflects a gentle demeanor rounds out her features.

In her attire, she almost always wears a green hair ribbon to tie her hair back, and some kind of dark pantyhose. This is a holdover from when she was a gymnast, as she always felt to embarrassed to show her legs. Not for any bad reason, of course; her legs are perfectly fine. Most of the time she doesn't wear any underwear beneath her panty hose, though you wouldn't know that unless you specifically checked!

Ring Outfit:
Hoshino Yuubari - Swift Justice! 1c91b011

Alternate Outfit:
Hoshino Yuubari - Swift Justice! 8718ab10

Glamour Shots:
Hoshino Yuubari - Swift Justice! 1af5dd10
Hoshino Yuubari - Swift Justice! 04a8fc10
Hoshino Yuubari - Swift Justice! 41a8fc10

Hoshino Yuubari - Swift Justice! 5932b610
Hoshino Yuubari - Swift Justice! D3846e10
Hoshino Yuubari - Swift Justice! Sample11

Stop taking pictures of my ass:
Hoshino Yuubari - Swift Justice! A5bb3010
Hoshino Yuubari - Swift Justice! Sample12
Hoshino Yuubari - Swift Justice! 09977510

I guess I have to do this stuff now...:
Hoshino Yuubari - Swift Justice! Sample13
Hoshino Yuubari - Swift Justice! 8057e910
Hoshino Yuubari - Swift Justice! 4abcb010
Hoshino Yuubari - Swift Justice! D87e7510

Please don't share these!:
Hoshino Yuubari - Swift Justice! Sample14
Hoshino Yuubari - Swift Justice! RJwe78K


In wrestling matches, she has adopted a confident, haughty demeanor as a fighter for justice. This for her is both an aspiration as well as a shield, protecting a more vulnerable inside where she is just a young girl. She has been through a lot and had many sad things happen in her short life, but she tries her hardest to not let any of those things get her down, maintaining a positive outlook. She has a bit of a tomboyish attitude, disdaining more girly things like makeup or fancy clothes, preferring to be more simple and natural. She is generally a kind person who is fun to be around, spontaneous and always looking to do something exciting.


The oldest daughter of a typical Japanese middle-class family, Hoshino had an upbringing similar to that of many Japanese teens. Her father was a salaryman who worked long hours, usually coming home just before Hoshino went to bed. Her mother, though a kind and sweet woman, had a fairly weak constitution. This led to Hoshino taking care of both herself and her mother from a young age, breeding within her an independent streak but also caretaking personality. She started training in gymnastics when she was 6. By the age of 14, she was in the running to become a member of the Japanese national team.

However, that year, her mother fell sick again, and this time she wasn't recovering. The mental and emotional strain on Hoshino led to her losing focus, and injuring herself during practice. The enforced layoff, combined with Hoshino taking time off to take care of her mother, made her miss her chance even though she had the talent. These were tough years for the girl, as she watched her mother slowly waste away, finally passing not long after Hoshino turned 18. She had a major falling-out with her father, whom she blamed wasn't there enough for her mother, leaving home not long after to make her own way in the world.

It was around this time that Hoshino was first scouted by AFW. A friend of hers knew a scouter, and introduced her. After being brought to the gym to show her skills, she was able to impress the scout with her physical skills, even though she was a bit rusty from not properly practicing for a few years. The scout knew she had someone who had real potential, and so decided to sign her onto AFW and get her the training to reach her full abilities. Hoshino was quite hesitant at first, since she knew of AFW's reputation and she was completely inexperienced in terms of sexual matters, however when she saw the offers she was getting she couldn't say no.

She has just joined the AFW, and is still in the process of learning new skills and improving her abilities.

Fun Facts:

Her favorite food is melons, in particular honeydew melon and cantaloupe. She likes them so much some of her friends nicknamed her Melon-chan.

She has a habit of yelling out the names of her special attacks like she was an anime protagonist (which she is, isn't she?  Razz)

AFW Information

Record: 1-2-0
Wins: Win Vs. RJ Kingsley via Pinfall (foot smother humiliation)
Defeated by Aphrodite in a hentai submission match
Defeated by Eshe Abdullah in a standard match



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